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Default Miss TDP 2: Dollmaker Round 1: CRITIQUES POSTED!!! - 07-06-2011, 12:26 AM

Its that time of year again for Miss TDP to be brought out of hiding and revamped! Before continuing to our round one theme, we ask that all members read the following rules and procedures if they are considering competing as our format has changed from the first pageant.

This competition may take up to two or three months to complete, however all participants are not required to stick with the competition throughout. Yes, we have eliminated the voting process and instead will determine a winner by whoever has the most points at the end of the competition! This means people are allowed to enter the competition or leave it at any time, they only will miss out on potential points that could effect the standings in the end.

What you need to do is to create a character portraying the round theme. There will be three rounds, and each round is worth ten points. These points will be awarded to each entry by the judges; LancasterPrincess and Miranda_. The competitor with the most points at the end of competition will receive an award made for them by one of the forum staff.

THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD NOR THE PLACE TO SUBMIT HANDDRAWN ENTRIES! Before you post here, I suggest you stop. All non-entry posts will be deleted. If you have questions, direct them to Silver_Wolf_Kitty, who is in charge of the entire competition.

General Competition Rules.
1. Character. When entering, you need to enter with one character and stay with it the entire time. This means that your doll’s hair and skin colour must remain the same throughout, unless otherwise stated in the round theme.
2. Base. You must use the same base set throughout, so pick one with a variety of poses. This base should also be medium in size for handdrawn dollers (comparable in size to the "Maia" bases here: ~Fainelloth Dolls~ or the "Cora" bases here: Doll Bases by blood-cocoa on deviantART). Dollmaker users should use the shuni style base.
3. Theft. No stealing the work of another. This applies to both handdrawn and dollmaker participants, so do not submit a doll that someone else made or, for handdrawn dollers, mix and match pieces of completed dolls that are not your own. All work should be original and failure to comply will result in disqualification.
4. Props. Props and backgrounds are encouraged, but should not be massive. We will ask too large of entries to reduce their size, so be reasonable.
5. Transparency. We ask that all dolls have transparent background and is a GIF file. If you don’t know how to do this, see the following thread: How to Make Backgrounds Transparent
6. Forbidden. Sexually explicit, nudity or overly bloody dolls are forbidden. Entering one could result in disqualification. Also, animation and glitter is not allowed as it creates an unequal field for those who can't animate.
7. Theme. Every doll should relate to the theme. While we encourage creativity, failure to keep with the theme can get you eliminated automatically that round.
8. Judges. No one is allowed to use friendship or promises to sway a judge’s decision. Threats, bribery, and attempts to interfere or discover the judge’s decisions in anyway will result in disqualification. Arguing with the judges can result in an automatic elimination.
9. Competing. You can only submit one entry for each competition, so choose wisely.
10. Entries. You may enter both competitions if you wish. Make sure, however, that you do not enter the same profile for both competitions; it must be different.

1. Participants enter a doll every two-three weeks in the set thread. They may enter it sooner, however further edits are not allowed after the doll is entered. No matter what, the two-three weeks are a guaranteed time slot(unless all entries are received before it).
2. Any participants who fail to meet this deadline will be eliminated. Deadlines are not being extended for anyone, so do not ask. Special extensions may be asked in the event of a long trip or medical/family emergency, but you must contact Silver_Wolf_Kitty immediately if this occurs.
3. After submission is closed, the judges will then provide critique on each entry and score the dolls based on creativity, adherence to the theme, and several other factors which will be revealed when critiques are posted.
4. After critiques are posted and points are updated, the next round will begin.

Round 1: Fairytales
Don't get too excited yet, these are not your typical fairytales, so there will be no Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty here. No, you are limited to portraying a character from one of the following five stories:

Your doll can be dressed as any character in these stories and creativity is highly encouraged, just identify the character when you submit your entry. There will be no point reductions for repeated characters. For this round you may change your character's hair colour, although it is better if you stick with your intended colour for the competition.

Entry Format
(Doll pic)
Fairytale Represented:
Short Explanation/Comments (OPTIONAL):
Link to Your Thread (OPTIONAL)

Please submit all Dollmaker entries here. The end date is July 22nd.
Good luck!

