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Blondie 06-22-2012 05:42 PM

Blondie's Dolls
So I decided since i have all these dolls I've made that I'd make a Thread like everyone else does to share with everyone! Advice and what not welcome!

Blondie 06-22-2012 05:54 PM

One of the first dolls I edited for the club banner, the theme was Witches for Halloween!

Trying animation! I made this for my mom, she loves the fall and her chihuahua Sophie, i had fun making it and learning how to make her blink.

First doll competing in a club contest! I remember at the time I thought this was super hard and i worked on it for a long time, I found a picture and tried to imitate the dress she was wearing and the background took me forever to find... It makes me smile looking back at some of my first dolls!

Beach Bunny doll, this was the first time i attempted to make my own clothes... or well.. bikini in this case, i really liked how it turned out is just wish i would have thought to make the background blue or transparent.

Blondie 06-22-2012 06:03 PM

Zombie doll! I thought she was super cute and i like the animation i made spelling out Zombie, this was when i was still using an online editor and i forgot to get rid of the extra white spaces.

Club contest doll, if i remember the theme was superpowers, my partner was Ness and she had an intoxicating scent that would knock out bad guys! ;) I wanted her to look like she seduces the bad guy and then knocked him out with her scent.

I think this doll is super cute, and i really do like the words i added, i think it adds just a little more to the picture. I think this was after i got photoshop but i made the animation a bit too slow.

Blondie 06-22-2012 06:15 PM

Warrior doll for a Warrior contest, I searched forever to find that background! I like how i put everything together, but i kinda which i would have made it bigger.

I so love this christmas doll, i did some editing to the dress and reworked the boots, i just think its a really cute doll.

Another christmas doll I made, i love christmas time so much that I went a little crazy with christmas dolls lol! I did alot of editing on this one, i changed the hair color and edited the dress a bunch... changed the color, added the white "fluff" and added the belt and also the hand blowing the kiss. I like the doll but now looking at it would have picked a different background and boarder.

Another winter doll! I think the theme of this contest was christmas songs and i learned how to make it look like it was snowing from a youtube tutorial so i just had to use it! This was one of the first times i got discouraged by low votes but I enjoy dolling too much to stop! I noticed that i didnt put a boarder on this and I'm not sure why..

belladoggy 06-22-2012 06:34 PM

You might want to take out the emoticon in the last post, as they count toward the 4-image-per-post limit. You have improved A LOT in a very short span of time; it took me years to do that, :lol:

You should probably also add credit to the dollmaker(s) you used, as well as links to the background images if they were from where credit is due and all that!

My personal favorite of these is your pirate doll. And I know your African Queens one isn't up yet, but I really, really loved that one, too.

Blondie 06-22-2012 06:56 PM

These next are all from a mother nature pageant and I chose wildlife

I'm a nature girl as it is and i love wild life, I chose this sort of setting since this its the type of wildlife I'm use to where i go camping. I like the green dress i used and even though the boarder is plain, i think if it would have been any fancier it would have been too much. I wish i didnt use the bunny in the picture, i feel like there is one to many animals and it doesnt really fit the pixel look the other animals have.

The second round was night themed... i think so i chose a few animals that are nocturnal, like an owl, fox and raccoon. I worked on this one alot and in the end i forgot a boarder!!! NOOOOO lol but i was still proud of it. I used alot of editing tools i hadn't before. Another element to this round was the dress or whatever clothes the doll was wearing was suppose to be "apart" of the background, thats why i chose this dress and made it brown, to look like a tree stump... im not sure if anyone got it at the time lol

This was the last round and i think it was natural disasters or something like that. What i was trying to get here was that she was trying to protect the wildlife from the wildfire and I'm pretty sure no one got that lol... i also changed but the animals i used to tropical/rainforest animals since i had used woodsy animals in the first two. I dont think people understood the background i used but it was suppose to be kinda like south American ruins type thing... idk it made sense in my mind. I think the doll looks kinda cheesy and i wish i would have spent some more time... idk why i used pink for the boarder...

