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Elanorea 02-27-2011 06:36 PM

The Vine - February 2011
What's New?
It's time (and maybe a bit overdue) for a new edition of the Vine! Unfortunately, no horoscopes this month, either. That pesky real life has been keeping me busy. However, there is a Guess the Member game this month, courtesy of our lovely Wolfie!

As for site news, the contest section on the main site is apparently working again, however, you can still host and enter contests on the Doll Creation subforum until further notice.

The Dollsters community dollmaker release has been postponed due to hosting problems. Contributions to the dollmaker are still very much welcome in this thread.

Doll of the Month
The White Queen by MFrana - A dazzling (literally) rendition of this character from the Alice in Wonderland movie, featuring some excellent shading on the dress folds. Congratulations!
Want to comment? Her doll thread is here.

Miss New York by tinker_bell_96 - A simple yet effective pageant entry by Tink that caught my eye thanks to the classy outfits and interesting poses. Congratulations!

Guess the Member
1. Is a bit of an Urban Legend, rarely seen.
2. Irish!
3. Known for an RP character's use of Big Pointy Needles.

As always, send your guesses to Wolfie!


Happy birthday to SkeleViolence, marshall2, oceanbreeze656, sentimental7, Paka, Fallen_Angel41 and alleypie99811!

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