Av & Sig Credit: Me

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Default 07-06-2011, 03:24 PM

Name: Ilse (ill-sah) Bergman

Fairytale Represented: Sweetheart Roland

Short Explanation/Comments: This is Ilse as the beautiful girl in "Sweetheart Roland" after she turned herself into a flower and took care of the man. She just transformed herself into a human to clean, and will change back into a flower.

Background: Google

Miranda: A beautiful doll; I like the way you gave her a pensive expression, rather than having her grinning, which shows that she's not exactly happy with her situation. A minor niggle with me is how short the doll's dress is; dresses of that period in time were generally long, but the dress is agreeably plain, as befits the situation for the girl. I love the border; it sets off the doll nicely.
Score: 8/10

Lovie: First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on choosing to do one of the more difficult storylines! I always admire people who choose to do more creatively challenging tasks (I'm too often wooed to doll pretty and simple, lol, so these are always refreshing.). But on to the doll!

I do love just how plain, but beautiful, the doll is. I really think it does justice to the doll's story. She is, after all, in great distress, so a gourgeous gown, makeup and hair would be too far fetched. The hair is perfectly chosen, no fancy up-do. The dress, too, is also worthy of a depressed lover (though I would have liked it better if it matched the time period better, women did not wear short dresses back then.). You were sure to include the important props, always a plus, and what's more is they don't look pasted on to the doll, but rather a part of the doll, like she is actually holding the bucket and wand. Details like that always go a long way to a more profesional look. I do love that you kept flowers in the theme by using them in the frame, though I would have prefered to see gold vertical lines instead of black to connect them, to look as one piece instead of two.

Score: 8/10 points


"I feel you breathing... Everywhere...The rain, the hay... please. Please Wendela."

Last edited by Silver_Wolf_Kitty : 07-23-2011 at 10:10 PM.
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Default 07-18-2011, 06:52 PM

Name: Donkeyskin Girl
Fairytale Represented: Donkeyskin
Short Explanation/Comments: This is where every Sunday, Donkeyskin Girl would make herself beautiful once more. She is wearing her "Sky Dress".

Miranda: I adore the doll's updo and dress! It's great that you chose to have the doll's hair put up in a pretty do; obviously, after toiling in the kitchen all week, Donkeyskin would love to do her hair as well as put on one of her beautiful dresses. The dress too is fab; rather than just pick a bog standard blue dress for the doll, you chose instead to have one with different shades of blue in a gradiant. I do think, however, that the picture could have been made smaller; bigger isn't necessarily better and you could have had the doll in front of the mirror or next to the chest; perhaps with one of Donkeyskin's other dresses seen peeping out. All that space is just not needed and a border would have been the perfect finishing touch.
Score: 7/10

Lovie: Let's start with a big to-do with how freaking perfect that dress is for the sky theme! I really really do adore your choice! To have chosen any blue dress would have been all too easy, and to be honest, boring! But not you! You instead chose a dress that illuminated the various shades of the morning/evening sky, such a clever thing to do to give the doll a bit more oompfh! Nextly, I love that you included all the necessary props to the story, so kudos on that! However, I'm not too keen on the clash of color saturation. I would have better liked to have seen either more realistic props, or a more cartoon-y background so as to better match each other. As they are right now, they do sort of look pasted on. One or two props are okay this way, occasionally, but for all of them to clash is a bit much. Another thing I would liked to have seen is some type of border. Obviously they are by no means required, but they do tend to finish off dolls quite nicely, giving them a more completed look.
Score: 7/10 points


Last edited by Silver_Wolf_Kitty : 07-23-2011 at 10:13 PM.
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Default 07-21-2011, 04:44 AM

Name:Ellie Rose
Fairytale:The Fairies
Ellie Rose is at the well collecting water when confronted by the fairy who is disquised as an old peasant woman, because of Ellie's kindness toward her the fairy grants that everytime Ellie Rose speaks that roses, pearls and diamonds flow from her mouth, if you havent read it then I suggest you do.

