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LancasterPrincess 08-03-2013 12:59 AM

Why? Because it's the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. I don't care if it's 90 days away. I want fun. I NEED FUN. So humor me.

This is a thread for all Halloween gibberish. But lets start easy. What was your most embarrassing Halloween costume of your childhood? Anyone? Anyone? Me? I was a Red Crayola Crayon one year. Complete with red painted face, red sweat pants, and red shoes. 2nd place is the year my sister and I dressed up as clowns.

Dear God, please don't ever let me embarrass my daughter like my mother did I, lol. Of course, the crayon was my choice, a very, VERY, bad choice, but mine none the less. I was forced into the clowns outfit. My mom even went through the trouble of painting her white canvas sneakers red for us to wear over our shoes. We were preschool. She wore size 9.5-10's That was very, very difficult to trick or treat in!

In other news, I'm trying to find an awesome costume trio idea for me, my husband, and our daughter. Last year we did Red Riding Hood. Gracie was Little Red, obviously, Aaron was the hunter, and I was Granny.

This year I'm torn. It'll probably be my last year picking for Gracie, so I want to make it good. And my other problem is I'm a HUGE DIYourselfer, so it has to be something I can make. I'm toying with Pirates, with Gracie as the captain and Aaron and I as her crew, Wonderland, with Gracie as the Queen of Hearts (because she's stolen ours completely) and Aaron as the Mad Hatter, and me as...don't know. Alice I guess? And lastly Oz, with Gracie as Dorthy, Aaron as something and me as something. Not sure to that effect! Anyone have a trio idea for us? My only must have is Gracie has to be boss/leader/cutest. I just think that's cute because she rules our world.

Yeah yeah, mommy can't stop talking baby. I know. I bore everyone, lol. Anyone remember my Pumpkin thread from last year? If we get back on our feet in time I totally plan on reviving it. Anyone with me? Anyone? I was disapointed last year being the only pumpkin carver on this site. So sad. Much sadness.

Annnnnnnd, that's it. I'm all Halloweened out for this post. So blab your Halloween thoughts here. Or am I the only one excited and looking forward to it this early? xD

LadyBast0911 08-03-2013 01:14 AM

Awwwww! That is such a cute picture. What about Gracie being a cute little ghost and you and Aaron being ghost hunters?

belladoggy 08-03-2013 02:33 AM

Well I'm just gonna post everything I ever was lol

Year one: Bunny Rabbit. My mom stuck hangers in the ears so they stood up. There is a picture of me on the kitchen floor munching on a baby carrot in that costume.

Year two: Lampchop. This one involved A LOT of hot glue and cotton balls. She even gave me a little bit of nose makeup.

Year three: Monarch butterfly. She studied pictures of them so that she could make anatomically correct wings, armed with her handy hot glue gun and felt. No picture for this one since none have been scanned in yet.

Year four: Daisy Duck. My family and I went to Disney World that year, and I came back with a Daisy hat (the kind where her bill was the bill of the hat). Mom made me a fluffy duck but.t.

Year five: Dorothy Gale. Mom prided herself on this one because she followed the design used in the movie to a T, even going so far as to hot glue extra bows and rhinestones on the store-bought ruby slippers. She was most proud of giving me the properly blue socks if I remember it right.

Year six: Sock Hop Girl. Except instead of a pink poodle skirt, I had a red scottie dog skirt. I think I had saddle shoes, too. No picture here either (not that it would matter since I'm already at the post image limit lol)

Year seven: Spider Witch. We picked out special fabric that had glow in the dark spider webs on it. Looking back, it was probably one of my lesser favorites.

Year eight: Angel. The hot glue gun made a triumphant return, as my mother spent lord knows how long hot gluing a bunch of white feathers to a cardboard cutout of wings. I had a golden rope and white robe, too. Can't remember if there was a halo (there probably was) because those wings are what stick out in my memory. She probably never wanted to see a feather ever again lol

Year nine: Hermione Granger. The first of the store bought costumes. Year nine was...2002, so the movies were still a fairly new thing.

