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Miranda_ 09-09-2008 06:27 PM

What does Google think of you?

Please don't post the entire list of statements you'll get when you type in your username or first name, as there are lots of repeats and unfunny statements. Please just post a maximum of 20 statements; just pick out the funny ones. If you don't abide by these rules, then your post will be deleted.

Here's mine:

miranda is a daughter of the magician prospero in shakespeare's the tempest
miranda is another one of our very special honeybees
miranda is the innermost and smallest of uranus's five largest moons
miranda is de elfde van de satellieten van uranus
miranda is doing great with her new diet
miranda is walking home alone in the dark
miranda is a pretty kind person
miranda is afraid of human emotion
miranda is resolutely against falling in line; sick of being dictated to
miranda is constitutional
miranda is a 2 year old dog adopted from the santa fe animal shelter
miranda is a unique individual who is able to speak in the visual language of animals
miranda is a sleepless cranky mess
miranda is one of those people who has a passion for her work
miranda is also set in the wilderness


Silent_Wolf 09-09-2008 06:36 PM

caitlin is that caitlin is not a delinquent — yet
caitlin is known as an outspoken supporter of martian independence
caitlin is a non
caitlin is attracted to him; and paul's "magic 8 ball" is uncannily accurate about every prediction (Makes no sense to me. XD)
caitlin is a well
caitlin is one of the hundreds of thousands of dogs who suffer in puppymills across this country (D=)
caitlin is the only singer i can think of who has enough power and nuance in her voice to do freddie mercury justice (OMGYAY)
caitlin is used to being second
caitlin is ok i think caitlin
caitlin is primarily backed on while you weren't looking by former whiskeytown alumni
caitlin is an australian by birth but a scot at heart (huh?)
caitlin is a full peruvian with beautiful fiber and very good bone and presence
caitlin is a dedicated and brilliant heart surgeon whose abilities are second only to those of her mentor and colleague patrick
caitlin is as "normal" as any child without a disability
caitlin is (is what?)

That's the only ones that struck me as particularly funny. XD

TheHayleyDoll 09-10-2008 08:44 PM

hayley is here
hayley is the star of this page
hayley is a goddess
hayley is alternately attracted to stephen and confused by his behavior
hayley is widely regarded as the best female hockey player in the world
hayley is also attracted to mitch
hayley is upset and angry and leaves mitch
hayley is favourite to be the next pop idol reject
hayley is acting too strangely for john
hayley is doing a little better with the potty
hayley is the mother of 19
hayley is distraught; jesse is in serious trouble thanks to her
hayley is goofy and full of fun
hayley is not only the woman of lewis' dreams

xD Some are funny, they didn't have a lot for my spelling.

likediamonds 09-10-2008 08:47 PM

lol This looks fun! The stuff in parentheses was written by me

danielle is the real winner (you bet XD)
danielle is racing
danielle is presently upgrading this site email her for more info
danielle is too se*xy (um okay...O.o)
danielle is here
danielle is the light of the world
danielle is beautiful
danielle is an ex
danielle is dead (sure i am T.T)
danielle is now tucked away writing her new material
danielle is smart enough to know that it is best to get the "original 6" broken up
danielle is a sassy little 13 3/4" sable & white bit*ch who thinks that everyone should stop and pet her (O.O ..... no comment)
danielle is about 15 inches tall and is a soft ragdoll dressed in a schoolgirl's blue plaid dress with a yellow collar and red piping around the waist
danielle is a regular auxiliary pioneer
danielle is now 9 years old and carlos is 8 years old
danielle is now at work
danielle is a member of nysta

