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Miranda_ 10-01-2012 08:04 AM

Halloween Dolls & Stories Contest
Welcome to Halloween 2012! To enter this contest, just take one of the six dolls below and write a short story about the doll. It can be anything you like; romance, comedy, horror... just make sure that it's Halloween themed! Yes, you can choose the same doll your friend did, just as long as your story is different, it won't matter.

The best story out of the bunch will be chosen on the end date of the Halloween events, which is Halloween itself; 31st October and the winner will receive a beautiful doll made specially for this event! The story doesn't have to be very long, but I would prefer a minimum of two paragraphs for it, please. Runners up will also get treats. Have fun! ^_^




Miranda_ 10-01-2012 08:07 AM




Once you've chosen your doll and thought up your story, please post it in the thread. Make sure you clearly post which doll your story is about; if you want, you can repost the doll to illustrate the story.
Good luck!

tinker_bell_96 10-01-2012 01:48 PM

im going to start this when i get home from work. i have the start of my story but can it be more than 2 paragraphs?

EDIT: alright here is my story. i am doing a story on the ghost doll.

This is the tale of the "Weeping Widow." It all started one Hallow's Eve. Elle was getting ready to go out to a halloween party when her fiance called. "Hunny, i have a surprise for you. Meet me down by the old town church in an hour...and wear something nice." Elle quickly changed into her best silk dress and threw on her grandma's pearls, and she was ready to go.
Elle arrived at the old town church, only to find her fiance wasn't there. She didn't think anything of it, she just thought he was running late. She began to explore around the church and found a bunch of tombstones. There was no cemetery in sight. She began reading the names on the tombstones and realized they were names of her ancestors. Elle was definitely scared and getting even more scared by the minute.
"Rob? Are you there?" No answer. "I'm getting really scared. If you're there please say something." A loud ominous voice replied, "Elle.......Elle." "Who said that?" "It's me Elle." "Who are you? Leave me alone." Next thing she knew, there was pure silence. It was getting really foggy out and she went back to her car. She went to start it but it wouldn't start at all. The battery was dead. Elle took a flashlight and started walking to try to find her way back into town. The more she walked the foggier it got. At one point she couldnt see anything. She heard something moving behind her so she quickly turned around to try to see what it was. Elle couldn't see anything and then........WHAM! Something zoomed past her, knocked her down and made her drop her flashlight.
Elle couldn't move, all she wanted was for this to all be a huge nightmare. She closed her eyes and got into a feetle position. One minute she is laying there in pure silence, and the next she is surrounded by huge gusts of wind and something pierces her heart. Elle couldn't believe she was now a ghost. She searches for whatever pierced her but finds nothing.
To this day, Elle haunts the old town church as she continues to search for her murderer and her lover. Some say to this day you can still hear her weeping cries and see strands of pearls floating around and shining in the full moon.

and thats my story. hope it's alright!!

Miranda_ 10-01-2012 02:17 PM

Yeah, you can make your story as long as you want; two paragraphs is just the minimum. ;)

TMR2012 10-02-2012 03:01 PM

Do the stories have to be made up by us or can we do stories from a premade story-line?

Miranda_ 10-02-2012 06:57 PM

You can base your story on something else, but it has to be written by you.

MsShino 10-02-2012 08:03 PM

Callisto sneered at the abundance of bodies filled to the brim with various drugs and cocktails. She both hated and loved Halloween.

It was perfect for her kind to mingle with the food, but unfortunately this was a day that the excess of humankind went to extremes that just wasn't seen most days.

"Hey pretty lady!" Drawled a drunken frat boy. He apparently thought a hat and boots made him a cowboy. "Let's dance."

Callisto's eyes widened as the drunkard, instead of pulling her to the dance floor, almost pulled them both on the floor.

"Idiot." She mumbled as she shook the cowboy off. He landed on the floor and looked up at her bewildered, as his friends laughed uproariously.

Callisto turned and proceeded into the kitchen, hoping the cool breeze from that direction was an open door. Upon entering the kitchen she did find the door open and currently coming in were a group of giggling and screaming scantly clad girls being chased by frat-Dracula. She watched as the spectacle ran into the next room then turned back to the door, hoping to make a quick escape. But the most interesting thing that she had seen all night had just entered the house. The young man was perfect. She could tell just from scenting the slight breeze that came in with him, that he hadn't been partying at all.

"Um, he...hello."

"Hello." Callisto purred in response.

"Um, I'm looking for Travis and Eric." The young man said after an audible gulp.

"Oh," Callisto smiled "And who might you be?"


"Well Lucas," Callisto said, sauntering up to him, "I believe they are around back. I'll show you."

Callisto laced Lucas' fingers with her own and pulled him out the kitchen door and around to the darkened back of the house.

"Where..." Lucas began but Callisto interrupted him by roughly pushing him against the house.

"You smell divine." She purred, sniffing his neck.

"Wh...what are you?" Lucas shivered.

"Just close your eyes." Callisto whispered.


