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Miranda_ 10-10-2010 03:34 PM

Miss TDP Mary Sue Round 2 {Handdrawn}
The entrants for the next round of the competition are as follows:


New entrants are allowed, but remember that by not entering the first round, you've missed out on twenty potential points.


Name: Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor.
Age: Fourteen; she's in fifth year tho cuz she was moved up a year due to being so clever.
Fandom: Harry Potter.
Drabble: Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor had met the boy of her dreams. A ball had been organised at Hogwarts for no apparent reason, and Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor was of course going with the love of her life. Rebelliously flouting the unofficial house rules that a Gryffindor and Slytherin could not fall in love, Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor had fallen madly in love with Blaise Zabini who of course had taken one look at Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor's flowing golden hair that was like liquid fire, and her beautiful jewel bright sapphire eyes, and fallen madly in love with the honey maned beauty. Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor had previously been dating Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, but she'd ditched them both in favour of Blaise. She was sure they'd understand, despite their heartbreak. Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor had chosen a beautiful dress that set off her dazzling hair and skin like peaches and cream. It was exactly the same colour as her intense azure eyes, and she was sure that Blaise would adore her in it. Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor could not wait for the dance; she was sure that she would be the belle of the ball!

General Competition Rules.

1. Character. When entering, you need to enter with one character and stay with it the entire time. This means that your doll’s hair and skin colour must remain the same throughout, unless otherwise stated in the round theme.
2. Base. You must use the same base set throughout, so pick one with a variety of poses. This base should also be medium in size for handdrawn dollers (comparable in size to the "Moe" bases here: DHF : Doll on the Hill Factory). Dollmaker users should use the shuni style base.
3. Theft. No stealing the work of another. This applies to both handdrawn and dollmaker participants, so do not submit a doll that someone else made or, for handdrawn dollers, mix and match pieces of completed dolls that are not your own. All work should be original and failure to comply will result in disqualification.
4. Props. Props and backgrounds are encouraged, but should not be massive. We will ask too large of entries to reduce their size, so be reasonable.
5. Transparency. We ask that all dolls have transparent background and is a GIF file. If you don’t know how to do this, see the following thread: How to Make Backgrounds Transparent
6. Forbidden. Sexually explicit, nudity or overly bloody dolls are forbidden. Entering one could result in disqualification. Also, animation and glitter is not allowed as it creates an unequal field for those who can't animate.
7. Theme. Every doll should relate to the theme. While we encourage creativity, failure to keep with the theme can get you eliminated automatically that round.
8. Judges. No one is allowed to use friendship or promises to sway a judge’s decision. Threats, bribery, and attempts to interfere or discover the judge’s decisions in anyway will result in disqualification. Arguing with the judges can result in an automatic elimination.
9. Competing. You can only submit one entry for each competition, so choose wisely.
10. Entries. You may enter both competitions if you wish. Make sure, however, that you do not enter the same profile for both competitions; it must be different.

Each entry must consist of a doll and a drabble. The drabble must be at least 100 words, tho a longer and more colourful entry will gain in points over one that is just the bare minimum.

Round 2: The Mary Sue In Love.

This round is to show your Mary Sue in love. Create a doll to represent her, and also write a short drabble to tell the story of your Sue's true love, whether he be a made up Gary Stu or a horribly warped canon character. Go mad with the pointless description, the character destruction (if your Sue's love is a canon character), the purple prose and the unnecessary detail. Any questions, feel free to PM me.

Please submit all Handdrawn entries here. Judges are as before, myself and Silent_Wolf, and the end date is October 31st. An extension can be granted if need be, but try to get your entries in as soon as is possible. Good luck everyone!