I lied, this was actually the last round, and we got to choose another natural element to merge together into one frame. I chose to merge wildlife with water and came up with this. Overall i really like how it turned out and i feel like the two elements worked well together. I tried to pick a dress that looked like water for that doll and then something about the dress i chose for wildlife just seemed to fit. I edited a little on both the dresses and the bear (even though the color didn't turn out to be my favorite.

Blondie 06-22-2012 07:17 PM

This doll was made as a secret santa gift and i absolutely loved it, i kinda wanted to keep it for myself when i finished it. I edited the dress by adding a few little details and also made her hair long so it would drag on the ground. I think its really cute.

A profile doll for the baby theme our club had... i edited the dress and wanted to make it look like she was excited to see the new baby... im silly, i know.

The current contest theme thats about to change.. northern lights. I edited the dress and i was trying to make it look like the northern lights but it ended up looking like a rainbow... but i still liked it!

I think this doll was for a dancing themed contest and i LOVE it! I edited the base doll but now wish i would have fixed a few more things and i think i made the shoes... and then i ran with the rose theme as you can tell but i think it makes it all fit together and looks cute!

Blondie 06-22-2012 07:31 PM

A dollmaker contest in the forums, the theme was ice cream flavors and my favorite is for sure, red velvet (ben and jerry make the best!). I find red velvet to be rich and decedent so thats how i wanted the doll to look.

This was for the doll in a jar contest and since the jar i picked seemed princess-y i decided to make a princess-y doll to go inside. My idea was this was a princess who runs away to the forest to be alone. This was the first heavy editing i did on a dress and wanted to give up many times, but im glad i didnt. The thing i wish i would have changed is the way her legs are, it looks like they should be crossed but they arent...

This was like the first doll i made after i got done with school and it was totally the perfect theme to get me in the dolling mood. I finally got to use the dress Nissa put together for me and it fits perfect with the princess theme i was going for.

Supermodel contest, i think the theme was swimware and i made her shoes and her bikini (i absolutely love the bikini), i also like the background and props i found... im not sure i like the boarder, but its alright i guess.

Blondie 06-22-2012 08:01 PM

My pride and joy for the time being! I really like the dolls i've been making lately, i've gotten better at editing and im getting the hang of photoshop.
I edited the outfit on my doll and added the details by hand since i couldnt find a brush small enough and i made the top on rachels doll. I really wanted to use a lion in this one but i couldnt find one that i liked so i opted for a tiger instead. I tried to tie the outfits together with the gold bangles and headbands but they are hard to see with our hair colors. I also like the way the boarder turned out!

I also really like this doll, i tried to get the personality of each of the housed by the doll heads i used, Hufflepuff I see as shy, softspoken and goes by the rules, Ravenclaw is on the bad side but is also smart, Slytherin is rebellious, dangerous and ambitious, and then Gryffindor is smart, confident and brave. I like how everything fit and the background works great, i also really love the boarder i found, i had to edit it a bit but i think it fits perfectly.

Military contest, i'm not sure what i sergeant major wears but oh well? lol i found i cute picture that looked like the dress and made the dress based on the picture, i like how it turned out.

My entry for the little black dress contest... in the beginning i wasnt sure if if i was gonna use a background but when i found this one... it had to be used... i made the dress... i knew this is exactly what i wanted to make when i saw the contest theme.

Blondie 06-22-2012 08:17 PM

This is a doll i made up for a contest i started, the theme is patriotic dolls and i took the theme from a retro picture i saw, again, i made the outfit.

I made two version of this doll, mostly because the first one didnt fit as the example picture but i kinda do like it better. The theme is to take your favorite song and make it into a doll, i picked something bout a truck by kip moore. I did a little editing to the shirt but think the outfit is perfect for the song!

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