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Silver_Wolf_Kitty 08-10-2008 06:39 PM

I've been reading up on this phenomenon, which is slowly coming to be known as the Lolita Effect. The idea is that the media plays a large role in the fact that young girls, and boys, are growing up so fast. Heightened levels of sexual activity on TV, games, etc, not to mention the growing acceptance that being thin is the only way to be pretty and other such crazy things is what has been pinpointed as the reasons why this is occuring. I have to personally agree.

Take, for instance, the simple matter of Barbie and Bratz dolls. Barbie is able to do anything, but you only see her the same way. Blonde, blue-eyed, and with body measurements that would cause her to be unable to walk. Then we look at her competitor, the Bratz dolls. Of equally unrealistic measurements, these dolls serve no purpose except to teach young girls how to be "sexy". Just walk into the toy aisle at the store and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

While part of this is from the media, it also is from parents not taking responsibility. Sadly enough, sex talks need to come at a much younger age, but parents fail to see the differences between their era and the one which is approaching.

You might find this article interesting. I know I did. Just a warning, some sexual terms are within, so it is slightly sensitive material. Nothing inappropriate, just different, very common situations society is seeing now.
Grade-school Lolita: ‘So Sexy So Soon’ - Back to School -

Aihana_ 08-10-2008 06:50 PM

I noticed that alot last year. I saw a 6 year old wearing a tube top!
I even asked her if her mother let her wear that and she said she didn't care.
I see alot of little girls dressing inappropriate for their ages and it is sick.
there are a lot of parents who don't bother being strict on the children and the children get into alot of trouble later on.

jordanashley 08-10-2008 07:45 PM

I noticed it a lot in my dance class the last few years. All the girls would wear these VERY short shorts and skirts that even showed some of their underwear at times, and not only were they short, they looked super tight. These two girls really made me wonder what they'd grow up to be like. One was older than me, and I think she's maybe a freshman or sophmore in high school now. She always wore these really...well...****ty looking clothes. Another girl, who is younger than me and I think was in 2nd grade last year wore makeup like eyeliner and mascara. Her clothes weren't all that appropriate either. And on top of that, she had a real attitude and had pretty rude insults, especially for a girl her age. But it's not like she used curse words.

delly1 08-10-2008 09:14 PM

I have been noticing this as well their are a lot of young ladies getting fake i.d. to get into bars and clubs all the time lately and their attire is really sad especially when there is nothing to hold it up....

Miranda_ 08-11-2008 06:21 AM

Agreed. The sad thing is, that a lot of these girls don't really think of the dangers of how they're acting. No girl asks to be raped or molested; however, they need to understand how not everyone in the world is nice and that there are a lot of men out there who would take the way they dress and the way they speak and act as an excuse to rape them or molest them. It's incredibly dangerous for a little girl to be dressing and acting like a wh*re; I blame the parents however.

The children don't understand why it's dangerous, so their parents need to tell them and to disallow them from dressing that way. Kids that age don't have an income, so the only way they're getting the clothes is cuz their parents are buying them. It's also a sad truth that in court, rapists' defence lawyers often try to prove their client's innocence by saying that the victim consented, or was "asking for it by dressing sexy".

Again, it's not fair, but who said life had to be fair? That is why so many rape cases go unreported, cuz victims think they won't be believed or that they'll be torn to pieces in court, just cuz they were wearing miniskirts and crop tops.

Silent_Wolf 08-11-2008 07:04 AM

I could go on for days about this subject, but I'm gonna sum it up as this: The media needs to get a freakin' makeover. End of story. I feel absolutely disgusted whenever I see a little kid dressed up basically as a wh*re. At my schools, you are NOT allowed to wear those things, period, but when you hit highschool for some reason no one cares if the skinny girls wear sl*twear-for-teens, but if the pudgy girls do, they go OMGURBREAKINGDRESSCODE! and send you home. -.-

spirit_queen 08-11-2008 08:06 AM

At m yschool doesn't matter if you're pudgy; if you dress like that all the time, you can get away with it. One day I woke late and accidentally picked out a skirt way too short for my standards, but long by theirs, and got into trouble. -.-

During the year of 05-06, 23 sohpomores ALONE got pregnant.

Elementary kids in my area have DATES. What happened to COOTIES?? T^T

Yes, it's not that the kids are acting too grown up; kids have always been that way. It's that they're acting gornw up for their day, and because the media portrays sex and dating as a grown individuals thing, the kids do it, too. It's the media that's to blame, not the children so much (though they could be taught what's actually right by their parents, the ones who are still super-young).

and my mom and I agree with Miranda; at walm-mart, we saw this young girl in a sundress that would've been cute if it wasn't designed for cleavage... the girl was about FOUR! my mom shakes her head and says it's the parents' fault.

My friend Becca's mom thinks that you should need a license to be allowed to raise a kid; it's hard work, certainly harder than driving a car, and too many people suck at it.

TheHayleyDoll 08-11-2008 10:08 AM

I know. I didn't date until I was what, 13? Now kids feel left out if they never had a boyfriend when they were 7 or 8. Back then, though I had small crushes, nobody really acting on those things and I just hung out with guys as friends. We never considered ourselves to be dating one another.

Actually, I've never owned a tube top in my life, and one one strapless which I wear under hoodies and stuff sometimes. I only own two skirts, and though they're a bit short, they aren't wh*re material. When I stand, they're mid-thigh.

I agree with spirit. If any girl at my school dresses sl*tty on a regular basis, it becomes okay. Yet if someone like me (I never wear shorts or skirts to school) came in with a short skirt and a strapless or tube top, I'd be sent home or forced to wear gym clothes. And I'm a size 0, about a 1 now, actually. So it's not that I'm 'pudgy'. I'm not being racist, but at least at my school, it's most of the Serbians. However, not all of them are like that, and they aren't the only ones, but I have noticed that pattern. No matter what grade they are in (9-12), they 'popular' Serbian girls are all way over-tanned (one freaked out on the bus after remembering she hadn't tanned in a week), they have dyed bleach blonde hair, put on too much makeup, and all wear revealing clothes. They all have fairly bad attitudes and yet guys ask them out. I wonder why...? -.- Keep in mind that's only this one group of them. I have a Serbian friend, and she's got brown hair, un-tanned skin, and doesn't overload on makeup. Plus she's nice. She's like the anti version.

And girls have been losing their virginity so young now. I keep hearing about 8-12 year olds losing it and claiming that they were mature for their age and looked older. Yeah right! T.T It's just so sickening. What ever happened to waiting until you were with the guy you wanted to be with for the rest of your life? What happened to love before l'ust? Parents need to wake up and try to fix this before it gets out of hand.

spirit_queen 08-11-2008 10:28 AM

But, yet, it's hard for even good parents; my mom is a great om, yet even i was awareof certain things... good thing I'm both stubborn and pretty naive (still am on certain topics, but not many left to be neaive in now).

So I think the focus for parenting should be that you don't need to fit in to succeed, you don't need a boy or to get laid to be cool, and individuality is faaar better. That's my opinion; the sex influence of our culture can't be entirely avoided, so parents must talk to their kids and teach them good virtues, the whole lovely on the inside stuff.

Miranda_ 08-11-2008 02:20 PM

And sadly, a lot of girls seem to think that all they have to do in life is have babies. -.- They also are so naive, they think their baby daddy is going to stay with them and they'll have a family. What actually happens is that the girl is blinded by the dust as her baby daddy runs for his life, and she's left bringing up a baby that demands a hell of a lot more attention than her Bratz doll does... and she's still a child herself.

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