Cheshire1996 10-23-2010 10:23 PM

Name: Emerald Silverheart Demeter Ravenwing Voldermort
Age: 15 years old, however she often appears older due to her stunning looks and killer wardrobe.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Emerald Silverheart Demeter Ravenwing Voldermort ran through the forest, her feet pounded on the floor as she ran. But in her heart she knew that no matter how hard she tried to move faster she would too late. And as she reached the clearing she was.
He lay on the ground, motionless, alone in the clearing. Emerald didn't try to hide her tears as she fell down on her knees next to her beloved Seth. Her hair fell down her back in almost magical black waves much like a calm, rolling ocean at night, and her eyes shone as though all the stars in the sky were contained inside them. Her skin was pale and looked pearly white under the moonlight. She was his fallen angel, she would always be. His beautiful fallen angel. He looked up at her and Emerald could see he was crying too.
"Sing me a song," he turned his head to look at her.
Emerlad sang, her eyes closed, her voice lifting. The sound was more beautiful than the sound of a nightingale, a sound that could calm even the roughest of seas, soften the hardest of hearts and summon the kindest of feeling in someone who had long forgotten was caring and kindness really was. She looked beautiful, the moon outlining her hair, like a halo of silver light, her eyes were full of sorrow, for what might have been and her tears were like diamonds, sparkling and glinting as they fell to the ground. She finished the song and turned back to face him.
"Don't die," she pleaded quietly, her voice was soft and it lilted slightly in the night air.
"It's not my choice to make," he smiled back, "I'll love you no matter what happens, promise me you'll do the same, my angel," he gave her one last smile before his eyes closed, forever.
"I'll love you too," Emerald whispered, although he couldn't hear her anymore. His angel threw back her head and gazed up at the stars. She would enver stop loving him, from now on she would never love anyone else, never again.
And without glancing back Emerald left the clearing.

Since then Emerlad has dated many other big names around Hogwarts, Harry, Draco...the list continues. However she has never loved anyone as much as she loved Seth. Since his death Emerlad's heart has frozen, she can longer love. She's still his fallen angel, like she promised, and she will be forever.

Doll: 6/10. Drabble: 8/10.

Doll Critique.
Again, like last time, the hair looks incredibly weird. Also, the shading on the boots is incredibly square. and there also seems to be no shading on her top. However, I like her jaggy fishnets.

Drabble Critique.
The drabble is absolutely stereotypical of a Sue. Lost love, going on to date other men though is a nice twist to what I usually see. My only annoyance is that you don't really elaborate on who he is or why he's dead.

Doll Critique.
The hair still could use some work; it needs to be stranded a bit better as the strands are all over the place rather than being vertical. A different pallette could be used for the top, as there is shading there, but it doesn't really show up very well. But the fishnets are very good, and I like her spiked wrist and ankle bands.

Drabble Critique.

Definitely a Twagic!Sue, all boohoos and lost love, tho with the Sue proclaiming her ever lasting love for her lost one and still dating other guys; nice touch. However, you've left out quite a bit of the story. It would have been nice to see the Gary Stu's backstory, with perhaps a horribly detailed part about his death and the Sue's depression over the death, making it all about her.

LancasterPrincess 10-31-2010 12:16 AM

*whew* I hope to goodness everything is okay?! I've been working feverently to get this done and in on time so I'm not the one holding everyone up! ^^

Base: KawaiiHannah
Background & Props:
All by me.

Name: Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream
Age: Young, and Immortal (Even the saying "I don't believe in faires" has no effect, unlike other fairies.)
Fairy Type: Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream is most fluent in Light magic, like her mother, but she is also the first and only Fairy to have a talent in all areas of Pixie Magic.
Fandom: Peter Pan and Disney's Fairies of Pixie Hollow
Bio (Un-rated, just background info since I missed the first Round): Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream, or Radiance Dream (If you must, but she prefers her full name as it's too beautiful to be left unsaid.), is the kindest, most stunning array of dream-like beauty in all of Pixie Hollow and Never Never Land, well the universe really, but more on that later. Anyway, as I was saying, you couldn't find a more sparkling, beautiful and kind Fairy anywhere to match that of Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream. Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream has no faults as she is the most perfect Fairy and daughter in the history of ever. She's the sole inheritor to Queen Clarion's crown and dynasty of Pixie Hollow, and everyone is really excited for the day that Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream takes the throne. Even her mother, Queen Clarion, as she knows her daughter could do all of Pixie Hollow a lot better than she ever had, and she is so lovingly proud of her daughter for it.

