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Silver_Wolf_Kitty 03-03-2009 07:27 PM

TDP Forums History(WIP)
We've been asked before about this and the time has come to have an organized thread recounting forum history. Be it those atrocious spammers, that memorable suicide thread, or guest posting, here is a place where you can reread the past and be grateful for the changes that have been made over the years.

I. General Forum History(2002-Today)
II. Mods & Greeters-Past & Present
III. Members-Honorable Mentions
IV. Members-Horrors of the Past(A-M)
V. Members-Horrors of the Past(N-Z)
VI. Memorable Forum Threads


This is a work in progress and is not yet complete. If you would like to suggest or contribute ideas, please do it in this thread: History of TDP. Not all ideas will be included, but all will be considered.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 03-03-2009 07:28 PM

I. General Forum History(2002-Today)
As far as Kitty can ascertain, the forums were founded in 2002. The oldest accounts date back to then, but the founding is obscure in her mind since she was only on fleetingly on another account then.

When Kitty joined in late 2003, the forums were quite a mess. There was a lot of spam and guest posting was still allowed(and continued to be for quite a while). The board layout at the time was not this(this layout can still be see in the "Talks" section of Cliques/Clubs) and was silver in colour. There isn't much to say about that time, all of the members were quite out of control and flamed each other constantly.

2004 was very similar to 2003, though things began to be cleaned up with new mods at this time. The one major event of the time was the "Mod Vote". At the time, the members were frustrated due to the lack of mod activity and demanded that we have a say in the decision. A group of names were proposed in a thread and those names were voted on by the members. Three member were chosen to be mods, one completely inactive, another the worst mod ever, and the final was a good mod who had to resign. This occurred in late 2004. That year, sweetpea200202 also became a mod amid much scandal due to her short time of being a member. The anger mainly came from older members who thought they were better qualified.

In 2005-2006, the majority of the second mod team began to become inactive/resign. This resulted in new mods slowly being chosen over the next couple of years and the only mod who comes from that second team are Elanorea. Kitty came first, then Miranda, Sarah, and then Silent_Wolf and Hayley (who then resigned). These years marked big change for us as power shifted, handdrawn dolling first appeared, and roleplaying was brought here. In early 2005, a group called the "TDP Forums Family" also came into existence. While never terribly active, many of the current and past mods and older members participated in it. There was a King, Queen(Potter15), Princesses, Warriors, Sorceresses, and other silly stuff. While it never had much of a point, it brought together the forums as a community.

At the beginning of 2007, the layout was changed to our current one. Before it, a slew of trolls came on and left disgusting spam. One example was a really disgusting song in the RPG games area and another was the obscene pictures. This did not stop the change though and the new layout came out regardless, much to the displeasure of some who were horrified at the new pink theme. The new layout had updated graphics and the new profiles, with comments that we didn't have before. There had long been suggestions of an update and it resulted in this(which has been destined to become the main layout, though the change has been happening slowly). When it opened, we got a massive influx of new members who joined, then left and some of our highest numbers of members online come from that time.

In 2008, after member problems involving trolling and support's decreasing activity and interest in maintaining the forums, it was proposed that a second admin be appointed. This was Miranda and has led to some changes in positions(new mods, "Greeters" created, some promotions) and the forums(new rank names, member pruning, major cleaning, etc), many of which are yet to come. At the end of 2008, we also had our first forum event ever for Christmas/the Holidays-the Secret Santa Event. It went well with over 30 members participating in it and most being really active in spreading the cheer. The season was also accompanied by a special appearance by 'Santa Claus' and his special kind of carolling.

2009 opened up with no changes to the mainsite, but plenty of new things for the forum. Mod of the Month began as a way to show appreciation for the staff, run by the mods, and we also had a visit by a friendly neighborhood troll. Kitty's boyfriend, a true mudkipz lover, made everyone believe he not only managed to hack the site, but was turning it into a pokemon site on April Fools in a successful prank. The Easter Bunny also came by for a pleasant visit involving some missing eggs. It was followed by the first site wide competition, Miss TDP, which included a handdrawn and a dollmaker competition. Many people competed in it, but in the end, Aussiemum777 and prin367cess came out on top! In November, it came to the staff's attention that nothing was going to change with the problems on TDP, and the rescue forum "Dollsters" was born. Its been a work in progress for a year, but finally will be picking up in 2010 with new features.

