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Miranda_ 09-04-2010 07:21 AM

Miss TDP Mary Sue Round 1 {Dollmakers}
While Miss TDP is still in the works, we have decided to do this contest as a taster to keep you amused til it goes up. Inspiration was taken from the Mary Sue pagaent and combined with an idea of mine to make this contest. All are welcome to enter, experienced dollers and newbies alike, as it's not necessarily skill at dolling that will win this contest. PM me for help, if needed.

What you need to do is to create the most sickly sweet, the most hideous, the most convincing Mary Sue you can possibly imagine. If you don't know what a Mary Sue is, read this: [x] Create a doll portraying your Mary Sue in all her glory, and a profile to show off the full extent of her Sueishness. There will be three rounds, and each round is worth ten points; five for the doll and five for the profile. These points will be awarded to each entry by the judges; myself and Silent_Wolf. The competitor with the most points at the end of competition will receive a doll made for them by one of the forum staff.


Name: Rowanna Mystick Angel Demetor.
Age: Fourteen; she's in fifth year tho cuz she was moved up a year due to being so clever.
Fandom: Harry Potter.
Appearence: Hair the colour of the sun shining on ripening wheat, eyes like limpid pools of sapphire, curves in all the right places. Rowanna's hair is so long that it reaches the floor. She is breathtakingly beautiful, and cuz of this, she has been allowed by the teachers at Hogwarts to wear her own clothes.
Personality: Rowanna is kind, good, helpful and friendly to everyone. Sadly, a lot of other girls are jealous of her beauty and make fun of her.
Powers/Skills: Rowanna is half angel so she has all the powers of an angel. Her wings are invisible, and she can hide her halo if she has to. She is an excellent Quidditch player, and is the top of her class.
Bio: Rowanna is an exchange student from America. She was so clever that she was immediately moved up from fourth year to fifth year. She was sorted into Gryffindor. Rowanna is currently dating both Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, who regularly fight over her in both class and outside of class. She is on the Quidditch team, as captain; Oliver Wood was so blinded by her beauty that he insisted that she take his place as captain of the team and also as Keeper. Her best friend is Hermione, and Rowanna's even cleverer than her and regularly helps Hermione with her homework. Her main enemy is Cho Chang, who is jealous of Rowanna's beauty and cleverness.

General Competition Rules.

1. Character. When entering, you need to enter with one character and stay with it the entire time. This means that your doll’s hair and skin colour must remain the same throughout, unless otherwise stated in the round theme.
2. Base. You must use the same base set throughout, so pick one with a variety of poses. This base should also be medium in size for handdrawn dollers (comparable in size to the "Moe" bases here: DHF : Doll on the Hill Factory). Dollmaker users should use the shuni style base.
3. Theft. No stealing the work of another. This applies to both handdrawn and dollmaker participants, so do not submit a doll that someone else made or, for handdrawn dollers, mix and match pieces of completed dolls that are not your own. All work should be original and failure to comply will result in disqualification.
4. Props. Props and backgrounds are encouraged, but should not be massive. We will ask too large of entries to reduce their size, so be reasonable.
5. Transparency. We ask that all dolls have transparent background and is a GIF file. If you don’t know how to do this, see the following thread: How to Make Backgrounds Transparent
6. Forbidden. Sexually explicit, nudity or overly bloody dolls are forbidden. Entering one could result in disqualification. Also, animation and glitter is not allowed as it creates an unequal field for those who can't animate.
7. Theme. Every doll should relate to the theme. While we encourage creativity, failure to keep with the theme can get you eliminated automatically that round.
8. Judges. No one is allowed to use friendship or promises to sway a judge’s decision. Threats, bribery, and attempts to interfere or discover the judge’s decisions in anyway will result in disqualification. Arguing with the judges can result in an automatic elimination.
9. Competing. You can only submit one entry for each competition, so choose wisely.
10. Entries. You may enter both competitions if you wish. Make sure, however, that you do not enter the same profile for both competitions; it must be different.