Miranda: I'm so glad that there were people who chose The Fairies to doll; it's my favourite story out of all the choices, with Donkeyskin as a close second. The fairy and the girl are almost perfect; tho the jewels look a bit too big, and the water containers would be better as buckets, cuz the younger girl gave the fairy a drink out of one. I love the background and the border sets the whole thing off nicely.
Score: 8/10

Lovie: Alas! Another difficult storyline! I'm so glad to see entries that call for a bit more creativity! First I want to say that I adore the setting you chose. The well and surrounding forrest are absolutely perfect for this particular doll, and the border does it justice too! I am, however, slightly disappointed with the rest. The young maiden you had chose to portray is hated by her jealous mother and step sister. I was therefore ready to see her wearing a rather unimpressive smock. Yet, however pieced together her clothing is, it still is quite a gown, with a particular emphasis on gown. It's got way more detail than the story calls for, and seems to be made of rather fine material. I do get that by it being "piecy" it's supposed to look "bad/poor", but I'm just too distracted by the intracate detail to notice the "bad". Nextly, with it being so full of color, the dress makes the doll seem pasted on, rather than an actual part of the scenery. The flowers coming from her mouth are perfect, and perfectly sized, but I am horrified at the thought of choking up fist-sized (and larger) gems. That seems more a curse than a gift...Also, I must admit I'm a bit confused by her action. She seems to be pouring water from a silver flask into an equally sized silver flask? What's the point? With it being a well I would have prefered to see a bucket up top and the flask below. The fairie's old woman disguise is perfectly chosen, though the hem of the dress is distracting and pointing out the fact that it looks as if it should be meeting the ground rather than floating above it. Those details aside, I still like the doll very much. I can tell a lot of detail and time went into it, but there are simply too many distractions in my own personal opinion.
Score: 7/10 points


Last edited by Silver_Wolf_Kitty : 07-23-2011 at 10:19 PM.
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Default 07-21-2011, 11:58 AM

Name: Laila Carter
Tale Represented: Donkeyskin; Sun Dress
Comments/Credits: Made with one of Maker Heaven's makers, background from eLouai, border and rays of sunshine in the background by me.
Ж-The Royal Dollery-Ж

Miranda: This doll is beautiful; I adore the dress and the border, and altho the background doesn't really fit the story of Donkeyskin, where the girl puts on her dresses in her room, it too is lovely. A lot of work has obviously gone into this doll and the border is the perfect finishing touch.
Score: 8/10

Lovie: What a beautiful doll! I simply adore the background, frame and color choices! Had this been a doll for another story/theme I would have had nothing bad to say about it! But it is a doll trying to show the story of Donkeyskin, so I see a few things that are off. Firstly, I just love a firey redhead, especially when she's paired with her perfectly coordinating sun-dress. But there is one thing bothering me with her head: her distaste. This is the only day of the week she is most happy, is when she is trying on her beautiful gowns! So I'm a little taken aback at her scornfully sour expression. Secondly, she's in a forrest. As stunningly beautiful as this forrest is, it's a bit out of place. She's dressing in secret in a bathroom chamber, not out in the open for all to see? I would have also liked to have seen a few props. It is a small doll overall, so I'm not too bothered by the lack of props, but they would have made a nice impact none the less. However confusing this doll is, your technique is spot on! Nothing looks pasted on, she and her outfit blend well with the scenery and frame, and there's detail everywhere. Not a boring spot to be seen!
Score: 8/10 points


Last edited by Silver_Wolf_Kitty : 07-23-2011 at 10:22 PM.
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Default 07-21-2011, 08:43 PM

hope this isnt too late

name: Leigha
tale represented: sweetheart roland
short description: Leigha normally isnt one to dress girly but she saw that the stepdaughter carried the witches daughters head away and she said alright lets do it. she is dressed as the stepdaughter at her wedding holding her stepsister's head saying "victory"
dollmaker used: The_Contestants Club donated props