With 2010 so far we have seen a the first Valentine's day event, run by our very own LancasterPrincess. In June, we learned that the site has been renewed for another two years, but the staff continue to work to provide a better alternative for when the day comes.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 03-03-2009 07:30 PM

II. Mods & Greeters-Past & Present

Past Mods-First Team(mostly active in 2002-2003)
Dorito, GrandSexayViking, cutesforbabes(?), etc. There were about 4-5 inactive mods when Kitty first joined. Surprisingly enough, two were guys(GrandSexayViking and another one whose name I can't remember). They were all removed in 2004 I believe.
LilAngelEyes. The original mod of entertainment and fashion. She was very religious and she resigned due to school in 2005, which led to Kitty becoming a mod. Did also work during the second team.
Sexyfox16. Mod of "Friends", slowly became inactive over time. Removed in 2006 or 2007 after being inactive for over a year. Also worked on and off during the second team.

Past Mods-Second Team(2004-2006/2007)
Sugapuppy55. A mod of General Discussion, resulted from a lone forum vote for mods in late 2004. Never really active after that, but was well known for starting fights with DJ_Andercore/Postgrep at the time(along with Kitty, Steffie, and Raechel). Removed due to inactivity in 2006-2007.
Darkan_. Mod of GD, he was known for his dating advice. He ended up resigning due to law troubles and has since popped up from time to time, but hasn't been extremely active. He also was a result of the one time mod vote in late 2004 and probably the only one who ended up being a good choice.
Fairybabe. Mod of GD that was appointed as a result of the mod vote in late 2004. Known for being our worst mod ever. She spammed and frequently yelled at people for spamming when they weren't, threw tantrums, posted pictures of herself claiming she was ugly, and closed threads at random. Her nastiness resulted in the member DrkTenai leaving for good. She is why we do not allow young mods any longer. Removed due to inactivity in 2006-2007.
Sweetpea200202. Mod of dating, became a mod after going to support about the spam in that section. It caused a big scandal then because she had only been here for a few months. Became inactive over time and was removed in 2009.
Kimber. An excellent mod of multiple boards. Was a handdrawn doller and was one of the first ones to bring it here. She became inactive due to family trouble, but her posts can still be seen here and there.
Potter15. Mod of dating who ended up becoming inactive due to life issues.
Sarika2004. Mod of fashion who was removed in 2009. Known for suffering from depression and has frequently left due to it. Has done work during the third team, but the majority of her activity was during this period.

Past Mods-Third Team(2005-today)
Aussiemum777. Became a mod in late 2009 both here and on Dollsters due to a need for more mods who could handle the user questions. Removed in 2010 due to inactivity since she is busy with many other things.
Bunnypixie. Became a mod out of nowhere when we needed a new one despite never having been active on the forums. Never really active even after becoming mod, besides one incident involving a nude modelling argument. Removed due to rule breaking which is inconsistent with the image a mod is supposed to portray.
dudettel. Joined in 2003 and is the second oldest member on the forums. Also unsure how she became mod. Has been busy currently due to family changes and was removed in 2009 as a result of the continued absence. Known for being one of the original people to begin handdrawn dolling on here. Also worked during the second team.
TheHayleyDoll. Joined in 2007 after having been on the main site many times for all the dollmakers. Became an instant poster, and instantly addicted to the site. Became a mod in 2009. Known for her dolling skills and roleplaying. Resigned in 2010 and left the site, possibly for good.

