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Default Mary Sue - Her Many Incarnations - 07-10-2011, 06:43 PM

Put this in here as I don't want any Mary Sues in the RPG forum, in whatever form. O_o Also, this encourages more discussion. XD Posted in parts due to character/image limit.


This Sue is normally obnoxious, with mad fighting skills that she picked up instantaniously. She is often Elven, and wears enticingly scanty armour which doesn't seem to hamper her in a battle scene, from which she emerges without a single scratch. Warrior!Sue often has a tragic past, like her parents being killed, which leads her to strap on swords and become a warrior. She will, of course, be so much better at fighting than the male characters in the story who will be constantly telling her that girls can't fight right up til the moment she proves them wrong.


Also known as Angst!Sue, this Mary Sue is always depressive, always whining, and always miserable. She will have an awful past, full of abuse, rape and other hideous things and characters will constantly be offering Emo!Sue tea and sympathy, as well as reassuring her that her minor misdeeds are in fact, minor, and that her guilt over the time that she accidentally spilled black nail polish on a kitten is unfounded. Such Sues tend to appear to any sane person as terrible company, yet will have characters hovering around them constantly.


This Sue is the result of a cross breeding; sometimes between two normally diverse species, such as between a human and a dragon, other times the Hybrid!Sue manifests as a catgirl or foxgirl. Naturally, the Sue is the last of her kind, and very wise. Such heritage, naturally, grants her certain magical talents, the nature of which varies with the individual Sue. Curiously, the Sue seldom manifests any outward traits of her outlandish parent(s), beyond a pair of tastefully pointed ears, a cute tail and/or odd-colored eyes.


Dresses all in black and exudes angst; this Sue is similar in some ways to the aforementioned Emo!Sue. However, Goth!Sue is also extremely aggressive and exhibits all the signs of an anger management problem. She snaps at people who try and emphasise with her, and tears down characters who attempt to judge her right to be how she likes. This Sue will often be a vampire, even in worlds which don't have them.

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