Year ten: I kid you not, I was a Ham and Cheese sandwich. I even had a pickle had with a toothpick in it. It was made out of foam and craft foam and dowel road and cellophane and pipe cleaners and basically everything you could find in a craft store haha. If I ever scan in the pictures, I'll be sure to upload them because it was pretty great. It was a sandwich-board style costume (a la an Eat at Joe's sign) that I wore over an all white outfit.

Year eleven: Renaissance Lady. The second of the store bought costumes, albeit a little big at the time. But it came into play many, many times.

Year twelve: I was going to go as Elphaba, but the green cold creme bothered me to the point that I don't think I even went trick-or-treating that year. That was probably my most embarrassing costume.

Year thirteen (The Thirteenth Year! Disney? Anybody?): No, I was not a mermaid...I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or so I told myself because I was wearing my Yertle the Turtle shirt and shell from Suessical the previous summer, coupled with plain old jeans and gym shoes. I didn't even have a badana or any weapons haha.

Year fourteen: The first return of the renaissance lady, I think? I can't remember if I dressed up at all that year, actually.

Year fifteen: The second (or first?) return of the renaissance lady. I was able to fit into it a bit better by then. I told you, that thing got some serious use.

Year sixteen: Aha! That year I had a silk Chinese outfit, black pants, my fake hair, and chopsticks. I didn't trick or treat, but I wore it to my youth group's Halloween dance (as I had done the previous year and continue to do to this day)

Year seventeen: Lumberjack. I didn't have anything planned, so I wore my reversible puffy vest with the red and black side out, my dads work gloves, my hiking/snow boots, one my dad's hats, and jeans, and I made myself a little axe out of cardboard and acrylic paint. First costume I sort of made myself, I guess.

Year eighteen: Didn't have time to change into an outfit after coming directly from a speech tournament, but my hair was short and I was wearing a suit, so I said I was Regina from Once Upon A Time. And I think I actually looked a bit like her.

Year nineteen: Jeff, our youth minister, let me borrow a red and black witch costume somebody gave the group. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but it had a hoop skirt and was pretty fun to walk around in.

Year twenty: Who knows? Maybe college will bring some new inspiration lol

By the way, Gracie is a much more photogenic baby than I was, haha. I like the idea of you all as Wizard of Oz characters (it holds a special place in my heart as you know), but I think that works best if there are four of you dressing up. I mean, I guess you could be Glinda and Aaron could be the Wizard? I don't know...I think, in terms of trios, it could be cute if you go as Snap, Crackle, and Pop, or some other triad of cereal mascots. You could also do Pebbles, Velma, and Fred Flintstone or something like that? Now I'm just vomiting ideas all over this post, sorry haha.

Miranda_ 08-03-2013 03:46 PM

I've never had an embarrassing Halloween costume, simply cuz from the word go, my parents let me choose mine every year. XD I was a cat most of the time, and sometimes I was a wolf.

As for trios, I like the idea of Dorothy, Glinda and the Wizard of Oz. Sounds fun. xD As a Pegasister, I'd suggest going as the Cutiemark Crusaders but I guess that Aaron would veto that! :lol:

LancasterPrincess 08-13-2013 04:56 PM

We decided on Pirates this year for several reasons. 1, we have a coat we're dying red and trimming with gold for Gracie's birthday party (she's dressing up as ring leader) so the coat can work double duty for pirate. 2, Gracie will want a say next year and there's plenty of opportunity for girly outfits so Pirate needs to be done asap, lol. 3, she would pull off the crown I love for the queen of hearts and plus queen of hearts takes makeup which would be easier to apply to a 3 year old vs a 2 year old.

So this year pirates, next year queen of hearts, and after that its Gracie's choice.

Also, I've been on the black hole of time named Pinterest. These photos are evidence of productivity in such a black hole, lol. Found out I'll be Cheshire Cat. Aaron will be Mad Hatter, and Gracie the queen, all for next year of course.

I also found doll makeup tutorial and had fun with that since no one is on TDP in contests or club #lonely #neverusedhashtagssoimthatlonely. Lol

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