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Miranda_ 07-09-2010 07:21 AM

What To Do If You Are Temp Banned
If you are banned from forums, be it for spamming, ignoring or deleting staff warnings, constant rulebreaking or for making multiple accounts, you will be temporarily banned from forums for anything from two days to two weeks. When that happens, you will be unable to come on forums, tho your access to the mainsite will be unrestricted. Here are some options about what to do if this happens to you.

1. Contact myself and Kitty thru Dollmail if you feel you have been wrongfully banned, or to negociate a ban shortening. If you are truly sorry and promise not to do it again, we may be amenable to shortening your ban period. This will mean that the rest of the time that you would have been banned, you will be on probation instead. If, however, you are a repeat offender or if you have been banned for a serious offence, for example trolling, harrassment or obscenity, then your ban will not be shortened.

2. Once you have sent a Dollmail to both of us, don't send any more. Wait and be patient; we will have to wait til the other is online so that we can discuss your situation between us. When we come to a decision, we will inform you thru Dollmail. Remember; just cuz we are discussing your case, does not mean that you will automatically be granted a shortening. Please accept whatever decision we come to, whether it is a ban shortening and probationary period, or if your ban remains unchanged.

3. Do not register new accounts to get back on forums. We know when you are doing this, and all this will achieve is for you to have your new accounts banned, and your temp ban lengthened on your main account, so that a ban of twenty four hours for spamming could end up as a ban of two months for making extra accounts.

4. Probation is just that; probation. Don't think that just cuz your ban has been shortened, you can come on forums and misbehave. If you behave yourself during your probationary period, then it will be lifted when it ends. If you break any rules during it, then your ban will be put right back, with extra added.

5. Once again, please note that this only will happen in the case of minor crimes. Trolling, harrassment, posting of personal information, flaming, backsassing or attacking forum staff, constant rudeness to forum staff or members or posting of obscenity will ensure that your ban remains, no matter how many times you ask.

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