Each entry must consist of a doll, to represent the Mary Sue, and a filled out character profile/drabble, as in the example. Please choose one fandom (for example, Harry Potter) or crossover, and stick with that throughout the entire competition. I would advise you to not go for an obscure fandom, as doing so will make it difficult for the judges to fully judge your entry. In any case, the Mary Sue will be more powerful if everyone is aware what canon she's destroying. The Sue used in the example is a Sparklypoo Sue but you can use any kind; Gothic, Warrior, Tragic, Vampire etc. Be creative!

Round 1: Introducing The Mary Sue.

This round is for introducing your Mary Sue to us all, and showing us exactly what she's made of, whether it be sugar and spice and all things nice, or alternatively, rebellion and darkness and all things nasty.

Name: This is the name of your Mary Sue. Sues tend to have flowery names, with far too many middle names and sometimes names that describe their appearence.
Age: The Sue can be any age; she is often the most accomplished at a very young age in her chosen field.
Fandom: The fandom you have chosen. Crossovers are most definitely allowed; please list all concerned.
Appearence: The Mary Sue's appearence is the most important part. Be creative in describing her, use purple prose and flowery description.
Personality: Not as important as her appearance, but remember that Mary Sue has no faults to speak of.
Powers/Skills: Mary Sue may not have supernatural powers; if your Sue does not, then list any skills she might have.
Bio: This is where you introduce your Mary Sue to us and tell us about her back story.

Please submit all Dollmaker entries here. The end date is September 25th, tho in case of emergency (for example, illness, holidays), PM me and I will grant you an extention.

Good luck!

Kiwi_Kat 09-05-2010 06:20 PM

Name: Master Trainer Eliza Theresa Constance Orchid Katchum
Age: 8
Fandom: Pokemon
Appearence: Eliza is a gorgeous little girl with a mystical pixie-like figure that makes all women in both the Sinoh and Jotoh regions jealous. Her caramel colored, luscious locks are in her two signature top buns. for an 8 year old, she is surprisingly developed and looks way older than she really is, attracting the attention of all the boys.
Personality: She is a very kind, loving, generous spirit who's heart is a as beautiful as her appearance. She loves her Pokemon so much she hopes to run a Poke-Center.
Powers/Skills: Eliza is a Master trainer, and she can catch any Pokemon she battles because they will be drawn to her beauty and kindness. She can also communicate telepathically with all Pokemon, and has collected one of every Pokemon alive.
Eliza Theresa Constance Orchid Katchum, is the younger sister of Ash Katchum. Professor Oak sent her out to do his reasearch two years before he asked Ash, because her beauty made him feel guilty for leaving out her brother. She is the gym leader of several gyms in the Sinoh AND Jotoh leagues, but has other people runt them for her. Eliza has in her possesion, every single legendary Pokemon including Mew and Mew-Two. All pokemon are drawn to her beauty and personality because she has an aura of welcoming energy. She is dating Broc, even though she is only 8 because she is so mature, he doesn't care. Eliza is part of Team Rocket as their Pokemon trainer because evry single trainer in the Sinoh reigon was considered inept compared to her.

Doll: 7/10. Profile: 7/10.

Doll Critique:
It looks like it popped right out of the new Poke'Mon games; the trees, the pokemon, and the character. Though, there's really nothing to her that seems Sue-ish unless you read the profile alongside it. Make her look riduclously fancy - though I will note that the short skirt definitely screams Sue, and would do even more so had you put snow on the ground.

Profile Critique:
Rather yawn-ish, but the additional creep-factor by Brock dating and 8 year old saves you from being too stereotypically sue. Telepathy is incredibly common in Poke'Mon Sues, it seems, and though I haven't heard of "So pretty that she can catch any Poke'Mon."
Master Trainer at the age of 8 - definitely Sue.
Dating Brock: Super-creepy factor. That was delightfully Sueful.
Bio: Stereo..whaat? She's with Team Rocket too? WHAT? I'm confused now. You've succeeded in baffling me. I think you earned yourself another point with that whammy.

