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Miranda_ 10-09-2013 08:03 PM

Scariest Urban Legends!
You know the type of story; the person telling it swears that it's true cuz it happened to the friend of a friend. It makes your spine tingle, despite the unlikelihood of it ever having happened. Here's a few of the most terrifying urban legends.

The Babysitter.
A teenage girl babysitting three children while their parents are out gets a strange phone call asking her to check the children. At first, she ignores it but the stranger keeps calling. Eventually, terrified, she calls the police who trace the call... and then tell the babysitter to get out the house as the call is coming from upstairs! The terrified babysitter runs out the house as the police arrive. They go upstairs to find the stranger in the children's room, and he's murdered all three of them.

Bloody Mary.
Go upstairs, look in the mirror and say Bloody Mary three times... but beware the consequences if you do! Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Mary who's face was horribly disfigured in an accident. When she saw her face in the mirror, it turned her mad. She now haunts mirrors, and if you look in one and say her name three times, Bloody Mary will jump out of the mirror and scratch your face off!

Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn The Light On?
A university student who went back to her halls room late one night to get her books before heading to her boyfriend's room for the night. She entered but did not turn on the light, knowing that her roommate was sleeping. She stumbled around the room in the dark for several minutes getting her stuffbefore finally leaving. The next day, she came back to her room to find it surrounded by police. They asked if she lived there and she said yes. They took her into her room, and there, written in blood on the wall, were the words, "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" Her roommate was being murdered while she was getting her things.

The Body Under The Bed.
A man and a woman were staying in a hotel for their annual holiday. What put a dampener on their stay was a horrible smell floating round the room. The woman refused to sleep in the room after the staff said that the hotel was full and spent the night sleeping in the bath. The husband slept on the bed. The next morning, the chambermaid made a horrible discover. The reason why there was that horrible smell in the hotel room was cuz there was the corpse of a murdered prostitute right under the mattress.

Bride And Seek.
A young couple decided to get married right after finishing college. After the wedding they had a big reception in an old building and everyone got pretty drunk and decided to play hide and seek. After about twenty minutes everyone had been found except the bride. Despite searching everywhere, she was never found. A few weeks later the groom, having placed a missing persons report, gave up looking for her. Heartbroken, he tried to go on with his life. Three years later, a maid was cleaning the hallway and lifted up the lid of a chest that was in the corner. She screamed and fainted cuz in the chest was the body of the missing bride. She'd hid there, but when the lid shut she couldn't breathe and suffocated to death.

Got any other urban legends to share? If so, tell them here! Or comment on the ones already posted.

Silent_Wolf 10-16-2013 11:49 AM

Not sure if it's an urban legend-worthy or not, but here in my neighborhood in Pittsburgh, there's this god-awful, creepy laugh you can hear around 2 in the morning on the main road. I always hear it clear as day; sometimes even as I'm getting home from work and am putting my key in the door. Others have heard it too and nobody knows where it's coming from. ;_; It's really creepy. I've lived here for almost two years in this apartment and nothing is scarier than hearing that laugh.

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