TechnoMayhem 09-10-2008 09:01 PM


cassandra is standing in hollviken in the south of sweden
cassandra is kneeling next to a statue of what is believed to be athena
cassandra is no exception
cassandra is a program designed for recognition of coding segments
cassandra is an accomplished marathon runner with a decade of international marathon wins
cassandra is a superb teacher with the rare ability to direct her instructions to many skill levels simultaneously
cassandra is the greek woman who told the trojans not to let that wooden horse inside
cassandra is among the first students to graduate from the new neuroscience degree course
cassandra is born and adopted by hijad
cassandra is plagued by shyness
cassandra is portrayed as a mouse and the other characters as lizards
cassandra is also apollo's victim
cassandra is not particularly good
cassandra is a great film
cassandra is beautiful
cassandra is a favorite in greek mythology
cassandra is a comprehensive software solution facilitating the identification
cassandra is used for the cassandra application and database compact utility 4
cassandra is presenter at the arc trust's genesis awards
cassandra is really interesting
cassandra is an unusually readable book
cassandra is a twelve
cassandra is now a settled part of her adoptive family?
cassandra is an abyssinian
cassandra is a sleek black
cassandra is the daughter of trojan king priam and hecuba
cassandra is organizing a club also looking for a few good women to work with her in her studio
cassandra is an excellent wrestler and martial artist
cassandra is the absolute best
cassandra is in a class by herself
cassandra is the founder and artistic director of jawaahir dance company
cassandra is fearless
cassandra is behind the others
cassandra is so different from mine
cassandra is better known as margo von romberg
cassandra is the only one of us four born in the state of california
cassandra is the first product that truly allows the user to visually construct complex financial derivatives from basic components
cassandra is one of the nine units in a small village called "sueño real"
cassandra is wasting her time on this frivolous activity that reminds her too much of her former husband
cassandra is on track to becoming a premiere
cassandra is a former leg and foot model and an avid collector of fetish shoes
cassandra is more than she appeared to be
cassandra is listening and is impressed
cassandra is also an accomplished photographer
cassandra is a 16
cassandra is in a chariot outside agamemnon's palace
cassandra is charmed by his town air and delighted to have the opportunity to learn more about the father she had loved as a child but who had left to her own
cassandra is not an easy read; 138 pages
cassandra is approximately 192
cassandra is always physically similar
cassandra is a green hedgehog with a chameleon tail and red eyes
cassandra is not a licensed counselor
cassandra is a constant source of inspiration
cassandra is nowhere near as good as in other puzzle titles such as jewels of the oracle or clandestiny
cassandra is our award winning dressage mare
cassandra is probably the best person to go to dinner with because she knows where the best eateries are in new york
cassandra is a concerned and involved member of her community
cassandra is for all of us the metaphor of someone who is alone with the truth and whose truth will not be accepted or believed
cassandra is "bi" or so she tells me
cassandra is up to no good and adam is aware of it
cassandra is still exploring her powers

likediamonds 09-10-2008 09:15 PM

I did something different

my dog is capable of advanced logic
my dog is an elephant
my dog is different
my dog is digging to china by penny
my dog is human
my dog is an escape artist
my dog is an astronaut
my dog is a carrot
my dog is still my hero
my dog is goofier than your dog
my dog is a disco dancer
my dog is my beary best friend
my dog is hot
my dog is fresh
my dog is a prison escapee
my dog is more punk than your dog
my dog is vomiting? it can be very upsetting to see your dog vomiting
my dog is showing very submissive behavior when my husband is present

Aihana_ 09-10-2008 10:31 PM

tenisha is joining our program
tenisha is a small forward that is very athletic and has the competitiveness and intensity to go along with her athleticism
tenisha is an outstanding individual who maintains a 4
tenisha is aware that some high school students in cleveland schools do not receive the kind of attention she did
tenisha is 17
tenisha is an adorable little girl that is all smiles when meeting new people
tenisha is julissa
tenisha is seven years old
tenisha is from tucson
tenisha is the girl who will be wronged and will seek revenge
tenisha is one of 1
tenisha is beautiful
tenisha is a proud member of several organizations including
tenisha is bottle
tenisha is an academic all

I am a bottle XD I think I like that one

Doctorwho_gal 09-11-2008 03:31 PM

ruth is spreading her message
ruth is a single mexican woman from hermosillo
ruth is coming ruth is coming
ruth is from venus?
ruth is an orphaned seamstress
ruth is founded on the very principle found in the scripture above
ruth is here isn't she?
ruth is outward bound
ruth is researching this line
ruth is not autobiographical
ruth is the bored and restless wife of a british copper magnate
ruth is on this site

Heh, pretty funny xD

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 09-16-2008 01:23 PM

Well, I figured I'd do my real name and my nickname on here so laughs ahoy!

kitty is freshly radioactive
kitty is dressed in a variety of star prints and sprinkled with starry fairy dust
kitty is really desperate to try and catch that fly which is hovering above her
kitty is also available as a dressed doll in a bridal gown
kitty is counted as a book leading to 13 possible bookskitty is following her and is leading her into a trap
kitty is a 7
kitty is really fun for a few months
kitty is pretty hello kitty is **** hello kitty is the cat's meow hello kitty is one of the many hello kitty is everywhere hello kitty is the cat's meow
kitty is dead china doll

crystal is currently a hot item nationally and vintage crystal is still a bargain compared to buying new crystal
crystal is forever
crystal is a family of shrink
crystal is a nice point with a centrally located point and an isis face
crystal is a reward in itself
crystal is making tremendous adjustments within your energy field
crystal is a web based mailing list archive
crystal is well formed or distorted in its growth
crystal is the crystal of death or outcasting
crystal is a tabby and hosts soft green tourmalines
crystal is priced at $400

I'm a hot item :D It probably has to do with my radioactiveness.

TechnoMayhem 09-16-2008 08:52 PM

I like the dead china doll and radioactive one.
Awwweeh your nickname is cute!(its better than Jiggles)

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