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Default 07-03-2011, 11:02 AM

Fairy tales weren't invented by Disney, you know. A lot of fairy tales have become sanitised over the years, and their original status as nasty stories has been lost to avoid scaring the children. Here are some fairy tales in their original form, rather than the watered down edited versions around today.

10. Little Red Riding Hood.
The version most people are familiar with ends up with the wolf, having devoured both the little girl and her grandmother, gets cut open by the heroic woodcutter, thus saving both victims from death. This is an edit that was tacked on to the story to add a feelgood factor. In the original, the wolf gobbles up Little Red Riding Hood after some back and forth about how big "Grandma"'s eyes and teeth are. The end. She's dead. Sucks to be her.

9. Goldilocks And The Three Bears.
Yeah, we all know this one; a little girl breaks into the house of three bears and proceeds to steal their porridge and fall asleep in baby bear's bed. But that's where the edit comes in; in the sanitised version, Goldilocks escapes. In the real version, Goldilocks isn't a little girl but an adult woman, and the bears tear her apart and eat her when they find her sleeping in the bed.

8. Snow White.
In the original version, the wicked queen is Snow White's mother, not stepmother... and she orders the woodcutter to cut out her daughter's heart and liver, and bring them to her so she can eat them. Snow White is also described as being a child, which makes the prince's motives a little suspect. And finally, at the wedding, Snow White recognises her mother and the wicked queen is forced to dance in a pair of red hot shoes til she falls down dead.

7. Cinderella.
Yes, Cinderella IS helped by birds... but they're not just dressing her or helping her with her stepmother's tasks, oh no. These birds later get revenge for Cinderella after her stepsisters hack off their toes and parts of their feet to try and get them to fit in the glass slipper. The birds notice the blood running out the shoe and inform the prince. Afterwards, they peck out the eyes of the stepmother and stepsisters, leaving them to a life of blindness and poverty.

6. Rumplestiltskin.
Telling lies is a bad idea... especially if your fib is about how your daughter can spin straw into gold. Once the king hears of this, he says that unless the girl can spin a barn full of straw into gold, she will be spitted on a lance and roasted like a pig. Luckily, or so it seems, there is Rumplestiltskin who comes to the rescue in return for the girl's first born son. When she learns his name and cheats him out of his prize, Rumplestiltskin is so angry he stamps the ground, gets his foot stuck and then tears his body in two.

5. The Goosegirl.
Including this cuz altho it hasn't yet been made into a Disney film, the story is just too gory to pass up. First, the princess's mother cuts her finger and gives the blood soaked hanky to her daughter for protection; the