Doll Critique:
I like this doll a lot; she looks exactly like what she's supposed to be, ie a Pokemon trainer and the background looks very cartoony. However, the doll could do with a few more embellishments to further Sueify her; for example, props, jewelry, perhaps even a couple of prizes like medals.

Profile Critique:
This Sue seems very dull... that is, until you read the part about her being eight years old and dating Brock! The very act of making Brock into Pedobear is an inspired move, and certainly makes this Sue a lot more interesting. Not to mention the fact that despite being on the good side, she also trains Team Rocket due to being the best trainer. And all at eight. XD

Always_And_Forever_MeGeek 09-20-2010 09:56 PM

Elizabeth Grace Bethany Juno Fauna
Age: 12
Fandom: Labryinth
Appearence: She had bright blonde hair that glows and mismatche eyes. One eye is brown with silver, gold, and green flecks; while the other is blue with orange, pink, and yellow flecks. She is thin enought to be anorexic, but isn't.
Personality: Elizabeth is sweet and innocent. She loves to play pranks, but never gets in trouble for it. She is loved so much that she is hated.
Powers/Skills: Teleporting, mind-reading, ability to fly and all her fathers powers, but she is 10000 times better than him. She is invincible and can talk to her many pets.
Bio: She was the youngest of and was hated by her siblings. She was kidnapped by her uncle and he abused her. Despite this she still loved him. When he comitted suicide she felt it was her fault and still does. When she came home, she was thrown a large ball and they all danced and her father crowned her high-princess. After this her siblings loved her so much!

Doll: 7/10. Profile: 3/10.

Doll Critique:

Definitely has a Sue quality to it; she's incrediby pretty, has a tiara while wearing a dress that befits a peasant, and has not three, but four glass balls (proving she's better than her father). I didn't even have to look at the profile to know what she was a Sue of.

Profile Critique:
She's a very stereotypical Sue and isn't very original (as much as I hate to call a Sue "original"). Not to mention the uncle thing; again, typical of Sue backstory.

Doll Critique:
Very pretty doll here, with a plain dress coupled with a ridiculously fancy tiara. This definitely screams Sue. She's got four glass balls which means that, of course, the Sue is superior to everyone, even her father. The background is very nice and doesn't detract from the doll at all.

Profile Critique:
Not a very inspiring profile; it's far too short, in my opinion and doesn't have nearly enough description as a Sue requires. You could have fleshed out her appearance and bio with a lot more pointless description; Sues always have a ton of stuff to say about their looks and backstory.