Miranda: The doll is very wellmade, and I love the pose; so much different from the regular shuni style doll pose. However, I do think that the doll looks a bit too happy for what she's doing. I would have thought that she would be upset or frightened, rather than happy, to be carrying her stepsister's head, especially since it was her stepmother who was the enemy. The background would have been better also to have been muted, maybe even darkness themed, to go better with the mood. Overall, it's a beautiful doll but it doesn't really fit the theme at all.
Score: 5/10

Lovie: First off, congrats on finding such a perfect base/dress to use! It would have never occured to me to use that for this storyline, and I JUST saw it yesterday, lol. (Background knowledge for others: that was a donated prop from The_Contestant's Maker, it was originally a gruesomely headless zombie doll carrying it's own head) But as I was saying, I give immense kudos on the creativity to put a head on the zombie base. You did well on the color edits of the dress and head as well. But unfortunately my applauds stop there. The background is very beautiful indeed, but I don't think it goes with the particular story? A meadow or peasant house would have been better suited. Also, I'm a bit shocked at the behavior of the doll. The beautiful and kind daughter surely wasn't happy that her stepsister was beheaded, and what's more, is it happened a mere inches away from her and only a few short hours earlier? Relieved? Definitely, because she just escaped the same fate, but I highly doubt she'd flaunt it so grotesquely. You almost had me with the text. It's the perfect size and in the perfect position, but the message adds to the flaunt and, in addition, it's definately lacking creatively. Perhaps some color or design to make it blend more instead of seeming pasted? I also notice a lack of frame. As I say above in another member's review, these are obviously not required, but they do make for a more "complete" looking doll. Overall, you have great potential, but I do hope that as this contest goes on you pay more attention to details, theme, and, especially, to character portrayal.
Score: 6/10 points


Last edited by Silver_Wolf_Kitty : 07-23-2011 at 10:26 PM.
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Default 07-21-2011, 09:14 PM

Name: Penelope Terrina
Fairytale Represented: The Goose Girl
Comments: Penelope is dressed as the true princess in her peasant garb, out to tend the geese. She has called upon the wind to take Conrad's hat away so he won't bother her while she lets her own golden hair down. (Dollmakers used include:'s member maker, The_Contestants prop drop, Bing image search [for the staff], and one of Chessie's frames; entire doll was put together offline using the GIMP.)
Doll Thread: 'Tis here

Miranda: I do love The Goosegirl, and this doll represents the key character perfectly! Her hair is golden, her dress is shabby and she's quite obviously out in the meadow with the geese, having just called down the wind to send Conrad to chase his hat. I just adore the border; it matches the scene perfectly and is just the final touch to a beautiful doll. The crook doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the scene; it looks a bit out of place and a more pixeled crook would have fitted better. Perhaps handdrawing one? Anyway, that's just a minor criticism.
Score: 9/10

Lovie: YOU, my resourceful competitor, are SO close to a perfect score! I only have 2 very minor critiques on this doll, so I will get those out of the way first. One, I'm not fond of the bright fuscia pink, but that is more of a preference, not a rule of thumb. And two, the staff is out of place saturation-wise. How I WISH you had found a cartoon-y staff to use instead! That's what's really knocking off your one point! Had you looked in the Halloween maker of TDP you'd find a wooden staff (black, but could be edited to match) that would have glued this whole doll together perfectly, bright fuscia pink or not! Now then, on to your much deserved kudos! The head is absolutely perfect! It's flowing in the wind, it's golden, it's fit for a princess. The gown? Also perfect! It's drab, and boring, but suits the story to a "T"! There are geese that's she's flocking, there's obviously a travel from the castle, which is also to be congratulated, a background with a castle, a journey, and geese! And what I only just realized? They all have shadows in the correct position! Truly truly love this doll. Those two minor things were my only set-back, so keep it up!
Score: 9/10


Av/Sig set: Lovie

Last edited by Silver_Wolf_Kitty : 07-23-2011 at 10:28 PM.
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Default 07-23-2011, 10:33 PM

Excellent job, ladies! You'll all be happy to know that your critiques have been posted and the next round will be up tomorrow afternoon, so keep an eye out and remember that there are still another 40 points up for grabs that could totally change these standings. I've seen it before, so just keep up the great entries!

Av & Sig Credit: Me
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