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Miranda_ 01-21-2014 10:15 AM

Female empowerment: a myth?
Back in the late 19th century, a group of women in the UK fought for the right to vote. Women chained themselves to railings, smashed windows and went on hunger strikes in an effort to gain the vote. One suffragette even died after she threw herself under the hooves of the King's horse.

In the sixties, women fought for equal rights and to be seen as people rather than simply housewives or sex objects. They protested against Miss World and other beauty contests, seeing them as objectifying women, they pointed out the unfairness of men earning more for the same jobs, and they aimed for women to have the right to contreception and abortion.

Nowadays, women say that they're empowered cuz they dress in next to nothing, pose nude for lad's magazines and attack other women who choose feminine persuits. Wonder what the suffragettes and Women's Rights members would say to that? The fact is, that there's nothing at all empowering about pandering to men's wishes. A girl might think she's just dressing for herself, but if she goes out wearing no underwear, a bo'ob tube and miniskirt, then sadly she is simply dressing the way that men want.

No-one's saying that women ought to go out wearing a nun's habit, but it's entirely possible to dress sexy without looking cheap. I feel the same way when I hear of Beyonce shaking her booty in tiny shorts or Miley Cyrus wearing nothing in a music video. Apparently, at least according to deluded so called feminists, this is showing women that they can be how they want. In reality, it's showing women that they're nothing unless they either take off their clothes, or dress sexily; that without a pretty face and a good body, they're nothing.

You know what you can do to be empowered? Easy. Firstly, get a brain. Any guy worth talking to prefers a girl who can give her opinion on a matter and not be afraid to do so over a vapid yes girl who just agrees with him. If you're still at school, work hard and pass exams. The times are changing, and women with smarts are valued. Don't be afraid to express your views, and stick to them. Read up on what you're interested in, visit museums if you want, and go and see shows. A good conversationalist is worth millions. Looks might fade in time, but a good mind stays around for ever.

Second, ditch the diet. And I'd be saying this even if you are overweight. Far better to get a sensible healthy eating plan from your doctor and do some exercise. If you're not overweight, then don't bother trying to starve yourself skinny. A straw poll of my male friends gave me the answer that they don't find skinny girls attractive and instead, go all out for curves. If you're naturally skinny, good for you! That's your body type. However, don't even think of trying to change your pear, apple or hourglass figure, cuz it won't work and believe me, you won't look attractive if you're thin and starved.

Finally, don't be afraid not to dress up. To my mind, it's true empowerment if you head off to food shop wearing your comfy Uggs, joggers and baggy t-shirt, with no makeup. I saw a photo of a pop star wearing stilettos, full makeup and a sexy dress while pushing a trolley. Yeah, right. Who does their shopping dressed to the nines? Far better to wear what you feel comfortable in, and give the impression that you don't care if you look rough, people can take you as they find you. Oh, and don't even think of getting up an hour earlier so you can paint your face before meeting your man. Let him see you barefaced. If he's a keeper, he really won't mind.

I'd also add in about those deluded women I mentioned earlier, who attack their sisterhood about making the wrong choices, ignoring the fact that feminism is about having a choice. So what if a woman wants to become a housewife and mother? That's her choice. So what if a woman wants to become a hairdresser? That's her choice. A woman has the right to choose between having a career, and following a traditional path. And no-one has the right to have a go at her over it.

AnimeCandy 04-28-2015 11:53 AM

Completely Agree
I completely agree. This was a great post! Women shouldn't have to be pretty to become empowered. I think all women should be proud of who they are.

To look pretty or get popular is not a reason to lose any weight. For health, yes, I understand that. But you shouldn't lose weight because you're worried about what other people think.

Be yourself, not one of those plastic fashion dolls little girls buy in the grocery stores!

Miranda_ 06-06-2015 06:59 PM

Exactly. True feminism is being true to yourself, and making your own choices. How are you being true to yourself if you starve yourself cuz you want men to like you, or let your boyf decide what you wear?

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