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Silver_Wolf_Kitty 08-04-2011 08:59 PM

Google It
Okay, I saw this game on another forum and I found it pretty fun. The way the game works is this:

Person 1 asks for a picture of something.
Person 2 finds a picture and posts it. Person 2 then asks for a different picture and it all restarts.

So, to start, I'll ask for a picture of a dog wearing a santa hat :3

belladoggy 08-04-2011 09:03 PM

(can we us Bing image search too? Lolz technicalities)

I would like a picture of a bird standing on its head.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 08-04-2011 09:19 PM

Of course :lol: That one is surprisingly tough, so I provide a consolation prize of an upside-down bird.

I request a picture of a flamingo mating dance.

Catlover642 08-04-2011 11:04 PM

A cat playing drums, please.

belladoggy 08-05-2011 01:36 AM

People in emoticon costumes

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 08-05-2011 09:46 AM

Till Lindemann from the "Ich Will" video.

Catlover642 08-05-2011 01:51 PM

Someone with coke cans in their hair.

Miranda_ 08-08-2011 08:52 AM

Here ya go.

I'd like a picture of a girl in Gothic Lolita dress.

FlowersFall 10-11-2011 03:58 PM

A picture of a black cat wearing a tuxedo plz

Miranda_ 10-16-2011 08:53 AM

Here ya go: Linked out cuz pic is massive!

Find me a picture of Derpy Hooves flying!

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