Drabble: One day, as Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream was on a mission to promote the campagne of "Fairies Are Real" (Obviously named by her Mother, as she would have chosen something much more perfect, like "Divine Fairies Live On"), she flew to Never Never Land and happend across Peter Pan, who she fell instantly in deep passionate love with. Peter Pan was a Lost Boy, and as such was in desperate need of a female's love. One day while she was admiring her heart's desire from afar it occured to Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream that neither Wendy, nor Tinkerbell, could ever give him the love he needed more than she.

But before she was able to introduce herself and her undying love to Peter, she'd realized that Tinker had bewitched him with Evil Pixie Dust which was forbidden for any Fairy to have. Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream confronted Tinker and insisted that she was now outcasted from all of Pixie Hollow and Never Never Land. Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream tried to explain her deepest condolances, but remained firm because it was her unfortunate duty to do so. Tinker was so stunned by Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream's beauty and divinity that she instantly became remorseful and left for good, never to be seen again.

Once out of Tinker's spell Peter was confused and disoriented from the Evil Pixie Dust. Wendy was of course useless to help, being an average looking and untalented human girl, so Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream shyly came to Peter, adverting her shimmering silver dew drop eyes in bashfullness. Like Tinker had been, Peter was also stunned by her breathtaking beauty. Peter then hazzily realized through his confusion that he needed to have the love of the most beautiful creature in all the universe, in order to not only be cured of the confusion and disorientation effects from the Evil Pixie Dust, but from being a Lost Boy as well. Peter (obvioulsy still confused, as the most beautiful was right in front of him) arranged a Pageant to find his cure, but more importantly, his true love.

Queen Clairion heard of Peter's non-sense and knew that he must still be intoxicated by the Evil Pixie Dust. So to cure him of his obvious confusion she enchanted the rings he intended to give to himself and his bride, so that when her daughter won, as Clair had no doubt she would, he would be able to not only stand her captivating and glorious radiance so they could live passionately in love for ever and ever, eternity after eternity, but to also ensure that he would no longer be affected by any post poned effects of the Evil Pixie Dust in the future.

The Pageant he hosted had an array of what would seem to be beautiful creatures from all over the lands of Never Never Land, Pixie Hollow, Earth, and the Universe. But in the presense of Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream, they all instantly knew who the winner would be and dropped out of the competition, all aside from Wendy, who was stubbornly unaware that she obviously needed glasses, like her brother John, because she had a serious case of self-image-distortion, and one of the mermaids of Never Never Land, who was simply just arrogantly full of herself. (I mean, come on, yay you have cute fins, but you're seriously lacking in some sparkling magic...and a mirror that doesn't ripple as you gaze upon yourself!)

At the moment of realization that the Pageant was down to only 3 contenders before it even began, Peter locked eyes with Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream for the first time. Even with Peter being confused his heart instantly fell for Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream, and upon putting the rings on each other's fingers his confusion was gone, the Pageant forgotten, and with true love's first kiss, Peter's Lost Boy days were no more. He was now a happily married and devoted Man-Fairy to Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream for the rest of forever after.

Doll: 9/10. Drabble: 10/10.

Doll Critique.
You made almost all of it yourself with the exception of the bases. What's not to love!? The shading is so uniform, so soft - so pixie-like! My only problem is that Radiance Dream's hair looks rather tentacle-like as it falls down her back.

Drabble Critique.
The drabble was... I have no words. Radiance falls for Peter Pan, who doesn't love anybody but himself apparently, and he's cursed because of Tinkerbell, and of course the only one who can save him is the Sue. And her own mother has decreed a pagaent to cure him. Also loving the ragging on Wendy and the Mermaids. XD

Doll Critique.
Absolutely wonderful. I just adore this doll to pieces; her simpering look at Peter Pan is just totally sick making. XD The shading is wonderful and the fact that it's all pixeled freehand save the bases just adds to its beauty. My only criticism is that Radiance Dream's hair pallette is a little off, so the hair doesn't look quite right, but that's a minor criticism. This doll is a perfect Mary Sue!

Drabble Critique.
This drabble was both sickly sweet and also entertaining, what with everything of course being centred on the Sue, with the paegent created especially to save Peter Pan from that evil Tinkerbell and to match him up with the Sue. XD I especially love the way that Wendy is trashed; that's definitely a Sue characteristic that I've seen in fanfic many a time. In fact, there is nothing to criticise at all about this drabble. Well done!