Callisto sighed as she licked the blood off of her fingers. The boy's blood had been ambrosia. It had been like sunshine and she found that she had been unable to drain the boy. So she had left him back by the kitchen door after healing the marks on his neck.

Now she sat on the mountain overlooking the college campus, watching to make sure nothing would happen to her lovely boy. She would definitely be coming back for him.


So there's my story. Not very good, but I was inspired. ^^

Miranda_ 10-03-2012 06:09 PM

Entering for fun... XD

I walk down the path that leads to the forest. As I walk, I glance from side to side. Is that white teeth that shine in the moonlight, or just the moonlight splashing on a leaf? I do not know. All I know is that my village has for the past few weeks been invaded by wolves, who appeared out of the forest to attack the villagers. Some were torn apart and feasted on, the wolves lapping up their blood and devouring their warm flesh. All who fought the wolves were soon bested. The wolves are too strong to fight; I know this to be true.

But I have a better idea. It has been written that she who goes to face the wolves will be the one who survives the killings. This is what I must do to survive, no matter what. I reach a clearing in the forest, with a still pool. A white flash, seen out of the corner of my eye. The moonlight again? No, it is a white wolf with glowing yellow eyes, the alpha of the pack. I know what I have to do. I walk towards him, and put my arms around his furry neck in an embrace. I rub my cheek against his, and caress his softly furred head. He looks me in the eyes and we understand each other.

I have no loyalty for those in my village, the ones who shunned me and turned away when all I wanted was love. This is how I will repay them; by becoming one with those who will welcome and accept me. The wolf bites into my shoulder. It hurts but it is a glad pain, and I submit to it, throwing my head back in ectasy. It takes a long time, but eventually it is over, and I stand up. Now I am on four strong legs rather than two weak human ones. I turn to see my reflection in the pool; I am a silver wolf, with a black ruff around my neck and a white tip to my tail. I am far more beautiful as a wolf than I ever was as a human.

The other wolves howl in savage welcome as I become one of the pack. I turn my face towards the road where the village lies. I can see it much more clearly now, with the new senses I have been gifted. I only wait for the okay from the white wolf, the alpha. He gives it with a savage howl, and as one, the pack with I among them, race along the road. This will finish it once and for all, recreate the village as a ghost town, inhabited only by restless spirits. I am ready for the reckoning.

LancasterPrincess 10-06-2012 12:26 PM

How long can our story be? I started to write one, but I'm afraid it's too long. I tend to get carried away when I start writing, lol. I've finished it, but it's a tad over 1,300 words at the moment...:lol: Is it okay to enter a story that long?

TMR2012 10-06-2012 02:53 PM

Here is my story, its a bit long and but I wanted as much detail as I could use.

Now I will tell you all a tale. It's called "The First Witch."
Many years ago, in a small town, there lived a girl named Shana. She lived in a nice house with her lovely
mother and her very brave father. Shana's heart was very soft, and her mind was very keen. When you looked
into her eyes, they listened, but when she listened with her ears, she could see your mind. These are are very
unique traits that set her apart from others.
When the sheep were attacked by wolves, the farmers would call for vengeance upon the evil wolves. But,
Shana would say, "the wolves aren't evil." She knew that it was no more evil for a wolf to kill a sheep, than for
a human to kill a sheep. She still was not angry with the wolves nor the farmers. She understood the wolf's
need to eat and the happiness in their hunting. She also understood the farmer's instincts, and their emotions,
as well as their feelings and grown of their minds from young to old and all the lessons that they learned. She
understood a mother's love for her children, a girl's jealousy, and a man's fear. She knew the meaninf of running
water, cloudy sky, and even the names of the stars, and eventually she knew life and death.
Shana's family loved her dearly, but the other people of the town did not. They feared what they couldn't
understand: death, lightning, plague, nightmares, ill omens, and Shana too. They began to despise her. Their fear
and distrust for her grew and grew; until one day, they decided to kill her.
They gathered saws and chisels, axes, picks, and scythes, and they went in search of her. They found her
beyond the outskirts of town. She and a Willow were dangling their toes in a brook. They called out to her,
"Shana, we are done with your unnatural ways, we will have done with you!" Shana became sorrowful that her own
people would do such a thing and she wept. The mob would not be forgiving. They just marched closer.
As the people raised their hands against her, they were taken by disaster! The Earth, the Air, and
the Water, the Tree's and all the higher things had grown fond of Shana. They loved and treasured the only
human they'd ever known, who shared their understanding and acceptance of the world. As the people drew
their wills against Shana, so did the world draw its force against the humans! Some were swallowed by the Earth,
and some were strangled by the Willow. Water leapt up and drowned some of them, and many were abandoned
by Air and could not breath and died.
News spreads like wildfire, and soon the people of the world had heard the story. But they did not know the story
to be true, but as the legend of the Wicked Witch, Shana. You see, Witches are not evil, but precious,
and the world preserves them. It is true that people die by hunting Witches, but it is their own evil, and no other, which
kills them.

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