antimaie 09-26-2010 01:17 AM

Name: Rosetta Tiffany Marie Sunshine Iridessa Selena Aphrodite Elizabeth Victorie Lauryne Wayland-Morgestern.
Age: She is only 14, young compared to the other shadowhunters she is with, as they are either adults or the 17 year olds still left in the care of the Institute. However, she is so experienced and advanced, that when the Nephlim go on raids, though she isn't of age, they pick her over the oldest and wisest Shadowhunters.
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments/ The Infernal Devices.
Appearence: Rosetta Tiffany Marie Sunshine Iridessa Selena Aphrodite Elizabeth Victorie Lauryne Wayland-Morgestern has beautiful long lushious coal black hair, that never gets messed up of gets slpit ends, no matter how much fighting she does or how much heat she applies to her hair. She has deep beautiful blue eyes that sparkle like the sea, her great loks and charm inherited from her Great-Great-Great Cousin 3 times removed, who turnds out to be her boyfriend and best friend's Great-Great-Great-Step Grandfather, so she knows their children will be 4 times as beautiful as anyone else's. She is medium height, and is the perfect height for a girl, and everyone is jealous of her height. She is extremly slender, but still retains her curves. Her skin is pale fair white, and is envied by all.
Personality: Everyone loves Rosetta Tiffany Marie Sunshine Iridessa Selena Aphrodite Elizabeth Victorie Lauryne Wayland-Morgestern. No one in her entire life that she has met, even the demons she has killed, can say a bad thing about her. She can act however she wants to people, nd they will still love her. She is always nice and beautiful to them though. Because of this, Boys adoringly follow her everywhere she goes, and where she steps, dead flowers grow back to life, inspired by her beauty. She is the smartest and best fighter of anyone in the world, and she is extremly gifted in dancing, singing, and playing the flute, piano, and guitar.
Powers/Skills: All Shadowhunters have angel's blood in them, but Rosetta Tiffany Marie Sunshine Iridessa Selena Aphrodite Elizabeth Victorie Lauryne Wayland-Morgestern has more than anyone else has. She even has more angel power in her than her half-sister, Clarissa, who previously had been known to have the most angel blood known to Idris. Because of this, Rosetta Tiffany Marie Sunshine Iridessa Selena Aphrodite Elizabeth Victorie Lauryne Wayland-Morgestern is more agile, a better fighter, can make up new runes, and is an overall better Shadowhunter than anyone else.
Bio: Rosetta Tiffany Marie Sunshine Iridessa Selena Aphrodite Elizabeth Victorie Lauryne Wayland-Morgestern is a Shadowhunter. In other words, she slays demons. While other shadowhunters have to pretect themselves with weapons and runes, all Rosetta has to do is step outside, and because of her insane beauty, the demon will not attack her. Instead of attacking her, it will die because of her beauty, instead of her having to attack it. Becuase she is so beautiful and lovely, she does not havbe to wear the black shwodwhunter clothing, she can insterad wear whatever please her, in turn pleasing everyone else. She even stole her half sister's boyfriend, her sister not even being mad because she knew Rosetta deserved Jace so much more than she did. However, Clary doesn't hold this against her sister, they are, in fact, still the best of friends.
Doll: 7/10. Profile: 10/10.

Doll Critique:

It would have gotten a higher score had the background light diffused against her back a bit to give her a Suey glow; however, she's wearing a short skirt (VERY short) in a city setting. While not unusual, it's can be startlingly windy in cities and she's being very not-sensible about it. Also, her boots are untied.

Profile Critique:
So. Much. Sue. I think my brain exploded. Her story is absolutely outrageous (and you even included that she's only a half-sibling to a Canon character, which leads to MORE SUE!), and her beauty kills everything. EVERYTHING. And she stole her sister's boyfriend.
Bravo, Antimaie, bravo.

Doll Critique:
Incredibly short skirt which, if worn by a normal person, would ensure that they had embarrassing panty exposure constantly. However, on a Sue, it's perfectly alright. I love the glow at her feet, accentuating her speshulness and her detailed blouse. The background did clash with her hair a little; and the glow could have been paled out and surrounding the Sue a bit more.

Profile Critique:
Wow... this truly is the hideous Mary Sue in all her terrible glory. After reading this, I practically threw up in my mouth a little. A whole paragraph devoted to appearence; disgusting purple prose describing her oh so speshul powers... plus, she's only fourteen and is so much better than anyone else. Perfect.

Aussiemum777 10-04-2010 08:20 AM

Name: Sikuma Rei Ayame Hina Shou Midori
Age: Immature 13
Fandom: Angel Sanctuary

Appearance: Sikuma has Jade green eyes and is tall & slender for her age, she tends to eat very little that is good for her, She has a unique style which she plays with often to create a look that is described as Girly punk new age street glam.
Sikuma's hair is streaked with subtle highlights and she often changes it, Her skin is pale and she often looks sickly.
Her beautiful wing is her pride & joy, her greatest fear is that one day it will be broken.
Her favorite things are her converse sneakers (which are imported from earth) and her tiny Hello Kitty purse which she guards with her life.

Personality: Sikuma, although Intelligent is headstrong, rebellious & impulsive, she also has a bad attitude which tends to get her into trouble with the Arch angels.

Powers/Skills: Sikuma has just earned her first wing which is used to fly,(although not very well) she is in the final stages of training to become a Warrior Angel, not perfected by any means but she is indeed a very powerful force when weilding her weapon, affectionatly known as "Nanami" The seventh sword, her armour also guards her well.
Sikuma holds a tiny magical sprite named Ella in her purse, they are best friends, Ella will help Sikuna anytime during battle when she is called.
Her sole aim is to receive the rank of Cherubim and earn her 3 wings.

