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Silver_Wolf_Kitty 07-24-2011 03:49 PM

Miss TDP 2: Handdrawn Round 2
Welcome back to the Miss TDP pageant! After a successful first round, the contestant standings are as follows:

LancasterPrincess: 18/20 points
Spirit_Queen: 18/20 points
Elanorea: 17/20 points
Kiwi_Kat: 13/20 points
Katiebear_x3: 11/20 points

Obviously this is going to be a close competition with all of the talented dollers and none of them should relax yet, especially because anyone can enter the competition at anytime, just like anyone can drop out at anytime. There are still another 40 points up for grabs in rounds two and three, so we encourage all members to test their skills! To repeat, new contestants are welcome!

THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD NOR THE PLACE TO SUBMIT DOLLMAKER ENTRIES! Before you post here, I suggest you stop. All non-entry posts will be deleted. If you have questions, direct them to Silver_Wolf_Kitty, who is in charge of the entire competition.

General Competition Rules.
1. Character. When entering, you need to enter with one character and stay with it the entire time. This means that your doll’s hair and skin colour must remain the same throughout, unless otherwise stated in the round theme.
2. Base. You must use the same base set throughout, so pick one with a variety of poses. This base should also be medium in size for handdrawn dollers (comparable in size to the "Maia" bases here: ~Fainelloth Dolls~ or the "Cora" bases here: Doll Bases by blood-cocoa on deviantART). Dollmaker users should use the shuni style base.
3. Theft. No stealing the work of another. This applies to both handdrawn and dollmaker participants, so do not submit a doll that someone else made or, for handdrawn dollers, mix and match pieces of completed dolls that are not your own. All work should be original and failure to comply will result in disqualification.
4. Props. Props and backgrounds are encouraged, but should not be massive. We will ask too large of entries to reduce their size, so be reasonable.
5. Transparency. We ask that all dolls have transparent background and is a GIF file. If you don’t know how to do this, see the following thread: How to Make Backgrounds Transparent
6. Forbidden. Sexually explicit, nudity or overly bloody dolls are forbidden. Entering one could result in disqualification. Also, animation and glitter is not allowed as it creates an unequal field for those who can't animate.
7. Theme. Every doll should relate to the theme. While we encourage creativity, failure to keep with the theme can get you eliminated automatically that round.
8. Judges. No one is allowed to use friendship or promises to sway a judge’s decision. Threats, bribery, and attempts to interfere or discover the judge’s decisions in anyway will result in disqualification. Arguing with the judges can result in an automatic elimination.
9. Competing. You can only submit one entry for each competition, so choose wisely.
10. Entries. You may enter both competitions if you wish. Make sure, however, that you do not enter the same profile for both competitions; it must be different.

1. Participants enter a doll every two-three weeks in the set thread. They may enter it sooner, however further edits are not allowed after the doll is entered. No matter what, the two-three weeks are a guaranteed time slot(unless all entries are received before it).
2. Any participants who fail to meet this deadline won't receive points for the round. Deadlines are not being extended for anyone, so do not ask. Special extensions may be asked in the event of a long trip or medical/family emergency, but you must contact Silver_Wolf_Kitty immediately if this occurs.
3. After submission is closed, the judges will then provide critique on each entry and score the dolls based on creativity, adherence to the theme, and technique.
4. After critiques are posted and points are updated, the next round will begin.

Round 1: Color Splash
What you have to do this round is do a monochromatic doll--with a twist. You are allowed to select one part of the doll to be colored. The rest, including hair, eyes, and skin, must be in black and white!

An example of this technique can be viewed here!

Entry Format
(Doll pic)
Base Link
Short Explanation/Comments (OPTIONAL):
Link to Your Thread (OPTIONAL)

Please submit all Handdrawn entries here. The end date is August 8th at Midnight (EST).
Good luck!

LancasterPrincess 08-06-2011 04:29 PM

Nah that's okay, I can keep a deadline! I was just taken by surprise because I honestly thought I had WAY more time, lol.

Anywho, here is my dolleh, in all her ruins. (Can you tell I'm not a fan of color splash? xD)

Base: Small Sunshine
Name: Evony Marie Vayle

Comments: I seem to have a "thing" for moons. :lol: The swirl was a Photoshop brush that I manipulated into this awesome moon. The color of the swirl and text are also a Photoshop feature that I manipulated. The text is Carmencita. I used two reference pictures X and Y. I'd like to point out the bangs in particular. I took ya'lls last critique as a challenge instead of shying away from the curly baby hair bangs I want to try to get the technique down. So please don't think I was ignoring ya'lls critique! I'm trying to improve, lol. Also, there are purposefully no shoes. Have you ever Googled "Sitting on the Moon"? Yeah, apparently almost no one wears shoes on the moon, must be "bad luck" or something, lol.

**Edit: It's been brought to my attention that I should have probably specified my color splash reasoning:

I color splashed the Moon Dust. Her crown, and stones on her dress are made of moon dust from the swirly part of the moon. She's a moon goddess, so her eyes glow the color of the moon. Sorry! xD

PLEASE come check out my FULL COLOR DOLL and comment! I absolutely hated getting rid of all my beautiful color choices, so I'd really love to see comments for the prettier doll!

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 08-07-2011 09:16 PM

Because of the multiple requests and Miranda being away, I'll give this another week. I'd aim for this friday ladies, but I'll be willing to let it slide to sunday. No longer than that though, I do remember delays being a big issue with this contest last time.

Also, a huge thanks to Lovie for being so prompt with her entry despite the time crunch she had :) I really appreciate your hard work!

spirit_queen 08-09-2011 11:51 PM

Name: Amy Hunter
Comments: Amy hates the rain, it makes her feel dull and, as she once said to her twin, Adam, "it takes the color out of life".
So what does her brother do? Buys her a freakin' rainbow umbrella, because he's just like that. Amy would never admit it, but she adores that umbrella.

Magic @ Midnight

Kiwi_Kat 08-12-2011 09:53 PM

Base Link
Name: Ella
Short Explanation/Comments: Not many perople know this, but Ells has a flair for interior design. She has just finished painting her room a bright sunny orange. As you can see she is also rather messy. She stands back to inspect her work.
Link to your Thread

Elanorea 08-14-2011 10:20 AM

Base: DHF
Name: Meredith
Comments: This is probably going to need an explanation :P. Anyway, I originally created Meredith for a short story in which she discovers she has the power to control dreams, and is given a magical necklace to let her focus that power. I figured a dream was a good theme for this round, since many people dream in black and white. As such, I decided to go for a slightly surreal background. I've no explanation for the outfit, but it totally is something Meredith would wear.

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