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Silver_Wolf_Kitty 07-28-2009 11:40 PM

Some of you may remember this long dormant clique, others may not, but now is the perfect opportunity to become a part of its new life.

About Us
DADD was created several years ago to battle the dirty dolls on the site. As we fought against the tide of inappropriate content, our mission expanded to stop all inappropriate content on the site and to encourage members to create dolls that are tasteful, not skanky. Its come to our attention that after many years of peaceful success that dirty content on the site is worse than ever, causing us to resort to reviving this clique.

How Can I Help?
People ask a lot how they can help us and the answer is simple. Report. We have a "Report Offense" option on the front page that many members think doesn't work, but it really does. Whenever you find dirty content on the site, don't just report it, post it here too so our members can vote it low and report it as well. The more reports an doll, contest, story, or profile gets, the more likely it is that it will be removed. Also, we can then send that content to support too so she can remove it even further.

So folks, on to my point, we need help reviving the clique. Please, go join it, make banners, and help search out the inappropriate content on the site. Feel free to post here or on the clique, we'd love the extra boost right now since we can't do it by ourselves. We do encourage all members to join. This is your site too, take it back from those members who choose to abuse the system!

LadyBast0911 07-29-2009 04:26 AM

I have one question, though. If TDP is supposed to be like DADD, then why are there sexy and sexual pictures for people to look at on here. Some examples of what I am talking about is like at the top, where people can go and select on the Blonde Dolls, Brunettes, etc.

And these are just some of them. If you go through, you can see all the different ones. I don't mean to sound critical, but I'm just trying to see if we even have a chance at fighting this. My main point here is that if the actual website is posting inappropriate dolls, then how can they go and remove other dolls from the site without looking like total hypocrites?

Miranda_ 07-29-2009 06:42 AM

The dolls you posted are not dirty dolls. True, they are sexy, but they're not the dolls we're talking about. Those are the ones that are made by the immature that depict sex acts; some are even edited to make them look more realistic; plus nudes which are not allowed in most contests and fashion shows anyway.

The same goes for stories that are of a sexual nature; this goes against the ToU and therefore should not be tolerated. Join the clique and read the information threads in Talks.

Silent_Wolf 07-29-2009 07:01 AM

Singer, the clique is against nude and sexual dolls. Those ones are just sexy. The ones that the clique is against are ones that are nude, depict sex in some fashion or are just outright vulgar.

LancasterPrincess 07-29-2009 07:12 PM

I've seen this clique before and am interested but I don't know if I'd qualify.

True none of my dolls have ever showed ni.pp.les or the like but I make se.xy contests and enter se.xy dolls. I just don't want to join if I'm one of the culprits, you know?

So would dolls that are nude but covered by their hair moving in the wind or dolls in lingerie or dolls that say se.xual things be what they're against? (like "come to bed dear" or "professional entertainer"). I'm against the more vulgar dolls. Ones that show the actual acts. Or are just plain out nude. I still have these dolls I'm talking about so if you need to see them first to be sure...?

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 07-31-2009 12:27 AM

Everyone has their own definition of what is a dirty doll. We have had members who are against everything not completely covered while others are still in support of sexy dolls and artistic nudes(I am a person who supports tasteful nudity and sexyness).

This clique was formed at a time where the popular choice in the contests was only nude dolls, dolls having sex(body parts included), and sometimes even straight up po.rn. These things have always been our focus because no one can ever agree on what is too sexy. Even if you make sexier contests and participate in them(which is your right as an adult and technically just PG-13, the age requirement for registration, there are worse things out there), you can join and help to protect the younger members from being exposed to content which is definitately NC-17.

teamjacobrulestheschool 01-06-2010 05:39 PM

i remager n a contest that is finished now that was full of the exact oppiste of dadd!it was called sexii

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