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eros 05-26-2012 10:49 PM

Why all spiders MUST DIE!!!!
I realized that I am deathly afraid of spiders. Allow me to explain.

Last night as I was preparing for bed, movement caught my eye. I look up to my ceiling and behold there was a giant brown recluse. I froze in terror, but regained the courage to go tell Jared (my brother) of this evil lurking in my room. He then told me to kill it myself, so I knew that he was not going to help at all. I went back and I lost track of the spider. I looked everywhere, but it turns out it was hiding behind my fan in a place I couldn't reach. Now Jared had a reason to help me. I ran back to his room excited for the spiders soon to be death. I explained the situation to him, and he thought long and hard about what he should do. Eventually, he slowly rose off his bed and followed me. I slowly crept into the room, not wanting the spider to know that I was coming for it. But alas, it had moved again and unfortunately to a place where I could kill it, instead of Jared. I mustered a small amount of courage and was thinking the of the best way to end it's life. Obviously a shoe was needed. Since my feet are very small (and won't be able to penetrate the large spider) Jared proceeded to give me his shoe. What seemed like hours I finally squished the spider. I was overjoyed and hyperventilating from this experience. And Jared laughing at me did not help. But I soon realized this war was not over yet. I had to let the shoe down and make sure the beast was truly dead. I took the shoes off the ceiling and behold it was dead! YAY!

And that my friends is why I am afraid of spiders. Is anyone else?

belladoggy 05-27-2012 12:44 AM

I was doing yard work today, and as i was crouching in the mulch rootin'-up ****s, I noticed this mid sized brown spider crawling on my sock, right by my bare ankle. I promptly screamed and swatted at it until it got off of me.

But that is not my worst experience with a spider, oh no, it was merely my most recent. My most terrifying spider attack happened when i was drying off in my shower. I'm wrapping myself up in my towel when I feel this weird sensation on my shoulder, kind of like the tickle that you get from a stray piece of hair. But it was moving, and quickly. I looked at my shoulder, and lo and behold, a big fat spider was crawling on me. After I had just taken a shower. While I was still standing in the shower. I freaked out, swatted it away, and spent the next few minutes hyperventilating. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't just finished cleansing myself or if I had been outside (today wasn't so bad; I just flipped that it was on me, but I was outside, so I was in the spider's domain). It's a good thing the water was off because I probably would have slipped and hit my head, I was so terrified. Bugs crawling on my body does not a calm me make. Especially when people start talking about spider bites. Ew, new thanks. Also, ow.

EDIT: We can't say we.eds? Wooooooow.....

Elanorea 05-27-2012 09:04 AM

All I can say is thank the gods there are no poisonous spiders around here :lol:. Usually when I see a spider I just let them be, they don't bother me much. There's even one living in my bathroom that I've kinda gotten used to, it's almost like a pet. Now flying, noisy insects on the other hand - those creep me out. Wasps and butterflies are the worst.

eros 05-27-2012 10:13 PM

We have a few poisonous spiders where I live. Besides the Recluse we also have Black Widows, but they're rarely in the house. Anyways I'm pretty sure spiders hate me.

I don't know if there was an opening from the outside, but last year my room seemed to be filled with spiders. I would probably see one at least every week. I killed them of course because I don't want spiders crawling on me. :eek: Eventually they stopped coming, but I see one every once in while. I assume they heard that I was the Spider Terminator!

Aussiemum777 05-27-2012 11:51 PM

A couple of years ago I was in bed slowely dozing off with my arm hanging down the side of the bed(it was a hot summer night) and just before dozing off I felt something scurry up the length of my arm, my reflexes quickly shot into gear and I brushed it off immediatley, I quickly darted out of bed and turned the lamp on realising that there was no spider anywhere to be seen after about 10 minutes of searching for it I gave up and went back to bed not really wanting to fall asleep knowing there was an evil spider lurking near my bed somewhere(probably underneath it)I finally fell asleep, In the morning it was a beautiful sunny day and I opened my eyes to see a large hunstman spider directly above me on the ceiling:shock:
P.s I dont know if you get huntsman spiders where you live but they are a very large hairy brown spider, search google images...shudders)

eros 05-28-2012 12:51 AM

Wow Ness. I'm sure if I woke up to that, I would most likely soil myself! The biggest spiders we have a garden spiders and wolf spiders.

