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Default 09-16-2010, 04:03 PM

Basically it's being suggested that we should go back to our country, then.

We can't keep our cultures while going to another country?

That means that we have to do everything as you say?

Why even allow immigration, then? Since you're like the people who just want everyone to be following the rules of your country regardless to what people are raised up with.

And so, what is your point? In India, people have 8 or 9 children per family due to the system that they go by, and they understand this system. It's part of their culture, part of their place.

If you move to India, it's not like you have to go by that system. You aren't going to be like, automatically an untouchable.

So why aren't people allowed to keep their own cultures in your country?
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Default 09-16-2010, 04:09 PM

Way to twist my words and completely miss the point. The point is, that the burqa is NOT A CULTURE. It's a means of oppressing women, by suggesting that in order that men don't get pushed into raping them, they have to cover their entire face and body. It is not part of Islam; the Koran makes no mention of the burqa.

Another extreme Islam rule is the stoning to death of adulterous women. Since you're behind the burqa, then I suppose you're behind that, too. Let me put this in simple terms. If I moved to Iraq to live and work, I'd cover my arms and hair. I'd respect their culture. However, there are loads of people moving to the UK who are not respecting ours. They give out hate speech about how our women are wh*res for showing off their bodies. They say that our people deserved to be killed in 7/7. And they push for Sharia law to be made law here, and insist that their women are covered up with the burqa.

These extremists are even despised by most Islam people, who follow the Koran and its teachings, which promote peace.

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Default 09-16-2010, 04:13 PM

Keeping your culture is fine; that's not the issue at all. You can worship whoever you want, have as many children as you want and do whatever you like, within reason.
The things we are talking about are cultural items and traditions that could be a security risk, like the burqas, or things that are deamed by our laws as, to quote the Bill of Rights, "crueal or unusual punishment".

Though it sucks, I know, a certain small amount of freedoms have to be given up for a sense of order and secuirty in any government; it's one of the first things you learn in a government class. The idea behind government is that, for the sake of secuirty and order, a group of people come together and give up a bit of their freedom so that they could find order and secuirty in the world.

So the issue at hand isn't cultures aside form the Western in general, but the more extreme examples tht can risk the security of the group of people under the government as a whole. If you want to wear a sari to school, or a cute headscarf that doesn't hide the whole face, or even a qipao, that's fine; but it's not fair to the rest of the students if they have to keep their faces uncoverd for reasons of identification while a small group of people are exempt to wear burqas. That's all Miranda and I are saying; we're not trying to imply that other cultures are bad

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Default 09-16-2010, 06:25 PM

The burqa indeed isn't religious, so shouldn't they be trying to ban these non-religious items of clothing that are the main source of the problem...not trying to stop people wearing things such as head scarves and having crosses on their necklaces.

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Default 09-17-2010, 01:47 PM

Now living in B.C. I can now see the fast amounts of muslims wearing such things and tons in my apartment. When I first came here I just about crapped myself seeing a lady in a all black robe I beleive its called a shador? Anyways I was kinda scared as I would see those people once and a while but there are loads of women here wearing it. When I went out during th summer in shorts and a tank top with sandles I felt dirty and that I should be ashamed of my body and I did not like that.

To answer your questions-
Is it alright to ban religious items in schools and government buildings?
I think it is personally. Reason being is over where I am situated now. A muslim man is allowed to ride a motor bike without a helmet and instead wear a turban while everyone else obeys the law of wearing a helmet due to SAFETY. Also with the Sikhs culture a boy moving into a man should wear a kirpans around him which is a dagger aka mini sword. A boy was caught wearing one to school and there was a huge uproar as it was for "religious reasons". Personally I would be devistated to know that my child was next to that child in class with such a weapon.

When you come to another country you should be embracing the values the country has not trying to whipe theirs out and replace it with yours. Europe is a place of free spirit and people to be proud of the body and nudity is not looked down upon there instead its very apporved by the public. I am really sick and tired of seeing people cover up here it makes me feel ashamed of my body and the way I look. The fact the European countries are stepping up and making it known that its against their beliefs is honestly a wonderful thing to do for the Europeans culture. I wouldbe devistated to go back home and see people all covered up, closed nude beaches, night life down and such.

This all being said I understand everyone has thier own beliefs and religion and such but keep it in your country. Embrace the new country and for get the place you come from and accept what is considered acceptable here. Practicing your religion is one thing but to create a feeling the publics eyes of unsafe matters is not fair to the locals and the ones that live here always.

Should religious clothing be banned altogether in public settings?

Yes, in my opinion religion is to be kept private and not to be seen or talked about as I find it rude. Ive been brought up to beleive religion and politics are not to be discussed in public so clothing in my eyes shouldn't be allowed outside the area of which the practice it.

Are burqas and hijabs specifically a security risk? Do you believe they limit or free these women?

They are both a security risk and limit freedom to these women. I have a friend who wears a hijab forced by her husband. She hates it she feels like she should be ashamed of her beautiful hair. Every woman would die to have hair like hers but no one will ever knowbecause she will not go in public without it. Thats controlling hair maybe considered sexy in their little world but my god it adds to the whole appearence of being sexy and god forbid if they are ever reffered to as being sexy by anyone else other then their husbands. Some women fear rebelling against and inturn maybe punished. Countries need to stop letting themwear such garments as it upsets them at times and the community they are now residing.

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