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LancasterPrincess 11-16-2013 06:53 PM

Boycott: Let's save our holiday!!!
This is something very near and dear to my Heart. I know some of you are not in America, so this does not apply to you directly. However, in America we have one Holiday completely untouched by commercialism, except for just recently. I'm speaking of course about Thanksgiving. It's a holiday to remind us of our very humble beginnings, and just how thankful we should be for any and all blessings we receive. It's a day to bring the whole extended family together and just celebrate each other. BUT big stores are ruining this old tradition! Several stores are choosing to open Thanksgiving day just to be GREEDY. What's worse is that all their employees have NO CHOICE but to be ripped apart from their family or else suffer the long term affect of being fired. Short of being unemployed, if you're FIRED from a job it makes it INCREDIBLY difficult to get a new job. Everyone USED to be home with their families and now are no longer allowed. I do not work at the moment by choice, but if I were working it would have been in one of these retail jobs. I was very close to being affected by this awful new trend, and I am very heartbroken for all the family members forced to be missing from family photos. Mothers being forced away from their child's 1st Thanksgiving, family members fearing this might be their last Thanksgiving with sick/elderly family members. It just breaks my heart.

There IS something we can do! We can all choose to STAY HOME on Thanksgiving. Yes, it's true there will always be those blinded by sales that still go running away from the family dinner table to save a few $$, but the more people who band together, the larger chance we have at making our voice heard!

But there's MORE you can do! You can follow the lead of a few who will be boycotting stores that open on Thanksgiving period, all holiday season. I personally will be a part of this group. I would MUCH rather spend my holiday shopping supporting stores that value family, traditions, and their employees. There's an ever updated list available on a FB page showing which stores are Naughty (greedy!) and stores that are Nice (value family).

Please please please have a talk with your parents. Let them know Thanksgiving is important to you, and that it would make you happy to spend it at home with your family. That it's important to you to protect this holiday, because at the going rate, by time you're all grown up, this holiday might be a thing of the past. Gone. Never again. If people are continuously told to work on this day more and more businesses will jump on the Greedy bandwagon, and soon no one will have the day off.

Please take this seriously while we still have a chance. If you don't want to boycott altogether please consider staying home on at least Thanksgiving. If you want to be serious about saving this holiday, please consider doing your holiday shopping only from the Nice List.


Ps, none of this applies to essential businesses, like firemen, police, hospitals, gas stations, etc. just non-essential businesses that are only open for greed.

TheHayleyDoll 11-16-2013 07:29 PM

I know that here in Canada, when places are open on a typical holiday, it is usually volunteer-only, and they get paid either 1.5x or 2x their regular wage. But I can't speak for America. We already had our Canadian thanksgiving weeks ago, and I believe stores were closed, except for Shopper's Drug Mart and all of their non-essentials (cosmetics, toiletries, etc.) were blocked off.

All I can say is that the people who do celebrate Thanksgiving with their families should either a) Try to do it on another day of the week, b) Book it off in advance or if they don't let you c) If you work in the morning, your family will understand if you can only come to dinner, and if you work in the evening, see about celebrating with a holiday breakfast.

Thanksgiving is a dying holiday. =/ It's sad, because it is supposed to be a day to be thankful for and be with family, but it seems to me like it's already dying out.

Miranda_ 11-16-2013 07:52 PM

I couldn't agree more. Over here in the UK, it always annoys me when shops are open Boxing Day (day after Christmas) or Christmas Day, cuz no-one really needs to go shopping then. It's fine if people are working cuz they want to, but no-one should be forced to work a holiday. To my mind, you want the shop open on those days? Then sign up to work it yourself. Let's face it, no-one is going to starve to death just cuz the supermarket is closed for two days. :roll:

LancasterPrincess 11-16-2013 07:54 PM

In America they get holiday pay, and if they work it's considered double pay, but only because they're working. It's not holiday pay and then double pay. It used to be that most places payed you AND let you stay home.

There are a FEW stores that open on volunteer basis, but for the most part it's forced. Walmart/KMart/Target employees especially don't have a choice. Well they do, but it's work or be fired.

The holiday is dying because people are letting it. Too many take the lazy route, or the greedy route. We do have a choice to save it, and to me it is something worth fighting for.

LadyBast0911 11-17-2013 03:46 PM

I work at Teavana but with my store, our GM took the shift so no one else would have to. But also, it depends on how long you work on holidays because you have to work over a certain amount of hours in order to get holiday pay.

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