I used to have rabbits that I would have to feed and water everyday. I always hated it in the summer because the cages were close to our shed and I would have to squeeze in between to reach their water containers. The garden spiders would make webs from the shed to the cage and they would freak me out. They are cool, but freaky.

Miranda_ 05-28-2012 07:28 AM

You'd hate my flat; it appears to be spider heaven. I've counted at least four spiders making their homes in various corners.

However, I really hate bees. I don't care how useful they are; I'm allergic to bee stings and if one comes in thru my window, it's time for Ms Bee to meet Mr Magazine.

LancasterPrincess 06-01-2012 01:37 AM

I HATE SPIDERS! Any and all sizes MUST DIE instantly. I've only had one exception, and that was a writing spider. He was moved FAR away by my husband per my request.

My scariest moment off the top of my head was when we got back from the hospital after Gracie was born. The house had been empty for several days, SCRATCH THAT, there's a scarier more recent story, but I'll finish this one first. So we'd been gone at the hospital for several days. We come home, I'm of course exhausted from giving birth. Anywho, I walked in the kitchen and in the middle of the floor was a ginormous wolf spider. Biggest thing I'd ever seen (other than the wild tarantula...story to come after the one I just remembered earlier), about the size of a baseball. I screamed, and Gracie, whom I was holding, started crying, and Aaron came running to kill it.

Okay, scariest ever! I was sitting much like I am now, on the computer at the breakfast bar, late at night, on a barstool. Enters Pooky, our black intelligent cat, chasing something. *twitch* I'm officially stranded on my stool while this FREAKING HUGE wolf spider is JUMPING TOWARDS ME away from Pooky! I had NO IDEA they jumped! I'm EEEPPPing away because I can't scream because Gracie was asleep. Aaron killed it eventually, after figuring out what I was EEEPPPing about. Scarriest minute of my life. That thing was HUGE, and JUMPING, STRAIGHT FOR ME! I later gave Pooky a treat. Granted he chased the thing towards me, without him I would have no doubt come accross the spider the next day while Aaron was at work.

Okay, Wild Tarantula story. We were hiking a park trail when a small squirrel ran out in the trail...NOT. Who comes accross a FREAKING WILD TARANTULA?!?! SERIOUSLY!? And then Aaron wanted to stop and take pictures!!!! GRRRR

I HATE spiders. They say arachnaphobiacs have and unrealistic fear of spiders in a very real sense. To me, ALL spiders JUMP, they are ALL aggressive, and they all AIM for the face and limbs.

Meanwhile, I thought this was funny:
delikatnienie. on imgfave

eros 06-01-2012 03:21 PM

LOL! Lovie I find the picture quite entertaining! Also your stories. I have one that didn't seem funny at the time, but now it sort of does!

So it was late one night, that's when spiders seem to appear in my room, and I was getting ready for bed. Out of no where this Grandaddy Long Leg is on my wall. These spiders don't really scare me, but I seriously don't want it in my room. I'm trying to think of how to kill without waking everyone up. I search my kitchen for a magazine and come back to kill it. I roll the magazine up and squish the spider from the end. I hold it there for a few long seconds and pull the magazine away just a little to make sure it was dead. To my surprise there was no spider in sight. All of a sudden, little legs start crawling out the other end, near my hand, and I quickly squeeze the magazine killing the spider. I almost shrieked when that happened, but I remembered that everyone was asleep. :lol:

Miranda_ 06-03-2012 07:39 AM

Lol, I thought of this thread when I went to bed last night. XD A spider dropped on to my head, and I pulled it out of my hair. It was a huge, hairy legged spider. I just picked it up in a tissue and chucked it out the window. I'm betting that people here would have screamed the place down. :lol:

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