Present Mods(2004-today)
Elanorea. Became a mod in mid 2004 after campaigning on the old, inactive boards(as did postgrep). She had acted like a mod for a while and even created a netiquette thread(one of the few of the time). Watches over the dolling boards and was one of the first people to bring handdrawn dolling here. Also was the one who convinced Miranda to stop posting as a guest and join the site. Worked during the second team as well.
Silver_Wolf_Kitty. Joined in 2003 and is the third oldest member on the forums. Was doing unofficial mod work beginning in the spring/summer of 2005 on DarkaN's account. He asked that she do it during his inactivity. She officially became a mod in 2005 of Entertainment, later over other boards when the changes occurred. Became a supermod in 2009. Fun fact, Kitty has previously been mistaken for the owner of the site on a consistent basis. Kitty also was one of the early dollers on here, beginning around the time she became a mod.
Miranda_. Joined in 2004 and became a mod in 2006 of Dating and GD(Games was later) after support asked around for mod recommendations. Funny fact, Miranda first began posting as a guest and had to be convinced to join by Elanorea. Became a supermod in 2007-2008, then a coadmin in 2009.
Sarah_K_O_M. Became a mod during an inactive period of Kitty's for her boards and GD. Once told a spammer "If I could work this site out when I was eleven, what does that say about you?", much to everyone's amusement.
Silent_Wolf. Joined in 2005 after lurking around the site in Dollz&Stories nd eventually finding the forums. Was a lurker here for several years, clashing with postgrep and several trolls. Began to avidly handdraw and roleplay soon after joinning. Known for her crazy roleplay characters. She became a mod in 2009 and is yet to be assigned. Known as the 'Ice Sorceress' of the forums TDP family.
LancasterPrincess. First became a greeter and then a moderator in 2009. She quickly has become a vital player, helping to organize site events and working with members who are new on the forums. She also is head of the Contestants Club. Resigned in 2010, due to becoming a mother.
Spirit_Queen. Former Greeter, finally agreed to become a mod in 2011.
Cheshire1996. Former Greeter, was appointed as mod in 2011.

Greeters(First Team! 2009-onwards)
Singergirl509. Part of our first group of greeters. Was appointed in 2009 and removed in 2010.
LancasterPrincess. Was appointed in 2009 after the rest of the greeters, then became a mod.

Present Greeters(First Team! 2009-onwards)
delly1. Part of our first group of greeters. Was appointed in 2009.
Spirit_Queen. Part of our first group of greeters. Was appointed in 2009.
prin367cess. Appointed in 2010.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 03-03-2009 07:33 PM

III. Members-Honorable Mentions
Captain_Obvious: We're not sure if this was a troll or a character made up by somebody, but he was a hoot to read posts from. He was from the future, where pie was an extremely rare commodity and he ate it as often as possible in our time. He was attempting to stop an evil clown from destroying his - Obvious's - parents or grandparents. His weapons being forks and spoons and gumballs for some reason. Also, was the "King" of the forums TDP family when it existed.
dj_andercore/postgrep: For years when anyone new joined, they were certain to encounter this member. We all clashed with him because of his picking at typos and spelling errors or our opinions on different subjects, but there were times when he wasn't a complete troll and eventually he had a good relationship with most of the older members. Known for his knowledge of Japan(and the thread with the pictures of him from Japan Disneyland which led to a flame war over someone calling him albino), Buddhism, and being a real science dork. All throughout his membership he pushed to become a mod, but it never happened despite support from others. Was suspected to have spammed the forums with obscene pictures.
MiyuSukei/NotYourPrincess: Brought roleplaying here in 2005-2006. In its earliest form, the roleplaying not only had godmodding, but was filled with Mary Sues, returns from death, and shadow demon fathers. At first it was just a couple people, then some more people when the RPers got their very own section. Funny postgrep comment: there was an RP called A Game of Chess or something and he said E4 to D8.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 03-03-2009 07:34 PM

