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TheHayleyDoll 08-30-2013 03:31 PM

The ultimate Cat thread. xD

My cat is being super adorable right now, so I thought I'd start a cat thread to discuss how cute/silly/awesome cats are.

Casey LOVES foil balls. She's had an obsession with them since he was a kitten. We didn't have any fancy toys for her when we first got her, so we'd roll up aluminum into balls (not small enough to swallow, but big enough to fit in her mouth) and toss them. We have bought her toy mice and those plastic balls with the bells in them, but nothing compares to a foil ball in her mind. She loves to play fetch, so I'll throw the ball, she'll run after it, hit it around a little, pick it up and bring it right to my feet. IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER.

She also has this cute little butt-wiggle right before she pounces. SO CUTE.

She ran up the me at 1AM and started rubbing her face against me and purring for no reason. ULTRA CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

My family cat, Sam, he's less "cute". He's a very regal, demure cat... who, in his free time outside, enjoys killing little bunny rabbits and ripping off their skulls (and sometimes limbs). LOL. So creepy. Inside the house, he doesn't even acknowledge our hamster when we take her out of the cage, and he licks everything you put in front of him. Outside the house though, HE IS THE FAT, EVIL CAT-MAFIA BOSS.

LadyBast0911 08-30-2013 03:44 PM

OMG! Casey is adorable! And Mafia Boss Sam sounds pretty creepy.

My cat Harmony is adorable. She is this little thing and she tries to sneak onto my lap which sometimes works but not always. Ever since I came back from vacation she has been attached to my hip.

Garfield is my dads cat. He is also our Canadian outlaw. His previous owners would let him get outside and then he would get into a bunch of fights. My dad's fiance has had to catch him several times and when he finally got into his last fight, someone ordered him to be put to sleep. Well, Charlene was at the vet's office. Garfield was on the table with the needle ready and Charlene couldn't do it. So my dad took him.

Miranda_ 08-30-2013 05:34 PM

My cat Cleopatra was the best. She died at the age of twelve of renal failure; I had to leave her behind at my parents' house when I left home, cuz I was moving into a flat and my parents live in a house with a garden in a quiet road. So it was best for her.

I always used to call her my "attack cat" cuz she used to claw at everyone cept for me. XD She was huge; her father was a giant ginger tom and she took after him in size. Her mother was a small grey and white queen, and Cleopatra had grey fur with a white chest and paws and ginger flecks all over. She was also a fanatical murderer of wildlife; the biggest kill she brought in was a wild rabbit. XD

Silent_Wolf 08-31-2013 06:08 PM

I have a black-grey-white tabby named Diego, who is a monster who bites, scratches, etc. everybody except my boyfriend. We have no idea why. ._.

Catlover642 08-31-2013 06:54 PM

I used to have a cat named Katie, but we had to put her to sleep last November. :( She was the best. She had health problems all her life, but seemed to always bounce back -- she had her, erm, sacs explode twice, had rotted teeth which caused an infection in her mouth so her tongue would hang out cause it was too painful, and had Diabetes all her life and required insulin shots. She ended up having a huge cancer buildup in her stomach and we thought it would be best to put her down. Katie was 17.

She was the best though, she really had a personality and would always make me feel better. I miss her so much.

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