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alabamablonde13 09-03-2007 10:29 PM

Biggest Internet Pet Peeve?
I have tons but right now I'm going to have to say people pretending to be Miley Cyrus. I almost feel sorry for them, because it's really pathetic, but it's so da*mn annoying.

What's yours?

chelsea_welsea_1 09-03-2007 10:46 PM

thats kinda funny ive never heard anyone say that. ^_^

mine is when people pretend to be something there not in real life liek when you can totally tell that there lying like about there age or something stupid like that and also i dont think you should say anyhting online that you wouldnt say in real life those kinds of things bug me -_-

Silent_Wolf 09-04-2007 03:14 PM

I hate when people tYpE LyK dIs! It p*sses me off and makes me wonder just how stupid their parents are. -__-

I also hate it when people stalk you on websites just for not auto-friending them; that's a problem with the Buddylist thing on here.

Elanorea 09-04-2007 04:07 PM

People who type in all lower case with no punctuation. No matter how intelligent the content of their post, my opinion of them plummets instantly.

Also, people who pretend to be celebrities are hella annoying.

BonnieGirl 09-04-2007 04:12 PM

I don't like fakes. Or people who start fights over the internet it's very childish

Silent_Wolf 09-04-2007 04:20 PM

I hate ghetto speak, both in real life AND on boards. Especially when they add leet and all that stuff. O_o


Miranda_ 09-04-2007 05:54 PM

Gosh, where to start...

1. Spammers. Really get on my nerves. If you haven't anything intelligent to say, then don't bother making a post.

2. People who use constant chatspeak and shortened words. I don't mean the odd one here or there, I mean this: "O mi gd!!! U R so pty! I lv u so mch!" This isn't a chatroom and you are not texting on a mobile phone, so cut it out.

3. Any kind of stupid speak, like ebonics or KrAzY.

4. People who use the following words in their usernames: Sexy, Fairy, Babe, Doll, Fox, Goddess. In my experience with message boards these people are often the most irritating and hard to put up with users. Especially those who are far from fairies, goddesses or foxes. (Meow! *puts claws away* XD)

5. Any deliberate mispelling of the above words, ie "Sexay" "Shmexy" "Godes" "Farey" "Foxxxy" "Fayrey" "Godess". I did English for A-Level and any mispellings put my teeth on edge, but these are the worst.

6. People who insist that they are right, despite you providing links as proof that they are talking utter bullsh*t.

7. People who bash your fave hottie, but would burst into flames if you did the same for them.

8. Newbies with say, 1 or 2 posts who insist that they should be made mods.

9. Abuse of numbers. I mean by this anyone who posts like this: "4ny1 w4n7 70 ch47 w17h m3?" Makes me want to reach thru the screen and shake them.

10. (This is more pertaining to dolls) People who have on their sites "Please don't steal my dolls" along with various threats, who have posted dolls as their creations that I've seen here in the doll section. :roll: Oh, so it's one rule for you and one for everyone else, right?

11. Noobs who send me friend requests, despite the fact that I have the following on my profile:

Regarding Friend Requests

Unless I know you personally you WILL BE DENIED. I'm not one of those ppl who wants loads of random ppl in their friend section; I only want those who are actual friends there. ^^

12. Imposters. It's actually illegal to impersonate someone, and could get you in a lot of trouble.

13. Noobs who send me stupid PMs for no reason.

14. People who REFUSE TO READ THE STICKIES!!!! :evil:

15. Word abuse. Like so: "Your being silly" and "There alright actually." Argh... x_X

NotYourPrincess 09-04-2007 06:44 PM

People that agree with everything you say. *Blinks* They'll agree with someone. Then someone will disagree...then they agree with the person that disagreed.

noirmali 09-04-2007 07:25 PM

For me?
Well there's a lot. First of all SPAM.
Sure, leading a convo is one of my bad habits...

But what I mean is like in a handdrawn doll thread:
"hi any1 wanna b frinds?"

Or someone that posts mean things.

Like if I try to help someone because they don't have a program that they want, and I say if you ever get that program then I sort of know how to use it so I can help.
Someone else just comes to say something along these lines:
"I don't post a lot; I just come around and read. However, you're the most INDECENT person ever! Don't go TRASHING someone's thread just because they don't have a program that YOU can afford!"
Don't go bashing me..Gawd I'm just trying to help dammit!
But whatever. I say sorry anyway and delete my post. =/
Because I don't wanna start another fight. >.
[and if this description matches you please just...PM me or post on my profile cuz I don't wanna start a fight here either. T___T I am OVER with arguments.]

When people don't read the first post. x____x
Pretty self explainable.

There's a whole lot more but too lazy to explain now. =/

LadyBast0911 09-05-2007 06:58 AM

Oh...mine would have to be:
1. Spammers. I mean, read the god dang rules for god's sake.
2. People trashing other people.
3. Getting friend request from people I don't know.

There are a bunch of others but my dad needs to get on, so I'll add them later. >.<

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