IV. Members-Horrors of the Past(A-M)
angeloftheseas. Total brat, thought her life was horrible and couldn't even keep her stories straight. Also believed she was telepathic (when she really meant telekinetic), though honestly her poor typing skills debunked her in Wolfie's mind. Would not stop harassing people who told her that she wasn't emo. She also said that she wouldn't get help because she'd get put in an instituion (that is how she spelled it. SWEAR.). Her poetry is still up for everyone's viewing pleasure!
Anmana. Another RP sinner; her crime was posting the worst, most vile, most vomit inducing Mary Sues ever. She also posted RPs that broke the rules and that contained yet more Sues, seemed to not understand basic English and pitched a fit when told that she could not join RPs that were over 1000 pages long. One example of this was she attempted to turn the old Resident Evil High School RP into Happy Magic School. Also posted in other RPs trying to derail them for some stupid reason. Haven't seen her in a good while.
BossHog. A postgrep fanboy, supported his move to become a mod and also wanted to become one as well. Assumably he thought his support of postgrep would result in him becoming one in turn, but the former never occurred.
careness2. Miranda is sure that a lot of forumites remember this troll. Careness2 constantly spammed the forum, as well as harrassing various members. She was warned and given an infraction; then deleted the warning and replied to her infraction with rudeness. Result was, she was given a week's temp ban. She returned after her ban... and continued to spam, harrass and backchat. She promised to behave herself, and did so for just one day before she went back to harrassing members, causing some to make their profiles private to stop her. She just posted harrassment spam threads all over the board, and was infernally rude to Kitty when she told her off about it. She was deleted in the pruning of the memberlist; then returned to the board a day later; and was rebanned. -.- She was flipping INSANE.
Christy & Mina. A still confusing incident that involved a tantrum, threats of hacking the site, and trolling. Mina was later unbanned since she was dragged in as a friend and didn't play a huge role in it. Christy was unbanned in 2009. Occurred around the same time as Trolla in early 2008.
"Fishhead". A guest who was posting when Kitty first joined in 2003. This member was a frequent spammer for a very long time, usually nonsense stuff.
Izzy4ever. Initially she was banned for rule breaking temporarily, then she began her mission to create a forum's worth of multiple accounts to evade it. What's funny is she even was offered opportunities to choose one account and wait out the month or two left, but she instead decided to continue making new accounts. A week's ban has turned into a permanent ban in no time because of her insistence on spamming and causing trouble with her multiples, which she still is creating.
Kissmeimdead. This user was an awful Suethor, who tried to join an RP where she certainly wasn't welcome. Worse still, she did so by godmoding and stealing two of Sarah's characters, making them into vile Mary Sues. She was also extremely rude and spiteful to Sarah when she told her to get out of the RP and leave her characters alone. She left after being told by Miranda and others that she had no business being here if all she was going to do was be a nasty, spiteful cow.
Lovegoonie. A spazzy member who apparently can still be found in the Stories section of the site. She kept posting on the articles claiming to be Jessica and she even said she wouldn't stop spamming unless the mods friended her! She was banned from the forums for posting obscene threads all over the place and ignoring moderator warnings. She has since claimed to be a 21 year old man and various celebrities.
maya1234533. The typical noob stereotype. Honestly, this person caused Miranda more headaches at one time than most other people did. -.- She spammed constantly and also posted stupid comments in people's RPGs. When told off, she acted as tho she didn't understand why the RPers were angry. When it was explained to her in stupidese what the rules of the forum were, she then went nuts posting loads of stupid, rulebreaking RPs. -.- She was an absolute horror; it's still unknown whether she was incredibly dim or just breaking rules on purpose.
Miley Cyrus Imposter #3847, never kept track, too many of them. This one was really bad; four or five people came to her "rescue" to try and prove it was her. She typd lyk dys too. She was banned, along several people who were "supporting" her due to being nasty to other users after the mess.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 03-04-2009 05:06 PM

