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sarika2004 09-12-2006 06:41 PM

Why TDP isn't and will never be totally free
After an overwhelming ammount of topics concerning this issue, I've decided to put up a nice little sticky.

TDP will never be totally free, it could most likely not exist. When you pay for your premium membership you are giving money to keep the site up and running, without the money you pay TDP would be running on donations and they can't normally keep a site as big as TDP supported. To sum it up...


Any questions or comments feel free to post here ^_^.

Q: Why can't TDP make money any other way?
A: They do make money other ways ( and also through ad revenue) but that could never make enough money to support a site large as TDP. With premium, people are paying for something that is required in some sections, the other things that are for sale are accessories. If you have any ideas, I'm sure we would all be eager to hear them.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 09-12-2006 08:37 PM

Ah, thank you for this refreshing of our memories Sarika =)

To tack this on, there are a lot of features as standards that they give you without charge. They could just make this a "payment only" type of site, but it has been arranged so people can be standards and enjoy some features for free. It nice what standards have and they need to keep in mind that it might not be that way on other sites(and frequently isn't, as many of you know who have visited other doll sites).

Also, if I remember my numbers correctly, an animated doll takes 10 times the amount of server space of a non-animated doll. Premiums are paying basically for their server space.

Miranda_ 06-06-2007 06:55 AM

And $2 isn't that much; I bet half of you spend more of that on CDs and clothes every week. I haven't got premi only cuz I don't think I really need it; I doll sometimes, but I don't handdraw dolls. I have thought of getting it just to see what it's like, but not just now.

By the way, $2 is just over 1; hardly breaking the bank. ^^

LancasterPrincess 05-08-2008 05:29 AM

It's not that expensive to be a premium member and besides it's TOTALLY worth EVERY CENT!!! :grin:

I don't understand what's so confusing...a site has people behind it, people that already put their time and effort into making such a wonderful site for us all...why is it so unfair to ask for help running the site with a premium membership?

Not only does it help the site, but their's a sense of belonging because you're not just "anybody" on the website, you're a Premi.8)

If it's not worth it to you to get a Premium account for only $2 per month then why are you complaining?:confused:

Although new content would be great it's definately not something I'm worried about as a premi. I'm too busy with my personal maker and contests as it is. Not to mention I still haven't run out of dollies to make:roll: .

That's yet another reason to get the premiumship: You NEVER run out of things to do. (Even if there hasn't been anything new in a long time).

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