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belladoggy 08-07-2010 12:58 AM

Bridie's Dollmaker Dolls
So, it's suddenly come to my attention that I don't have a thread for these yet...I'mma fix that now ;)

My Ireland doll for Lexi's dollmaker contest in the forums Wanna enter?

Frame from, bg from Fantasy Stock on dA (Celtic Knot Book Cover 5 by `FantasyStock on deviantART)

Props from various tdp makers, dress and head also from various other sites, heavily edited by me.

I used: Frame, glitter, props, and of course required text, background, and traditional dress.

Glittered with glitterbase.

I'm not good at coming up with background stories...maybe one day...for now, she has no story. But I did all the knot detail work, and drew the shoes and socks and lace. Also added long sleeves. originally, I wasn't going to do anything with her hair, but my mom said I needed to do those crazy ringlets they have. So I found a section of hair that was reasonably curly and made layers upon layers of it and I think that paid off. Oh, and I made her be very pale and have freckles cause, you know,... she's Irish!

My Mord'Sith doll for Lovie's "Legend of the Seeker Vixens" contest in the Contests section

The black and white girl is supposed to be her former self, which has faded a way. She used to be sweet and full of life, but after her breakings, she is no longer the happy things she once was. She has also thinned out and always looks tired. She refuses to smile.

Background: Premade Dungeon Background by ^FantasyStock on deviantART

Frame from google, although now it is part of my personal maker on my computer

B&W head from Color head from Dazzling Divas, but edited by me. Outfits also from, as well as the whip prop, which I edited to be Agiel red.

Glitter, as always, via glitterbase.

I know she's slightly pixelly, I think I have to fix that frame on iaza, when I made it "transparent" that's the way it came out. Also, I wanted to use red glitter, but it looked weird.

And last,for now, but not least:

My avatar for the Victorian theme at The_Contestants Club. I wanna say the background and body are from rommie? And the frame is from bing, I forget where the dog is from. All of these things have been added to my personal maker on my computer because I find it much easier to make specialist dolls when everything is in one place.

Glittered with glitterbase.

belladoggy 10-08-2010 03:06 AM

Some more new ones!( massive upload; will be a few posts)

Shota, for Lovie's last LotSV round. I forget where each individual piece came from since I edited them all offline. I do know that Chessie made the frame though :3 Glittered w/ glitterbase

The TekTek doll, for Miranda's last contest...I suppose the them was pink? Maybe not, i forgot if this round was part of the color cycle. Again, edited and assembled offline, with pieces from various makers. Glittered w/ glitterbase.

Round 2 of Miranda's Donkeyskin contest; same situations as above.

My current mainsite avi, for the "magical" theme at The_Contestants. Chessie's frame, various makers, premade pattern background fro the GIMP. NOT glittered with glitterbase, because I finally figured out how to do that with the GIMP :]

belladoggy 10-08-2010 03:09 AM

(continuation of last post (images limits and whatnot))

My doll for Mirnada's "mellow yellow" contest. Made/edited offline. Chessie's frame; GIMP.

Aaand last but not least, my "Mary-Sue" doll:

Name: Lauren Rachel Jessica Marie-Porter
Age: 17
Fandom: GLEE

Appearance: Jessi is the embodiment of the spotlight. Her stark-raven hair always shines with a lustrous glow, and she is tall with an hourglass figure. Her almond-shaped eyes are an electrifying blue, and she always looks like she is wearing make-up, but she really isn't because her skin is so flawless. Jessi only wear revealing outfits, but even though that is against the dress code, she gets away with it because no one wants to get her in trouble--including teachers.

Personality: She's kinda b.itchy, but no one cares because they are so awed by her talents.

Powers:Her singing voice will make anyone she wants to fall in love with her do so, but not anyone automatically does--she chooses who falls under her love spell,even though all listeners automatically want to be friends with her.

Bio: So far, she has put Finn, Puck, Mr. Schu, and Jesse under her spell. Rachel hated Jessi until she sang; then Rachel became her best friend/book slave, carrying everything around for her. Jessi is an exchange student from Britain; Quinn is the one she exchanged with. Sue gave her Quinn's old spot on the Mckinley High Cheerios, and Jessi convinced Jesse to leave Vocal Adrenaline for good. She has almost succeeded in turning Kurt straight, but first she plans to heal Artie's legs (she learned to master surgery while she was gong to school in Britain because her father is a highly respected brain surgeon, and he gave her private instruction when she was only 10 years old). Mercedes and Tina are grateful that Jessi put Rachel's ego in check. She plans to graduate early and start a career as a Broadway actress immediately following commencement. Because her dad is a brain surgeon, she is very wealthy, and she helped pay for new equipment in the choir room. All of the solos that would have gone to Rachel now go to Jessi.