V. Members-Horrors of the Past(N-Z)
Pinkyismynickname. A really awful noob; modeled herself on Paris Hilton, took the mickey of anyone who said they bought clothes from charity shops, was a total snob and cow to anyone who she disagreed with and basically got slapped down by almost everyone at one point. Was nicknamed "Stinky Pinky" as a result of her actions.
pinkpanther500 and ktcm4now. Spammers. They not only posted chat threads all over the board, but also kept attacking people who disagreed with them in Dating and General Discussion. They both posted in blindingly bright pink font all the freaking time. X_x Miranda also received a PM on the pinkpanther500 account from the spammers' father who said that he was dealing with his daughters and that they would never return. This PM was probably genuine cuz neither spammer did ever return to the forums.
Princessmeplz. Truely awful spammer, both in the RPG forum and on the rest of the board. Was told the rules a dozen times, and didn't listen. Flamed when told off, and also was one of the offenders who had ten billion comments on her profiles. -.- She used to claim ignorance of the rules, despite the fact that she was told constantly of them and linked to them several times. She also refused to accept that she was a noob.
puertorican13. This user was a complete nutjob. O_o She repeatedly spammed Miranda's and Sarah's inboxes, asking them to friend her despite the fact that both told her no. She then turned nasty, sending obscene, spiteful PMs and threats. Miranda warned her, infracted her, temp banned her; to no avail. The second her ban ended, she was back harrassing Sarah. Then support stepped in and permabanned her. XD
purplefoxx. A member who was fairly innocuous up to a point, then megaspammed the forums. Not in a rude or obscene way, but she basically replied to every single thread in Comments & Suggestions showing she too had ambitions for modship.
qtpie354. Troll. Posted various lying spam threads all over the board. Basically, a total halfwit troll attention seeker in severe need of a personality transplant. Also, was a creepy stalkery type too, also using the screename Aqua_2_2 to pester Wolfie and troll in the thread that it started the fight in
sashavucetay. Remember it was said that Maya caused headaches in the RP forum? Well, this user caused headache upon headache cuz of her complete inability to read and abide by the rules, her disgusting Mary Sue characters, her godmoding and also her attempts to derail and take over every RP she tried to join. She was told over and over again what not to do, but it never seemed to sink in. Eventually, she left after being temp banned for six months and never returned.
Sweetiesomya/ISweetieI. A really awful poster who broke rules left right and centre, argued with the moderators constantly and double posted all the time, despite being told numerous times not to. -.- She also derailed several discussion threads causing them to be locked cuz she was unable to debate a subject without getting personal and rude. One instance was due to some idea of hers that Bin Laden ruled the world outside of America - which was funny considering she was from Australia.
Tanpop & evilfairy321. After an argument in a contest thread, these two decided to troll the boards with multiple accounts. They attacked members and spammed during that time before they were finally gotten rid of several weeks later in late 2008. Evilfairy return under a new account in 2010.
Trolla & her Coven. A group of older women who decided to troll the boards in early 2008 after we were "mean" to one woman's "autistic" daughter. After a few hours of frantic activity, they were finally stopped and all of them were banned for good by support.
Valerie. After bullying one member on another site, she was banned in early 2009 to protect her. Has since returned on a regular basis and has been causing trouble since then, though it didn't start until a few weeks after her ban. As of September 2010, she still has been returning and causing trouble, even after she was given a second chance and then took it to attack the member she was originally banned for attacking.
Zebra1. Troll who used to post about enemas and peeing all the time. She popped up last year, posted a post about peeing which was promptly removed, and hasn't been seen since.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 03-04-2009 05:21 PM

VI. Memorable Forum Threads

The "Is 10 Too Young?" thread. Basically, there were at least five fights within it, all by 10-13 year olds who felt themselves mature to date so decided to prove it by being extremely immature, attacking people who disagreed with them, and flaming the mods. :roll: One such person was bens_cutie, who registered another account to back herself up. The irony was that her and the other children who started and participated in the fights could not see that what they were doing was not helping their case one bit.

Abortion threads. There was certainly more than one, and every one ended with a mod locking it; whether cuz the mod themselves *cough*fairybabe and LilAngelEyes*cough* disagreed with abortion, or as a result of a full on flame war. None of these people ever seemed to learn from this, and most of them were pro-lifers and/or the under 13s, who had never been in the situation so really couldn't judge anyone who had. This is why whenever we see an abortion thread on here, we know its days are numbered. O_o

"OMG! I'm pregnant!!11!eleventy!" We used to have loads of these threads popping up in General Discussion and Dating, and they were mostly posted by people who'd only just joined. There were also quite a few people claiming to be teenage mums, but most of them told lies so were quite obviously just attention seekers.

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