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Default Phoebe Prince case. - 12-17-2010, 01:03 AM

This is a discussion of the Phoebe Prince case; what went wrong, when did it go wrong, and who was to blame?

Phoebe Prince, an Irish teenager living in South Hadley, Massachusetts, committed suicide on January 14, 2010. The cause of the suicide was apparently vicious and relentless bullying by the so called "untouchable mean girls" of South Hadley High School, which supposedly happened because the "mean girls" were jealous of Phoebe due to her dating a member of the football team.

She was tormented by at least two different groups of people, which culminated in her hanging herself after some piece of trash threw a can at her from a passing car on her way home. Her body was then discovered by her younger sister.

To make it even worse, her Facebook page was then bombarded with crude to outright vile comments, most of which got removed.

I'm trying to keep as emotionless as possible as I write this, but it really hits home with me, as I've been bullied beyond belief, too. But it never got that bad. I also feel a sort of kinship with her, as she was from Ireland, and fifteen, the same age as me.

I'm glad her parents decided to bury her here in Ireland. An entire ocean away from the scum that caused her death.

This has got to be one of the most disgusting bullying-induced suicides to date. The fact that she was allowed to be tormented like this and the school authorities did nothing to stop it is beyond my words to describe.

I believe this brings the serious errors in the schooling system of America and other countries besides to light; I suspect bullying is allowed to continue because the authorities believe it will somehow toughen up the students for future life... and they conveniently turn a blind eye when this twisted little philosophy costs the lives of those who can't stand up to that kind of treatment.

Nine teenagers from the school now face charges ranging from rape, to violation of civil rights, criminal harassment, disturbance of a school assembly, and stalking. In terms of punishment, I think all nine of those little fiends should be tricked into believing they're getting the death penalty, and walked up the hill to a hangman's noose, just so that they can understand how Phoebe must have felt in her last hour on earth. Of course, real justice is a complete joke in Massachusetts, so there's no way it's going to happen, but I still thing that would be the most fitting retribution.

The wikipedia article is here.
Suicide of Phoebe Prince - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Default 12-20-2010, 08:50 AM

Bullying's always been a major problem. The other problem is figuring out how the hell to punish them; there's a massive mindset of 'kids will be kids' and 'teens are just playing', but if these were adults they'd be arrested and charged swiftly.

It's horrible that this happened and I'm worried it'll spark some sort of international debate or something on what should happen. What they've done was basically murder.

(What's even worse is that the town she was bullied in and committed suicide in was one of THE most Irish towns in Massachusetts. How's THAT for loving your heritage?)

I've spent almost all my public school life being bullied. It never stopped. When I started dating my ex, people talked and scandalized because he was the creepy guy.

I don't even know why the hell I started seeing him.

The point is, nothing seems to affect bullies at all. They will never feel apologetic until karma bites them hard on the ass and that might not be for years. I know for a fact that my one childhood bully will always be just that, because she ruined my childhood and then when she moved back to my high school after getting kicked out of the local private school, she tried it again.

'Course, she already had a reputation and that attempt failed miserably, but then she moved on to others.

I literally froze when I saw her in the halls because I remembered everything she'd ever done to me.

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