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sunflower1234543 01-11-2007 12:02 PM

got a pet that you want to show off i know i sure do.

this is my 17 year old dog x :-D

tjsgrl01 01-14-2007 10:48 AM

This is my little 5 month old Longhair Miniature Dachshund (aka 'the weiner dog')

Playing with my year old Yellow Lab, Fred

And my 3 (?) year old cat, Peaches, my absolute favorite.

jjjjjjjj8 01-14-2007 11:20 AM

Hehe, my dog is sooo cute!! My dog is a German Shepherd Husky Mix!!! He's just barley two!

We were in the car coming back from New Jersey, and he refused to lay in the back, instead he wanted to lay in between the two middle seats!! He LOVE car rides!

Fallen_Angel41 01-14-2007 03:21 PM

they are all sooooooooo cute!
I am jealous of your "weiner" dog!!!!

fiveleafclover 01-14-2007 06:12 PM

I have two dogs: a wired haired pointing griffon (long nameXD) named Sawyer and a papillon named Annie.

(wet... I swear she's a rat dog)


YouTube - Pumpkin (My younger sister had a build-a-bear outfit so we decided to put it on Annie. :D)

vball_spiker 01-14-2007 06:18 PM

Sarah_K_O_M 01-15-2007 03:57 PM

Fiveleafclover, that little dog with the bandana is adorable!

fiveleafclover 01-15-2007 05:02 PM

^ Thanks haha.

Its funny, people would think that the bigger dog would be more dominating, but she's basically in control of our bigger dog. XD

Silent_Wolf 01-16-2007 05:59 AM

My dog, Cooopperr!!! (Cooper for short. :lol: )

He's a little sweetheart. He'll lub you to death. He's a beagle-terrier mix. I think.

Him again, growing at Mom because she had the flash on the camera. That's my arms in the background I think. >>;

And Cooper just being cuute. I think he was asking for a treat though.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 01-16-2007 09:13 PM

Wolfie, our dogs share a name! Here's Cooper aka Coopy. When Arlo died over the summer due to a blood clot in his brain that burst, we adopted Cooper who had a lot of problems. Let's just say he's come far from hiding under the kitchen table and only following me around, as well as from his baldness and fat.

He's on the ladder obviously and to the right is me elegantly sneezing. Aren't a beautiful without my glasses? xD

That was the toy he came to our house with in the summer when we adopted him. The bandana hides his baldness.

I also have four cats and another dog atmy mother's, but no pictures to show. Sorry.

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