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tjsgrl01 02-21-2007 07:36 PM

This thread is for if you want to post dreams that you've had, and by dreams I mean R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) in your sleep dreams, not "I wanna be a firefighter" type things. They can be funny, wierd, happy, sad, make no sense whatsoever, whatever you wanna post, just no innapropriate things for obvious reaosns, including that everyone does not need to know about your 'intimate fantasies', I'll say. If you want you can put how it made you feel, why you think you dreamt it, what you think it might mean, etc. Anyways, I'll start.

Last night I had this dream that me and a few other kids from school were walking on this big sidewalk in a forest type area on some sort of school tour. Suddenly the landscape changed and now there were only like 5 people left, including myself, and the sidewalk changed to giant baby block letters. When we looked up at the sky the clouds were shaped like teddy bears and toy soldiers and things like that. The whole sky was this blue-ish pink-ish tinge that wouldnt ever reaslistically happen. Under the sky, to the right, there was a weird metal-bare playground wiht the equipment incredibly spaced out and it seemd to stretch on forever. guys remember that movie 'Baby Genius' from 2000-ish, it was a kids movie, it kinda reminded me of the place where they kept the babies but creepier and more surreal. We kept walking and we got to a fancy gate in the path, and on the other side were all these people of differnt cultures, dressed in the outfits that most people traditionally think of as a 'native outfits'. Like, there were Africans in brightly colored robes and headdresses, Swiss people dressed like the girl on the hot chocolate box, Egyptians in pharoh (sp?) getups, you get my drift... and we walked into the gate and there was some sort of big festival going on. It was celebratory yet at the same time had an evil and mournfull vibe. We were about to go into a big palace that looked the the palace in 'Aladdin'..and that's when my dog woke me up..
End of that right there...kinda pointless, but it was really cool. Kinda scary though, something about all those people at the end, their eyes were cold and I woke up scared of, well, I have no idea.

Silent_Wolf 02-21-2007 08:29 PM

Once, I had a dream where I missed my schoolbus for like the umpteenth time.

Mom let me stay home. o.o

When I woke up, I was soooo p**sed to learn that school wasn't going to be canceled again for a loooong time. Dx

beware_toxic_baby_gurl 02-21-2007 08:49 PM

When I have Dreams I have them in diffrent perspectives.

Last night i had a dream what i was me and i was at my brothers house and my brothers friend billy (he dosent have a friend billy) and he chased me from down town to up-town

Then i went into 'Billy's' Perspective and he saw me under a bridge (over a empty ditch) and he threw a bomb or something like that at me

Then! i went into a perspective of the detective of my death :shock: A cheif of dectective came at me with some news then i just had to wake up :-|

Rain538 02-21-2007 08:58 PM

I Had A Pointless Dream
This Pre-k Is A Beehive
And There Are Cones Every Where
It Was Weird

Raegen 02-22-2007 12:20 AM

Last night I had a dream that I had a litte girl name Hailey Elizabeth.

I hope this doesnt mean there is another child in my near future. ;)

I used to have these reoccuring dreams where the car I was in would fall off a bridge and I would have to save my family from drowning.

Fallen_Angel41 04-09-2007 08:09 PM

Once i dreamed that my parents' owned a zoo.I was friends with one of the well-trained bears there.I always rode with him/her in golf carts! So..One day I went over to the cages,and picked him up,and he jumped in..I said "Hi!" and he said "Hi!" I thought I was just imaging this.But I wasn;t.I waved.He waved back.I said"My name is Shelby" And he said "My name is bear" and I got really scared for some reason....And I ran into this place with tons of trees,and I could hear him going along a dirt rode beside the trees on the golf cart,calling my name..I ran back to my parent;s and told them,and then I woke up!

Another dream I had was plenty weird too! My family and I were running along,with a dinosaur chasing us.he ate my mom,dad,and brother,and then me and the dino had a tea party!haha!

AnnieAnonymous 04-09-2007 08:38 PM

Most of my dreams are rather long, so I will tell you one of the shorter dreams. In my dream, everyone from all my classes was in a big audotorium after spring break. All our fifth grade teachers and my music teacher from elementry school were there. We were learning these songs we had to sing in a program. the thing was, everyone had forgotten where to stand and what the songs were over break! And I had lost my lyrics! Also, we had to find a soloist. So, we had one day to pull ourselfs together.

A few of my friends were trying out for a solo. I was going to too, but I needed my lyrics, first. So, my friend, Miguel, and I went back to our hotel room (we were singing at a huge hotel somewhere in london O_O). After searching for a long long time, we found the lyrics in my other friend's folder.

As we rushed to the audotorium we see everyone lined up, and I hear the most beautiful voice. I walk up to Charlie, a short (Not so thin either, might I add) boy that is very nice. he is extreamly smart and keeps to himself. he had a really deep vioce, but it was still really pretty.

So, of course, he got the part and we were all terribly jealous. When i woke up and went to school today I kept bothering him to sing. :lol:

TheHayleyDoll 04-09-2007 09:28 PM

I have so many dreams that symbolize something that'll happen. It's like ESPN or something- Karen in Mean Girls discribing how her b.reasts can tell when its gonna rain...

Serious though.
1) My bff and I were going out on a double date, to the movies, with these guys in our class. Months later, there we are, on a double date, with those guys, at a movie.
2) I was dreaming of seeing my ex at the mall. The next weekend, I saw him at a mall.
3) I was having a dream about my friend going out with a guy from her class, to the V-Day dance. She did go to it with a guy in her class, but not the one I thought it would be.

Still, I suppose these could all be insanely strange conicidences (sp?), but who knows. It's fun pretending I'm psychic. Hey, there is evidence to support my therory. =P

Silent_Wolf 04-13-2007 07:23 AM

Once I had a dream that everyone I knew became a zombie. I was only a half zombie.

Not meaning that I was torn in half. :lol:

But yeah, THAT was a weird experience...

Miranda_ 04-13-2007 10:11 AM

My worst dream ever is the recurring dream I sometimes get where I dream I wake up, get dressed and go to work... then I wake up, and have to do it for real! X_X It's just so annoying, cuz I feel like I already did it, and now I have to do it all over again.

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