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Default 09-16-2008, 09:03 PM

Hehehe I just had to do mine.

jordan is baaaaaaaak
jordan is a star
jordan is here
jordan is a hot babe (whoa you're kidding me o.o)
jordan is a preschool
jordan is a person
jordan is the best best best woman
jordan is #1
jordan is seeking the release of five jordanians
jordan is a girl
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Silver_Wolf_Kitty (Offline)
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Default 09-16-2008, 09:13 PM

Originally Posted by TechnoMayhem View Post
I like the dead china doll and radioactive one.
Awwweeh your nickname is cute!(its better than Jiggles)
I like how I'm the crystal of death or outcasting xD That was simply priceless.

I've had my nickname for ages xD My friends started calling me it in 7th-8th grade and it simply stuck. Its my online name just about everywhere(except for one site where I go by my character's name, Morgan).

I did my boyfriend's name and it was even more amusing xD The first one that popped up was "jason is god" and that made me crack up. I was also amused by "jason is a buttmuffin" and "jason is the son of peaches and jesus".

Av & Sig Credit: Me
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Default 09-20-2008, 11:01 PM

I'm sorry... this is going to be a bit long... If it's too long, then please delete this post. Thank you!

Words in pink = my comments


raine is pure temptation Sure...
raine is hiding in the woods with her band of outlaws Yup. ; )
raine is now at version 20000819 I am? O.o
raine is supposed to be dead But I'm not! Muahaha!
raine is available only by cvs Yup. : ) LOL!
raine is always coming up with new ways to fascinate and delight us : )
raine is trained in martial arts not really
raine is a wonderful actor and person I do act! Cool, but freaky...
raine is an insane half is that good?
raine is just as beautiful aww... thanks! : )
raine is a natural leader I guess...
raine is typing You're absolutely right!
raine is a vocal force I sing... again, freaky
raine is a british poet American
raine is free and you get what you pay for Yes! LOL!
raine is the premium quality miniature shoe collection everyone's been talking about Um... okay...
raine is unable to replace this item Nope. How sad!
raine is limited to just 3500 pieces O.o
raine is attractive I wish...
raine is sentenced to die I sure hope not...
raine is the recipient of a research scientist development award from the national institutes of mental health Umm... Okay, then!
raine is creating a buzz as a result of her live show and numerous performances on local cable tv shows I'm famous! Yay!?
raine is proud yet humble Sure... okay
raine is a poet and a scholar Nope O.o
raine is short for lorraine and is named after someone special How true... O.o
raine is the more outspoken Sure, then...
raine is still trembling from what? O.o


noelle is still working hard on her solo she sings, too... weird
noelle is your average girl sort of...
noelle is inspired by the old sawdust and rag stuffed dolls of the 1800's Umm... O.o
noelle is very bright and quickly solves enrichment puzzles Sure... : P
noelle is the real noelle? I would think so...
noelle is a life coach with a bachelor's degree in psychology Hmm?
noelle is almost ready For what?
noelle is sure her uncle is very wealthy and will be pleased to welcome her into his home
noelle is four years old and a real brat What? O.o
noelle is a real cutie pie too That was nice. : )
noelle is from alaska Sure... : P
noelle is no longer no longer what?
noelle is new to the adult entertainment business ?????
noelle is a member of the young writer’s club in school and has won first place interesting...
noelle is a very interesting little dragon dragon? what? LOL!
noelle is just as admirable and perfect That was nice, too! : )
noelle is shocked saying Saying what?
noelle is an incredible woman who has the ability to see the best in all people : )
noelle is well on her way toward achieving other goals That's always good
noelle is a mathematics instructor at lassen college I guess... : P
noelle is afraid to admit even to herself What?


jenna is famous Cool!
jenna is 18 months old Really?
jenna is the comparison people have made to her sister she HAS sisters...
jenna is running a fever of 101 Hmmm...
jenna is described as "bubbly" Good?
jenna is an optimist is an understatement; absolutely nothing can get her down : )
jenna is in love with art She is...
jenna is a really nice girl and really smart I agree 100%!
jenna is certainly special Yep!
jenna is like that also in real life Like what?
jenna is really concentrating here No comment... : )
jenna is in the building But I don't see her... : )
jenna is 11 years old She really is!
jenna is knowledgeable about spacecraft i never knew that...
jenna is known for her 'in the moment' prescence that's always good...
jenna is a smile okay! : )
jenna is a wonderful shoe salesperson I guess she sells Raine... see above LOL
jenna is very sweet Again, I agree!
jenna is good looking Okay! : )
jenna is waiting... For what?


josie is busy doing other things Such as...?
josie is clearly more female I would think so!
josie is hosted in canada LOL! : )
josie is successfully initiating many students into the world of dance Okay!
josie is on the ball and headed for a very good career That's good!
josie is the perfect dinner for 2 What??? LOL
josie is a lovely girl with great musical talent and a beautiful voice It's true...
josie is our feature rabbit A rabbit?
josie is the rabbit for you Because she's your feature rabbit? LOL
josie is pretty good on leash Hmm...?
josie is in a commercial Really?
josie is special because shes always there when i need her Aww... so true!
josie is a computer O.o
josie is also a poet Well, Josie sure is a lot of things... rabbit, poet, computer...
josie is working as an astronomer Cool. 8D
josie is the best Yup!
josie is believed to be a sharpei and shiba inu mix Cute. : )
josie is the new girl She was last year
josie is horrified to learn that her music was only chosen for mega records to continue its brainwashing Brainwashing? WTH!?!?!?