Aussiemum777 10-31-2010 08:25 PM

It is done, this took forever and a day!

Xylia's Base: PINK LAND
Evangaline & Zagruk bases: blood-cocoa's Gallery
Everything else drawn by me(I didnt do my usual final check for stray pixels, ran out of time)

Name: Xylia Maurelle Luella Fluer Lanthine Emerenta
Age: 18
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings

The Thorn.y Love Triangle:
Xylia Maurelle Luella Fleur Lanthine Emerenta sat bathing her toes in a woodland stream, Her red mane of hair cascading down the curves of her back, pretty sure that she sat unnoticed, she watched her daughter Evangeline Lanae Melody Rose from a distance, being half cast orc & elf she had Inherited Xylias elvish ears and her fiery red locks, her father’s strong physical traits were hers also. Evangeline loved nothing more then to dress up like her mother and her forehead adorns Xylia’s favourite tiara, A true little princess she thought.
Evangeline was the result of an unfortunate affair many moons ago, Xylia was out walking one night and stumbled across a wayward Inn called “The Empty Tankard” odd name she thought.
After deciding that she needed to let her hair down she sat down to drink, after many ales she now knew why the Inn was appropriately named The empty Tankard as she had many many empty tankards on the table. Xylia conversed with a local orc named Zagruk Ig Xorag Zurpigig well into the night, he was a local lumberjack and made a pretty penny doing this, Xylia thought his rugged good looks were very attractive to her( it’s funny how ones sight & perception can be hindered by too much ale)they laughed and joked till the wee hours of the morning, after sleeping in the stables out back for a few hours Xylia woke to see the grotesque creature that she had been friendly with, so horrified at the sight of him she was that she gathered her belongings, plucked the straw out of her hair and fled….far away home.
Evangeline was born, and after realising that she had no motherly instincts she knew she could not raise this child, the kind hearted orc Zagruk would be a more suitable parent for their child, he was kind, loving and a good provider for Evangeline, his devotion to Evangeline became unbelievably remarkable as the two could not be separated, Xylia knew that this was best for Evangeline and although Xylia loved Zagruk in her own way, she knew that she could never be with him, the thought of seeing the fugliest man every day of her life made her cringe and Inheriting his fugly surname was definitely not an option. He serves his purpose she thought to herself.
Xylia’s main focus now was to sit at the throne and claim her rightful place, she had a plan.Sitting on the roadside dressed as a pheasant with her red mane swept over her right eye to conceal it she feigned injury, sitting on the road, apples strewn everywhere she knew that celeborn would be passing this way on his graceful steed very soon, just as he has done every 4th Monday of each month. When he arrived he bent down to help her up and after gathering her apples he held her and their eyes met, this was just enough to cast her bewitching spell over him…she left with her apples.
Celeborn could not forget her and searched Lothlorien for her, she was nowhere to be found.
It was the evening of The Traditional Elvish gathering and Xylia decided that she would go, Wearing her finest gown which too silk worms years to make and shielding her appearance with a cloak she set off, her arrival was met with strange looks and unwelcoming gazes, nobody knew her and they were suspicious of her, as the night wore on she managed to spread her bewitching charm around and everyone was in awe of this enchanting beauty, "Who was she" they wandered, Leading celeborn down to the babbling brook they sat, she removed her cloak and he saw that this was indeed the woman that he had been searching for, she let loose her fiery red mane of hair, their eyes met and he instantly fell in love with her.
Feeling very pleased with herself & sitting backin her rightful place on the throne gazing up at the stars Xylia wanders when she will next see the one she calls "The True Love of her Life" Legolas.

Doll: 9/10. Drabble: 9/10.

Doll Critique.
The doll looks so complex - and I'm loving the look of the orc. He's not quite as ugly as Xylia makes him out to be, but then, she's an elf and he's not, so I think everybody looks ugly to elves anyway. And lookit the little elf-orc, she's so cute! I hope she's not going to turn out a Sue like her mother, poor dear. And Celeborn hanging out in the corner looks a little dull. What exactly is he doing being half-undressed? Zagruk, I understand, because he's a lumberjack (and.. he also looks... pantsless?) but why Celeborn?

