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Laiyazenna 06-18-2006 10:54 PM

The Bra-less Thing
A lot of girls 'round here where I live go bra-less. It's comfortable, but it can be weird sometimes. They didn't even use them during P.E....WHICH WAS PRETTY SCARY!

I really hope this isn't inappropriate...I mean, most of us are girls, right? :oops: If it is, I apologize ahead. :shock:

So the poll is with bra or no bra.

I only go bra-less at home or when wearing a dark shirt or going places where it's mainly girls or if the style of the top allowed. Other than that...I'd freak out if guys were around or I was in a super-public place or being active.

I don't get why a lot of girls think it's a trend to go hurts. I guess they just want attention from boys.

Miranda_ 06-19-2006 06:09 AM

I only go braless when I sleep... for a very good reason. My b00bs are very big and I need the support. All those girls with big b00bs who are going around braless will end up in about 10 years with their b00bs hanging around their ankles. :lol:

I will also say that it's putting yourself in danger to do that. Some guys will think a girl is asking for it if she goes around not wearing underwear... true, no girl deserves to be raped but she should have the common sense to not put herself in a dangerous position.

stArlightx3 06-19-2006 08:44 PM

uh i have no b00bs.
i havent really started wearing them yet.
but i do in public.

sarika2004 06-19-2006 08:59 PM

I don't wear them if I'm at home sitting aroung in my PJs, but in public-never! Besides the fact that it hurts, it seems not right. I guess it's okay for those who have not yet developed but anyone with b00bs should wear them. I tend to stay away from anything that requires me to go without a bra.

Miranda_ 06-20-2006 06:27 AM

As for no straps, I have 2 multiway bras for wearing strapless or one strap tops. I recently, much to my joy, found a strapless corset that fits my bust. In order to wear it, I just took both straps off my multiway bra and got my boyf to lace me up tight. :)

CJ_AG_W89 06-29-2006 09:32 AM

Only time I don't wear a bra is when I sleep.

Honda1212 06-29-2006 11:42 AM

Well,I wear a bra when I'm around other people,But I don't wear one around the house or when I go to one of my friend's houses and we're just gonna be hanging around there.I find them very uncomfortable,so I wear them as little as possible.

punkgoddessofpink 07-12-2006 10:03 AM

I have to wear my bra unless im in bed, because just feels wrong to me.... XP

MsCynMind 07-12-2006 04:20 PM

I wear a bra when I am around other people but when I am home I don't wear one.

xo_HoLLiSteR_HAwTiE_xo_7 07-18-2006 01:20 PM

i have ds so i wear bras unless the shirt allows bbut there perky soo there not down to my ancles when i go braless but i think i look awkward cuz im thin with big ****s i weigh like 100 lbs and i have d's . h...m.m.m. strange

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