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Silver_Wolf_Kitty 11-09-2009 09:02 PM

Forum Feedback
What would you like to see more of on the forums? What could use improvement? What do you like now? Dislike?

This thread is really the spawn of me trying to exam the forums in my mind. I have been thinking about how far it has come, but also dwelling on problems. I'm wondering if anyone else is feeling similarly and am looking to encourage a staff-member discussion without any fear of getting in trouble for criticisms(as long as they aren't just said to be nasty). Maybe through this discussion we can liven up the forums a bit more.

I've been trying to piece together what seems to be missing and I have yet to figure it out. I'm starting to believe it might be the lack of actual debates and discussions we used to have. While there was flaming, they were intense and prone to making others think. In fact, without these I often feel I have little work to do(while great, its disconcerting when we used to have to be moderators more often). I'm not sure why these have slowly become a dying breed. It certainly isn't because of any lack of topics provided, it simply seems to be a lack of desire to discuss them on a higher level now.

I've also noticed we have by far fewer regular members. Its not purely because of multiple accounts and while I know the site has been stuck in decay for a while, I sense its some sort of vibe people are getting from the forums. It used to be people shared the forums with their friends, they invited them to come on and we were a thriving community, but that is long gone.

I suppose what I'm putting out there is would this change if we were at another site? Is there someway we can liven up the forums and encourage more people to participate? I want to know everyone's opinions and I'm not just talking about an "I like them". I want hardcore criticisms, with the highlights and the problems brought out. I'm not only asking this as a staff member, but as a veteran member who is seeing a forum die before my eyes. Is it time for us to start fresh with a new forum? I know here we've been stopped in our progress, especially since we have ben trying to work out forum control issues for close to a year now and I'm starting to suspect it won't ever be fully adjusted, partially prompting this topic.

I am going to note that I am going to request all members stay polite. Now isn't the time for a bash fest of the staff.

TheHayleyDoll 11-09-2009 10:07 PM

Ugh, the debate thing I truly miss as well. Debates are my kind of thing. I tend to get very intense during debates. xD It seems now however, that topics are either one-sided, or those that are stating their point on an issue do it very... well, very poorly.

ie. "OMG, I LOVE TWILIGHT!!1!!!1 Bella + Edward = <333!!"

By the way, that was just an example, but you can see what I mean... They give no reason as to WHY they like Twilight so much, they just do for some reason...

I'm actually starting to type up a thread that should get people going, because a coworker and I argue this point a lot. I actually feel like creating a lot more debate topics, but like you said, the problem seems to be a lack of desire to debate, and that will probably cause any new topics of debate to fail.

Maybe it's not just a lack of desire, maybe members are just unsure about how to say their opinions without flaming, and don't want to get in trouble. Flaming and debate are two different things, people!

Flaming: "Your opinion is STUPID. Get a life."
Debate: "I don't really agree with your opinion on this matter. Here's why: (list of reasons)."

I don't know what we can do about getting new members to join the community. It may have something to do with the main site even, and Jessica's (Support's) absence. Some previous members probably left when the main site stopped being updated.

Support's absence is also making it much harder for us to fix forum problems or change things around the forum. As much as I love this forum, maybe we should try and start up another forum or something on a different site. The best thing about starting fresh (on a new site not connected to TDP) is that we'll have full control over the boards, and will be able to fix our own forum issues.

But we'll need some one good with coding if we do decide to get a new forum. And it will certainly take some time, as well, so it won't happen overnight if we do decide on that idea.

SillyRainbowKid 11-09-2009 10:24 PM

Wouldn't that be fleeing?I mean you'd be leaving this Forum for numerous hours unattended for heaven knows what to happen.I mean I'm not saying anything bad'll happen,but there's a chance that there could if somebody actually payed attention to when the Staff of this Forum is gone.Maybe if you wanted to,you could go one at a time or soemthing.You'd get less work done,but you'd still get it done....eventually.

Take it into thought,maybe.

TheHayleyDoll 11-09-2009 10:37 PM

It's not fleeing, and it's not just staff that would go. You don't seem to get it. It's a forum-wide move to another site. All the members would come too.

We're having a lot of problems with administrative duties (Miranda does seem to have all the abilities of an admin), and a fresh start might be helpful.

And while building another forum up, we wouldn't all be working on it 24/7... Besides, it's only an idea to help fix some issues we're having here. It's certainly not definite or anything. Just throwing things out there.

SillyRainbowKid 11-09-2009 10:47 PM

Ah.Well then that does patch up all the little errors I had made :smile:
That seems like a great idea then,but wouldn't you want to let Jessica(Support) know 1st?Just in case she comes on here and notices that we've been moved to antoher Forum.

LancasterPrincess 11-09-2009 10:57 PM

I feel like there's a lot of you who think alike or are just saying that you think alike thus the debating is comming to an end. Like for example: Twilight.