Drabble Critique.
So first she has fun with an orc (and regrets it), then leaves the love child with the orc (who is apparently a great father), THEN goes after Celeborn to gain the throne?
Oh my god, this has the potential for Soap Opera status. Especially when she decides that Legolas is The Twoo Wuv of her Life (Princess Bride reference done on purpose).

Doll Critique.
I just love the hair on this doll; it looks so soft! And the dress, and of course, all her satellites; her former lover, her new lover and her daughter. Of course, the Sue must be the centre of the universe; I love the way that you've made her the focus of the picture. The vines are incredible, too.

Drabble Critique.
Oh my; this is an incredibly tangled web! So much description, and also, so much justification for the Sue, who of course can do no wrong! And obviously her daughter must look exactly like the Sue! XD This was just hilarious reading; it read just like a Suefic, which for this competition is a good thing. Bring on the next chapter!

spirit_queen 11-01-2010 07:30 PM

Name: Princess Joyce Bridget Helen Fairway

Age: 15

Fandom: Shrek

Drabble: The radiant Princess Joyce Bridget Helen Fairway had spent a goodly amount of time wandering the wildernesses, ruining her favorite simple gown with dark purple fabric and cream corset. It turned out that the country of her mother’s birth was called “Far Far Away” for a very, very good reason. And, to add to that, she’d had to fend off trolls and vampires! Lucky she accidentally found out that both species had a fatal allergy to wild garlic.

After running from the fiends, she stumbled upon a secret magical cave. It had a powerful enchantment upon it to keep people out, but Joyce was so pure of spirit and heart that the spell seemed to have no effect upon her. Dismayed over her sad state and her ruined shoes, Joyce sat down immediately upon entering the cave. OUCH! What was that she’d just sat on? It’d had a sharp point, and whatever-it-was had clattered and clanged as it rolled away. Joyce found a box of matches on her person that she’d forgotten she’d packed away and struck one, of course getting it lit on the first try.

And, lo, there before her sat a slightly dingy and battered golden lamp. Joyce Bridget Helen Fairway sighed in relief; she wouldn’t have to traipse about in the woods looking for firewood after all! She gingerly picked up the lamp in her small, delicate hands. Wow, was this thing dirty! Gently, she brushed some of the dust and dirt off, and then dropped the thing in sudden alarm as it began to shake and the spout-like part that was to hold a flame poured out thin red smoke that slowly began to condense into a form.

Joyce began to faint, but a strong pair of arms caught her and supported her. Dizzily, the redhead looked up into the eyes of the one who’d saved her from smacking her head on the floor. She found herself gazing into a pair of obsidian black eyes. He was a boy who looked no older than herself, but instead of having a pretty pinkish complexion like herself, his skin had a golden tinge. His black hair fell in shining but messy waves down his back, and a gold earring winked out at her from his ear in the darkness. Her own sky-blue eyes travelled down, and then she gasped; he was shirtless! How- how inappropriate! He was lean but well-muscled, and around his waist was a red sash of some kind. Below that…

Joyce screamed and wriggled free from his grasp. He had no legs! Instead, there was merely more red smoke. He began to say something, but the tongue he used was alien to her. She backed up against a cave wall, her breath coming in quick, short gasps. Was he a ghost, or, worse, some sort of demon? The ‘demon’ frowned, then spoke in a different language, still foreign. He sighed, then said, “English? You speak English?” He had a thick accent that Joyce couldn’t place; it was exotic and sort of nice to listen to.

“Y-yes, I speak English,” Joyce said hesitantly, then asked, “Wh- who are you? What are you? Y-you’re not a demon, are you?”

“I am Djinn, not a demon.” His black eyes sparkled. “You may call me… Jack. That’s the closest English name to my real one.” He appeared to be calm, but, inside, his large heart was pounding; such sweet innocence! He knew instantly he was madly in love, but how could a Djinn fall for his master? It was impossible; he’d been imprisoned and was to serve whoever had possession of his prison, a.k.a, the lamp. “I am here, your servant, to grant you your heart’s desires. I can give you almost anything, but I cannot raise the dead or make a person fall permanently in love with you.”

“Oh!” Joyce gasped, her aquamarine eyes going wide and her face flushing a delicate pink. He was a very handsome Djinn. “Well, Jack… how many wishes do I get?”

