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Elanorea 01-11-2005 09:10 AM

Dollmaker FAQ and rules! Updated 21.08.09. READ!
This is the FAQ for the general doll maker related questions in this forum.

1. What is this forum for?
This forum is for sharing dollmaker links and talking about dollmakers. If your post doesn't fit in any of these categories, don't post here.

2. How do I make dolls?
You can make dolls using a dollmaker if you don't want to/can't draw your own. There are dollmakers on this site, and contrary to what many people believe, most of it is NOT premium only and you do NOT have to pay to make dolls (some special dollmakers are premium only, but most of them are free for everyone). Also, there are dollmakers on many many other sites if you can't find what you need here, just search and you'll find plenty of different ones. You can also edit the dolls you make with a program like Paint to make them more original.

3. How do I make a dollmaker?
Well, you need the props. To make props, you need a base to make them on. Drawing a base from scratch is hard for a beginner, but you can also search for one that you like and use it. Of course, before taking somebody's base for a dollmaker, read through their rules and see if they allow it. Most people require you to ask permission first. Then draw the props. I think it is better to make props for one pose only, because it will get confusing if you use many poses, but of course it is your decision.
When you have done all that, you need to get a code to make your props movable. I think you can find one at Dynamic Drive and a double-click dollmaker code is at MyCartoonDolls.
[thanks Kimber!]

4. How do I make a doll site?
The first step is to make something to put on your site. Dolls, bases, maybe a dollmaker, tutorials, stuff like that. Of course, you can add more later. If you already have that, you need to find a good host. Freewebs, Bravenet and many more offer free hosting. Some of these sites also have the option to upgrade your site to a 'premium' version for money. Most hosting sites have tutorials on how to make a webpage. If you need help with HTML, go to HTML Goodies.

5. The Doll Palace dollmaker doesn't work! Help!
If you're not premium, make sure that the dollmaker you are trying to use is not premium only. If you are and you still can't use them, contact support! If you're talking about the regular ones, here's something that might help:
Clean your cache out, delete your history and offline content, restart your browser and try the dollmaker again, use as few props as possible too. And before you click build, turn your pop up blocker off.
[Thanks Kimber!]

6. How do I make dark skinned candybars?
In the candybar dollmaker, there are three little boxes above the category links that allow you to change the skin color of the doll.

7. I want to make my own personal maker; can I just take props off other personal makers and put them in my own?
Do NOT take props without asking! That's basically stealing, and we do NOT endorse image theft on here. Besides, a lot of people with personal makers spent a lot of time drawing those items, and stealing them is just not on. Send the owner a dollmail, AND ASK THEM! If they say yes, then make sure you give them credit for the items on your personal maker. If they say no, then RESPECT THAT.

General forum rules and guidelines may be found here:
Spam, Netiquette And Basic Forum Information
FAQ, Tutorials, and More!

If anything remains unclear about the questions answered here or you want to add something, post in this thread, so I can see it and help you. If you want to ask about something else, first look if there isn't a thread where this question has already been answered and only make a new thread if there's none. Try to specify what your problem is, don't post: 'I need help', because people won't know what you need help with.

Thanks for reading and happy dolling!

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