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Miranda_ 08-10-2013 10:12 AM

Online trolling
Schoolgirl Hannah Smith 'trolled to death' by bullies on website | Mail Online

Over here, a lot of people are talking about this. I can see both sides clearly. Basically, trolling is bad and the people who use to troll are sad, pathetic individuals who need to get a life. However, the fact that a fourteen year old girl was allowed to go on the site in the first place unsupervised is not good, either. Also, sites like Ask and Yahoo answers are always going to be full of trolls so anyone with a little common sense avoids them like the plague.

For a schoolgirl to commit suicide over being insulted, there surely must have been something more to make her do it. Tragic tho it is, the only person responsible for a suicide is the one who commits it and banning the website is not going to bring her back. It won't even stop the trolls as they will just go someplace else. If you're being trolled, there are two things you can do which will stop the bullies in their tracks.

1. Log off.
2. Never go there again.

Also, to protect yourself online, the following would help to stop you from being a target.

1. Stay anonymous. If you don't use your full name online, or use a username, then no-one's going to be able to look for you in real life.

2. Avoid anon sites. Any website that allows people to post unreg is best avoided, unless it's strictly moderated and has good administration.

3. Don't post photos or personal info. If you want to post a photo, then make sure it's on a safe site. If you go on an anon site or message board, then don't have your photo as your avatar and please don't post anything of a personal nature. Don't give these people weapons to attack you with.

4. Make your page private. Facebook will allow you to keep your page set to friends only, and so that no-one can search for you. If you do that, then the only people who can see your page and info are your friends.

5. Only friend people you know. Don't accept every single request that you get on Facebook; only accept people you know. That way, you are less likely to get nasty people spamming your page. And if you accept someone as a friend and they start trolling you, then report them at once and remove them from your list.

If you're being cy'ber bullied on a website, then always report the bullies to the site administrator. If you're still living at home, then tell your parents. Don't keep on visiting the site; trolls thrive on their victims continuing to reply to them. Above all, remember that your life is precious and there are people that care about you. Suicide is never the answer; it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Silent_Wolf 08-10-2013 11:00 AM

I was walking home from work one day; can't remember the specifics, but there was a girl walking behind me crying on her phone that a group of people at a local university were stalking her and her boyfriend's facebooks, Instagrams, Youtube accounts - it sounds like a nightmare. Whatever privacy people had online before is almost entirely gone because of Google demanding people link their Youtube and Google+ accounts, plus Facebook harasses you nonstop for certain sites to link to in order to use them ( is one of them, but thankfully it's still only optional).

For example, my ex knew my different usernames. I had to stop using GaiaOnline - even the Mule account I'd just opened - because he wouldn't leave me the hell alone. I'm amazed he never found me on here, to be frank.

Miranda_ 08-10-2013 11:03 AM

I don't use my real name on either my gmail or my youtube accounts so linking them wouldn't make a difference. The problem nowadays is that so many teenagers are dangerously naive about the internet, tho they think otherwise. You wouldn't walk thru town wearing a sandwich board with your name, address, phone number and personal info written on it... yet they think it's fine to put that info on public sites.

Silent_Wolf 08-10-2013 11:16 AM

It isn't even simply that though; even if you weren't to link, say, your Instagram with your Facebook, if someone wanted to hurt you enough, they will find you and do it because they're likely looking either for pictures you use or bits of info that are the same.

Another point to look at: People, until very recently, ignored this kind of crap. They said to ignore the online stuff because those people don't know you. In this day and age, people can find people they don't like and harass them 'til kingdom come. Reddit is particularly good - and bad - at this: They have found people who hurt kids, animals, and the like, but also put the wrong people in jail before. /4/chan helped find a woman who threw cats in bins in the UK and the man who threw a dog into the ocean - but they're also responsible for some of the worst online and telephone pranks in existence.

While we can't ignore the disaster that is the "You Dun Goofed, I've Reported You to the Authorities" family, there are those who make their own tragedies. Another personal example; a bully from my high school claims to be pregnant with her second kid, but posts very regularly about going out, getting drunk or stoned. Her response to people's questions? Kick them off her facebook, stop posting about drinking. Okay. Fine. Then, she claimed to be engaged to a guy none of us have heard of. My hometown is a place where you know everybody's business - and the guy isn't even real. Maybe it's karma that she's the town laughing stock; she's still the same b*tch I knew before.

Miranda_ 08-10-2013 11:23 AM

It's still a fact tho that if these teens quit posting on public sites every single thing about them, there'd be less trolling going on. Most of these people can't be bothered to seek out info about the people they bully, and the rest of them don't know how cuz they're kids just like their victims. They don't need to find it cuz it's all there, right on the victim's Facebook. That is what I'm talking about, NOT stalkers which is what you're talking about. And it's common sense that if you're being attacked on a site to not go back there. I had that once, back when the internet was new, and I just logged off and never went back.

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