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Default Miss TDP Mary Sue Round 2 {Dollmaker} - 10-10-2010, 03:41 PM

The entrants for the next round of the competition are as follows:


New entrants are allowed, but remember that by not entering the first round, you've missed out on twenty potential points.


Name: Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor.
Age: Fourteen; she's in fifth year tho cuz she was moved up a year due to being so clever.
Fandom: Harry Potter.
Drabble: Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor had met the boy of her dreams. A ball had been organised at Hogwarts for no apparent reason, and Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor was of course going with the love of her life. Rebelliously flouting the unofficial house rules that a Gryffindor and Slytherin could not fall in love, Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor had fallen madly in love with Blaise Zabini who of course had taken one look at Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor's flowing golden hair that was like liquid fire, and her beautiful jewel bright sapphire eyes, and fallen madly in love with the honey maned beauty. Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor had previously been dating Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, but she'd ditched them both in favour of Blaise. She was sure they'd understand, despite their heartbreak. Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor had chosen a beautiful dress that set off her dazzling hair and skin like peaches and cream. It was exactly the same colour as her intense azure eyes, and she was sure that Blaise would adore her in it. Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor could not wait for the dance; she was sure that she would be the belle of the ball!

General Competition Rules.

1. Character. When entering, you need to enter with one character and stay with it the entire time. This means that your doll’s hair and skin colour must remain the same throughout, unless otherwise stated in the round theme.
2. Base. You must use the same base set throughout, so pick one with a variety of poses. This base should also be medium in size for handdrawn dollers (comparable in size to the "Moe" bases here: DHF : Doll on the Hill Factory). Dollmaker users should use the shuni style base.
3. Theft. No stealing the work of another. This applies to both handdrawn and dollmaker participants, so do not submit a doll that someone else made or, for handdrawn dollers, mix and match pieces of completed dolls that are not your own. All work should be original and failure to comply will result in disqualification.
4. Props. Props and backgrounds are encouraged, but should not be massive. We will ask too large of entries to reduce their size, so be reasonable.
5. Transparency. We ask that all dolls have transparent background and is a GIF file. If you don’t know how to do this, see the following thread: How to Make Backgrounds Transparent
6. Forbidden. Sexually explicit, nudity or overly bloody dolls are forbidden. Entering one could result in disqualification. Also, animation and glitter is not allowed as it creates an unequal field for those who can't animate.
7. Theme. Every doll should relate to the theme. While we encourage creativity, failure to keep with the theme can get you eliminated automatically that round.
8. Judges. No one is allowed to use friendship or promises to sway a judge’s decision. Threats, bribery, and attempts to interfere or discover the judge’s decisions in anyway will result in disqualification. Arguing with the judges can result in an automatic elimination.
9. Competing. You can only submit one entry for each competition, so choose wisely.
10. Entries. You may enter both competitions if you wish. Make sure, however, that you do not enter the same profile for both competitions; it must be different.

Each entry must consist of a doll and a drabble. The drabble must be at least 100 words, tho a longer and more colourful entry will gain in points over one that is just the bare minimum.

Round 2: The Mary Sue In Love.

This round is to show your Mary Sue in love. Create a doll to represent her, and also write a short drabble to tell the story of your Sue's true love, whether he be a made up Gary Stu or a horribly warped canon character. Go mad with the pointless description, the character destruction (if your Sue's love is a canon character), the purple prose and the unnecessary detail. Any questions, feel free to PM me.

Please submit all Dollmaker entries here. Judges are as before, myself and Silent_Wolf, and the end date is October 31st. An extension can be granted if need be, but try to get your entries in as soon as is possible. Good luck everyone!

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