(If glitter were allowed, this is the doll I would have entered; i just like to sparkle things anyway ;):

Aussiemum777 10-26-2010 06:48 PM

Hey Bridie,
I must say that your dolls have come a long way since you first started with us, My fave is the Mord sith doll, Excellent work on that one, Keep up the good work:grin:

belladoggy 04-15-2011 09:55 PM

Why thank you, Ness! I'm finding that my more complicated dollz are my better ones (more complicated meaning more playing with saturation and hue and layers) Speaking of! My latest accomplishment:

My entry for The_Contestants "Wonders" challenge. I was given "Underwater Wonders" (as Ness well knows since the whole thing was her idea :lol: ) I choose to doll the Great Barrier Reef. I also tried to glitter just the right amount to make it looks like we are underwater. I really like the tile I used for the text, but I can't remember where I found it.

I used's underwater Prep maker, a frame off of google, and found the blue background at mudkrull's dA account (stock image), and built the reef with props from the dollmaker. Also fiddled with contrast and hue. Text-ed and glitter-ed with GIMP. the font is called "Moxy Roxy", I beleive...

belladoggy 07-19-2011 01:57 AM

It's been three months, time for a dollie dump! All of the following dolls were made offline with the GIMP; lotsa stuff came from and the community contestants folders, but there were some pretty heavy edits of my own.

First up, Ninja doll for Miranda's contest:

I didn't want to do a typical ninja, and I really wanted an action-y stance, so I felt that this outfit really worked. Not much else to say; this one didn't have nearly as much heavy editing as the other two did, though I do like what I did with the title (I condensed "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon").

Next, Pinkie Pie (also for one of Miranda's contests)

I was SO proud of myself for adding in the reflection of her dress; the magic of layers and transform tools and color options. I started playing with text along a path, and i'm still not quite sure how that works exactly, but i'm fairly pleased with this result. I know it's a bit hard to read (it says "Party with Pinkie" if you were wondering), but if I darkened the outline, I darkened the whole image. I desaturated the background so the doll would stand out a bit more. And I edited her face to have that goofy grin.

And finally (for now), a girl in 50's garb for Ness's contest:

That pattern is from dA, it and others can be found here.
HEAVY editing on that dress; I removed some lace crosses, changed the color, and copied the pattern from another skirt onto the bottom. Also, i drew those pearls and turned what was originally strapless into a halter. Oh, and I drew the gloves, too. My mom coached me through this one since she knows a lot about period pieces/fashion from set dec and I wanted to be accurate, lol. After all, it's a contest about fashion trends. Oh, her head was originally meant to be Cinderella; I changed the makeup, nose, eye color, headband color, and lightness of the blonde.

So. There ya go. If anyone has comments, kudos, or critique, don't be shy. I wouldn't have done all the stuff I ended up doing if not for previous critiques. ;)

belladoggy 07-21-2011 07:06 PM

Man, this thread feels deserted (lol jk, I just feel like I'm dominating it far too much) I know it's been two days, but! I has moar dolliez! Well, one, actually: My Miss TDP 2: Dollmaker entry! However, if anyone has an opinion on this, lemme know. Should I use option A or option B? I can't decide which looks less awkward.

Option A: Option B:
(The only difference is the position of the hat, either in front of or behind the wind magic)

Here is zeh profile for my doll, whichever one I end up using.

Name: Penelope Terrina
Fairytale Represented: The Goose Girl
Comments: Penelope is dressed as the true princess in her peasant garb, out to tend the geese. She has called upon the wind to take Conrad's hat away so he won't bother her while she lets her own golden hair down. (Dollmakers used include:'s member maker, The_Contestants prop drop, Bing image search [for the staff], and one of Chessie's frames; entire doll was put together offline using the GIMP.)

Whole thing took me about 3 hours straight to complete. My hands want to fall off now.

tinker_bell_96 07-21-2011 07:19 PM

i like the hat infront of it and you did a marvolous job

Aussiemum777 07-21-2011 07:48 PM

I also like the hat in front, it looks a little awkward at the back, Good luck!

belladoggy 07-21-2011 09:11 PM

Thanks for the feedback, both of you! That's the one I'll enter, then!

Side note, also managed to finish another doll today, this time for Ness's "Formal Fire" contest. Pretty sure all of the items came from's member maker; I did build both of the frames with a block of fire prop from there; it was my mom's idea to do that to get the flicker effect. Made offline with the GIMP. I'm so glad I've finally gotten my mom to see how intricate and awesome dolling is! Anyway, the entry:

(It says "Fiery Fiesta if you are having trouble reading; I'm not sure the exact name of the text but I think it came with my laptop)

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