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Silver_Wolf_Kitty 06-16-2010 10:46 PM

What to expect with renewal
I posted an announcement about this, but I will repeat what I have found.

TDP has been renewed for another two years. I read this online and did not learn this from support, so this news doesn't necessarily mean much beyond we get two more years. No bugs have been fixed and no updates have been planned, as far as we know, though we will be contacting support to ask questions. THIS DOES MEAN IT IS SAFE TO KEEP YOUR PREMIUM THOUGH. Until we hear otherwise, we will regard this information as true as of June 15th.

What does this mean for Dollsters? Well, it doesn't mean much. It means moving isn't happening, however, it is not going to be eliminated completely. There are some things which you guys can immediately expect:

-Holiday events will be moved to there. The bugs have prevented us from doing a lot of things, so this will give us more freedom with it.
-Major dolling competitions and contests for nonpremium members.
-Writing and art that our current forums do not have a set place for.
-Newsletter on joint-site news and info!
-Site RP will continue as planned. No date of commencement has yet been announced, but work on those characters! It will come soon.
-Dollsters chat will be encouraged over avatar chat. We can monitor it for creeps, so its more kid-friendly.
-Adult discussions/threads can and should be posted on Dollsters in the adult forum.

This is subject to change. With the current post-twisting bug, RPing may be moved there just to keep things neat. All RPs will continue to be copied there regardless. Where you guys choose to be active is up to you, we will monitor both forums and continue to provide a safe area for you guys to flow between.

What does this mean for the moderating staff, particularly me and Miranda? We aren't going anywhere. Yes, we are all going to run Dollsters, unless someone resigns or is removed. I understand some folks may be wondering if us two in particular will leave because we are truthfully the most invested in a rescue site, but keep in mind that we also are highly invested in TDP. We are sticking around, so don't take it for granted.

We will be continuing to review old bans upon member requests. We know we offered Dollsters as a fresh start and the same will translate here. We just require you guys to be mature. Don't expect it in every case though and yes, this news also means we will continue to ban here. We also will continue to ban on Dollsters for unreasonable users.

Here's to another two years folks!

tinker_bell_96 06-17-2010 10:39 AM

YAY!!!!!!!! this is the best news i have heard this week lol soooooo glad!

ColorPencil 06-17-2010 03:27 PM

Yes!! I was really worried about that, but now we're good! :D

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