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Default 09-22-2008, 05:25 PM

delly is armed and extremely dangerous
delly is g
delly is a sturdy
delly is not signed to a record label
delly is counting on you all for your support on this song
delly is returned to her la home she dies on a film location while doing a car stunt
delly is famous for their subs
delly is cuter that all
delly is the cj 7 maniac and this is the second car after previously sold and buy another one
delly is not a permanent member yet
delly is a senior attending jf webb high school in oxford
delly is the loving wife of vic
delly is a spacious deep river called balliapatam
delly is probably the place for you
delly is the grandmother
delly is currently working on a debut album
delly is an uncomfortable melange between innocence and sexuality
delly is such a dork
delly is the law

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Default 09-23-2008, 10:41 AM

loryn is not > following this discussion
loryn is the trustworthy one and me well i dont know about me you will jsut have to ask i guess
loryn is a little goofball from work (I am a slight goofball!)
loryn is a real estate attorney at o'melveny & myers in los angeles
loryn is the chairperson
loryn is later banished from kaldor for these unsanctioned actions
loryn is more of a totem or icon than a real person
loryn is a wonderful person who has the patience (Awww!)
loryn is an intern for ski magazine and skimag
loryn is (Im what?)
loryn is anavriel's son
loryn is dead and there’s nothing for me to do but exterminate the thing with her face
loryn is a real
loryn is a non
loryn is startled
loryn is genni's brother
loryn is rohog most mar
loryn is shredded by shards of ice
loryn is pretty **** good > > > 9
(Oh yeah!)
loryn is my absolute hero now (That made my day, thankyou Google!)
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FlowersFall (Offline)
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Wink 09-29-2008, 01:20 AM

anna is lovely
anna is being stalked
anna is an inspiration
anna is learning how to suck her thumb (Lol!)
anna is a cutie
anna is very cute
anna is a little shy
anna is hot when it is cold
anna is very strong and agile with a great sense of balance
anna is so popular
anna is like a box of chocolates ("you never know whatcha goin get!")
anna is the latin form of hannah and means 'grace or favored' (it also means merciful )
anna is the queen
anna is the best
anna is here to stay like it or not
anna is alive? ("I hope so!")
anna is an online animated cartoon series
anna is a righteous lady
anna is very strong and agile with a great sense of balance
anna is the kinda gurl who ya just wanna give a hug to and smile ("yay!")
anna is a beautifully written
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Silver_Snow (Offline)
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Default 09-29-2008, 01:28 PM

anna is a "calendar girl"
anna is transfused
anna is beginning
anna is a vip escort in la
anna is en ros so roth (wat in the world is dat?!)
anna is one of two bears commissioned for two grownup bridesmaids

anna is not a geek
anna is a 22 year old beauty born and raised in the united states (not realli)
anna is so popular
anna is the kinda gurl who ya just wanna give a hug to and smile-yay!

anna is a high-lol
anna is fishing
anna is being stalked-lol
anna is the best- go me!

anna is the queen- im the queen of the world!!!

siggy by meggiemaggot

avatar made by me, animated by love2rocknroll

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Default 10-08-2008, 04:46 PM

delaney is dead ;o!
delaney is the operations officer
delaney is the temptress
delaney is closer and closer
delaney is carried off after a
delaney is dead" editorial in dealer progress september/october
delaney is just one segment of the fqpa
delaney is dead by k ;o!
delaney is back again
delaney is the operations officer/chief knowledge officer for ftsclant
delaney is boring
delaney is carried off after a challenge in the villa box
delaney is a beautiful woman [I doubt]
delaney is comic
delaney is the youngest child [True]
delaney is constructing two large ponds that serve a dual purpose of replacing some wetlands and also for a water supply for irrigation purposes
delaney is building the access road to the site and roadways around the site including entrance to the three cells
delaney is offering the us version which contains one bonus track more than the zane release
delaney is headquartered in london
delaney is the founder
delaney is energetic and active
delaney is waiting on is a decision by the florida department of environmental protection and the national park service on whether to allow a
delaney is pushing the st
delaney is also a psychologist [wow!]
delaney is bureau chief for cnn's boston bureau
delaney is based in islamabad
delaney is also outdated because it greatly preceded the use of maximum tolerated dose testing in laboratory animals

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Kiani (Offline)
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Default 04-02-2009, 08:14 PM

kiani is the one with her nose fearlessly through the fence
kiani is back with a bizarre cover of u2's "with or without you
kiani is pretty
kiani is in college on thursdays for any parent to raise cultural or bilingual matters
kiani is going to have your child
kiani is about to take our dancefloors and radiowaves by storm
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Default 04-02-2009, 08:27 PM

cricket is proving a winner
cricket is for all races
cricket is like indian hockey
cricket is mere sideshow as we mourn true
cricket is
cricket is broadcast in america
cricket is misunderstood by
cricket is number #2 in channel4
cricket is a simplified game of cricket for all boys and girls from the age of 5 upwards
cricket is dead
cricket is on its way report by ajay singh
cricket is not the property of the anc
cricket is racist at heart says zcu head
cricket is a fascinating affair mudassar nazar
cricket is in a very bad state'
cricket is india's main problem
cricket is big enough to survive match
cricket is so dominant at present
cricket is too much cricket? 14 may 2001
cricket is glorified and viewed by many lazymen? topic started by visu
cricket is gone topic started by vishwa
cricket is war
cricket is my first love'


John Bonham
29 years gone, but never forgotten.
5-31-48 - 9-25-80
We salute you.
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