Jack frowned. “I- I don’t know; no one was supposed to be able to get through the spell on the entrance to this cave. No one told me how many wishes my master gets, so I managed to lock a spell on this cave before being imprisoned in the lamp; I don’t want to be a slave for the rest of my life…” Jack trailed off. Why had he just told her that? It was like that beautiful face was stirring him to madness!

“Oh! I would never use you so!” Joyce said, coming away from the cave wall at last. “Could- could you make a fire, please? You don’t seem to notice, but it’s gotten mighty cold since the sun last went down.

Jack waved and hand, and a nice, warm fire appeared as if from nowhere, filing the cavern with warmth and light. Thus it was that Princess Joyce Bridget Helen Fairway met her True Love, but, alas, their love was forbidden by Djinn laws, and no amount of wishing could change that.

The next morning, Joyce wished herself and Jack to the forests just outside the capital city of Far Far Away. Why the forests? Well, Joyce didn’t know how many wishes she had before Jack would once again was stuck in the lamp, and she didn’t want to lose him to something trivial such as wishing for clothes! She’d heard that the shoemaker elves also did clothes, and she was going to give up her favorite bracelet for something more respectable than her ruined purple peasant garb.

The elves, upon seeing her, were enchanted by her beauty and made her a stylish satin gown with lots of ribbons and with two shades of periwinkle; one dark, one almost white. While she waited, she was allowed to bathe, and one elf even styled her hair! She decided that she liked her hair when it was curly; it framed her face. The cute, chattering elf tied some of the curls back with a whitish-periwinkle ribbon. By the time he finished, the new dress was completed. It took a while to get on, for it was not simple like the peasant-like garb in which she’d been raised, but had many under-things. When she did, she looked like an angel, but without the wings. She was a bit dismayed, though; she couldn’t afford such a beautiful garment! But the elves wanted her to take it for free. She left her bracelet behind, anyways; she’d feel terrible, if she didn’t.

When she summoned Jack from the lamp again, he was struck at how she looked in her new gown, complete with hair ribbon and lace gloves; he was now more in love than ever before, but couldn’t say so. She was too good for him. What he didn’t realize was that she loved him just as much as he did her. So the two went to the capital city of Far Far Away, where, though they didn’t know it, but they were bound for a whole heap of trouble for their forbidden love for each other.

But that’s a story for another time.

Want to see my comments on the Sue doll and story, or leave comments yourself? Click here!

Doll: 10/10. Drabble: 10/10.

Doll Critique.
What's not to love? Well, her eyes are closed, that's my biggest annoyance. We need to see her SUE eyes! And I'm enjoying the 'heheh' look on the djinn's face. Major lulz. I also love the softness of the skirt, almost as though I could reach out and feel the satin and silk!

Drabble Critique.
Aw, the Sue's favorite gown is ruined and so's her shoes. Then she magically strolls through a spell meant to keep everybody out, finds a djinn, falls in love with him and he falls in love with her (even though it's totes forbidden, as is referred to constantly), and she gets a free dress because she's soo beautiful (and even leaves behind her favorite bracelet as payment anyway, because of Sue!Guilt over her gorgeous looks). And danger looms ahead for the forbidden couple!

Doll Critique.
This doll is wonderful! Her hair is just so shiny and silky; and I love the skirt; the shading is wonderful and makes it look so soft. The djinn looks majorly pleased with himself too, probably just at being near such a babe. XD I love all the little details about this doll that just make it perfect; the lamp, the Sue's gloves and ribbons; Jack's sixpack... all in all, this doll is absolutely Sue.

Drabble Critique.
This drabble has everything needed. First, the Sue managing to get thru a spell that keeps everyone else out, but she of course can get thru it cuz she's speshul! I actually very nearly threw up in my mouth while reading this drabble. And her oh so twagic twu luv, which is omg!forbidden, and danger ahead! Of course, her clothes were ruined but she was made a dress by elves who just happened to be there, probably only existing to make a dress for the Sue. XD I can't wait to read more.

Miranda_ 11-03-2010 10:51 AM

OK everyone; critiques and scores are up! Stay tuned for the next round; it should be up sometime today.

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