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Miranda_ 10-09-2008 04:53 PM

Who am I?
Just pick out song lyrics to describe yourself with. XD Pick "she" if you're a girl, "he" if you're a boy, "you" and "I" for both. One at a time, please, and you don't have to be truthful. XD Post it the way I'm doing. Don't post an entire song, just pick out a verse or chorus.

I'll start. XD

She's a rebel
She's a saint
She's the salt of the earth
And she's dangerous
(She's A Rebel - Green Day)

Silent_Wolf 10-09-2008 04:58 PM

Look at me, look at me
Hands in the air like it's good to be
In such a small world,
I'm all curled up with a book to read
I can show you how to dosie-do
I can show you how to scratch a record
I can take apart a remote control and almost put it back together
I can tie a knot in a cherry stem
I can tell you about Lief Ericson (sp?)
Me and my friends wrote a comic book
And guess how long it took,
I can do anything because I
I can ride my bike with no handlebars

No Handlebars - Flobots
I think I mixed up two verses, actually. XD Haven't heard the song in a good while now.

Miranda_ 10-09-2008 06:23 PM

You can look, but you can't touch
I don't think I like you much
Heaven knows what a girl can do
Heaven knows what you've got to prove

I think I'm paranoid
And complicated
I think I'm paranoid
Manipulate it

(I Think I'm Paranoid - Garbage)

LILreBeL08 11-10-2008 08:16 PM

riding through the monsoon
beyond the world to the end of time
where the rain won't hurt
fighting the storm, into the blue
and when i lose myself i think of you
through the monsoon

monsoon- by tokio hotel. my fav song! yay!

hottie_with_a_booty 11-10-2008 08:21 PM

I'm on a wire
getting together and we're on fire

idk hannah montana igot nerve

Xx_Pixie_Dust_xX 11-15-2008 11:45 AM

I got a brand new attitude,
and i'm gonna wear it tonight.
I don't need you,
and guess what?
I'm havin' more fun,
and now that we're done.
I'm gonna show you tonight,
I'm alright, I'm just fine.
So What - Pink

Miranda_ 11-17-2008 04:59 PM

I said goodbye to romance, yeah
Goodbye to friends... I tell you
Goodbye to all the past
I guess that we'll meet, we'll meet in the end

I've been the king, I've been the clown
No broken wings can't hold me down
I'm free again
The jester with a broken crown
It won't be me this time around to love in vain

(Goodbye To Romance - Ozzy Osbourne)

jordanashley 11-18-2008 10:04 PM

Am I crazy or falling in love
Is it real or just another crush
Do you catch a breath, when I look at you
Are you holding back, like the way i do
Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't goin away

David Archuleta "Crush"

xRetroRainbow 11-18-2008 10:05 PM

And I donít know how it gets better than this
You take my hand and drag me head first
And I donít know why but with you Iíd dance
In a storm in my best dress
(Fearless by Taylor Swift)

AmericanRag 11-24-2008 11:19 AM

"I could be wrong I could be right
Could be wrong
They put a hot wire to my head
Cos of the things I did and said
A model citizen in every way
Your time has come your second skin
Cost so high the gain so low"

("Rise" - Public Image Limited)

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