I love Twilight, but you won't see me debating it here in the forums because while I enjoy a good debate, no one likes to be tag-teamed against. The forums are too full of people who think exactly alike...or who say they think alike, so when the rare person comes along who doesn't think like the rest of you I think they feel that there's no point when all that's going to happen is that she/he gets a 8 on 1 'debate'.

I think a good idea would be to let there be a fan thread. So that the people who like something can see that they're not alone, without the hassle of having an 8 on 1. Let them make friends and become more involved. Gain confidence. Then I think you'll get your debates back. When the playing ground is more fair.

As for the flow going down, I'm convinced that it's due to the last Dollmaker Issue. I run a Club called The_Contestants and it's member list contains most of the devoted Contesters of the Contest Section. My member list had dropped substantially during the time when people couldn't make dolls. A lot of those members never came back.

I agree slightly with SRK. What will happen if you get too involved with the 'new forum'? I don't think ya'll will abandon us or anything, but I think it would feel like you would be leaving those of us who are devoted to the site (not the forums) high and dry.

SillyRainbowKid 11-09-2009 11:20 PM

I have to admit,there are ALOT of other dolling sites out there and it's lowering down TDP's popularity,even though it was the original creator of those doll sites.

Limefusion,DollieCrave,Kfave89.They're all popular because of what TDP has offered to them and basically are taking awat TDP's popularity or splitting it off into different sections.

Maybe a new forum is the best we can do...or we could have Support or somebody create another site for us to flee to until the site is back to normal.Almost like restarting over,except that premi's get to keep their premium and standards are still standard and we'll be gone for a few weeks on this other site with some sucky stuff because it wont be as good as TDP!

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 11-09-2009 11:45 PM

I just want to clarify right now that I do not intend to leave the forums and would continue to do my duties as a staff member. I've been here a long time(I'm not one of the oldest members for nothing) and I'm not about to abandon TDP just for another forum. In all of the tough times in my life and on the site, I never have and never will. In fact, I've been a part of another forum rather extensively for years and it hasn't interfered with my time(I'm not saying we spend every minute on another forum, its not the way they work ;) ), so no one needs to worry about the factor of staff disappearing because that wasn't on my mind. I'd expect the rest of the staff as well to continue duties too as long as they desire to until the time inevitably comes where the site closes.

The reason I brought up a new forum is because myself and others have been concerned that the site could close down without much warning. Its happened to many sites and while money is being taken in, there's nothing to stop them from just refunding and closing it. My concept of another forum at this point would be to establish us somewhere else and spread word of it now before something happens, all in the event that if things really go downhill here or the site is facing a shutdown, we'd have somewhere else to go. Like a rescue forum, except I want to pre-empt the scrambling and the frequent creation of them after a site goes. A forum for that has been in progress since over the summer(since there were only three of us working on it though to code, pixel, and try to save the RPs though, its been slow moving, especially with the school year again)we came to the conclusion that we are now left to fend for ourselves. I even sent an email to support a few weeks ago(probably my bajillionth) to once more bring the issue of controls back up--I haven't heard a word when usually support is very consistent with getting back within a few days. We've heard over and over that it should be working, that an update could help, etc etc, but nothing has happened since we first brought it up when Miranda was made an admin and we realized there were problems.

Lancaster, I'd be happy to allow a Twilight fan thread if that is part of the problem. I've done it for bigger things before where the clashing is too great(HSM, for example). In fact, I'll put up a thread right away. In my attempts to prevent the massive flaming, it seems some have been put down and have decide to shy away instead and I don't want that. Having the connection would certainly encourage it more.

I'm certain the issues mainsite are contributing, which is part of my frustration since if we can't even get things done here on the forum when we've usually gotten a lot better attention due to our persistence, how can we promise changes on the mainsite? There used to be a time where we could give definitive answers about the site, where support participated and interacted with the members, but that seems to be gone. It makes me feel terrible to constantly try to handle these problems when its not even my site. Its simply difficult to communicate with someone who doesn't want to spend the time with the site anymore.

The other sites are definitely part of it. Support never wanted them to be advertised on here, but its impossible to keep them out. Its almost like TDP signed their own death wish by giving opportunities to these other groups. You have to wonder what will happen to them if TDP shuts down.

By the way, I'm really loving the feedback guys. Its definately something that needed to be brought up and I'm glad to see members being drawn out, like you SRK. I've never really seen you post before much so its nice to see you coming out as a member.

SillyRainbowKid 11-09-2009 11:55 PM

Thank you.I've been watching TDP for about 3(or 2) weeks now and it's almost the same thing,but knowing that somebody is AT LEAST trying to fix it gives me(and I think everyone else) some confidence on being happy with the site.

LancasterPrincess 11-10-2009 12:05 AM

Cool, I look forward to it. :-)

I had no idea that there was a fear that the site would close down? That's AWFUL! Why should it close down, why can't it be handed off or something? I've changed my position: I'm for starting this backup Forum in the desperate hope to not sever ties with people if that awful day ever comes. Any help I can lend is yours.

I'm a faithful member to this site, but it's definately a good idea to have a backup.

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