Bio: Sikuma as an orphan child has been living an uneventful life up till now, Her life was taken from her at the age of 3 by Boyz(one of the demons also known as voice) He sucked the life from her purely because of his strong hatred for humans & angels, because of this she has always had a strong hatred for the male species which can never be mended, Sikuma remembers that fateful day all too well and she vows that she will become one of the most powerful angels in Heaven and then she will avenge her death.

Sikuma's days are spent training and also dreaming of "Alexiel" Alexiel is the epitome of Beauty & is one of the two highest angels in Heaven, she has 3 glorious wings that are a sight to behold, Sikuma knows that this secretive love that she has for her is forbidden but that just makes it all the more exiting, she often watches Alexiel & the other Arch Angels as they bathe & play in the sacred fountain, it is the one guilty pleasure she has left, her love affairs usually go unnoticed by most but not all.
After being caught for stealing she was imprisoned in the 4th level of heaven which is where the fallen angels go to be sentinced by the high council, Sikuma's soul is to be endlessly imprisoned in the Angel Crystal until she can fulfill her duties on earth, this is devastating for Sikuma as she will not see the love of her life until she redeems herself & returns to Heaven.
Cast down from Heaven with only her purse & a letter she begins her souless journey on earth, Her sword was not to be seen as it disappears into the darkness.

The letter reads:
You Sikuma have defied us,
3 Quests you will be given,
1. Slay one of the Great demons and bring us his soul,
2. Bring us one of the seven sins and imprison it within a jar,
3. Find the demon that stole your life and make him accountable for what he has done.
Once these tasks are completed, only then will you be allowed to return to us and receive your 2nd & 3rd wings.
So...Sikuma picks herself up, dusts herself off, removes her broken wing and begins her journey for atonement, the one other thing not on the list is to find "Nanami", she cannot survive earth without it.

Doll: 10/10. Profile: 8/10.

Doll Critique:
I barely had to look at the profile to know how Sue your character is. Torn up pink wings, a halo tossed carelessly aside, a Hello Kitty... thing peeking over the wall, enormous pigtails - Sue! And she blends well into the background, as though it were a photo or screenshot of the Fandom she's from.

Profile Critique:
Aren't you supposed to get two wings? Though, I've never seen Angel Sanctuary so I can't really judge you on that particular bit.
Actually, the whole profile confuses me, which is a trademark of Sue, so hence your score. I think. Brain ache.

Doll Critique:
Pink wings with pieces missing; Hello Kitty purse; imported Converses; pigtails; bright pink bow... ugh. This Sue is truly horrific, and is a brilliant example of the Rebel!Sue. I like the feather dropping loose from the doll's wing, and of course, her yoo-nick style. XD

Profile Critique:
Most definitely a Rebel!Sue, and a particularly vomit inducing one as well. Also, an orphan which screams Sue, and harbouring thoughts of revenge. A very nice touch is the forbidden love for a female angel and also her heartbreaking quest. I can just see this Sue lamenting her twagic past to anyone she meets. XD

belladoggy 10-08-2010 02:42 AM

(Well, Chrome is being wonky, so my back-up browser isn't fulfilling it's intended purpose. Anyway, my entry):

Name: Lauren Rachel Jessica Marie-Porter
Age: 17
Fandom: GLEE

Appearance: Jessi is the embodiment of the spotlight. Her stark-raven hair always shines with a lustrous glow, and she is tall with an hourglass figure. Her almond-shaped eyes are an electrifying blue, and she always looks like she is wearing make-up, but she really isn't because her skin is so flawless. Jessi only wear revealing outfits, but even though that is against the dress code, she gets away with it because no one wants to get her in trouble--including teachers.

Personality: She's kinda b.itchy, but no one cares because they are so awed by her talents.

Powers:Her singing voice will make anyone she wants to fall in love with her do so, but not anyone automatically does--she chooses who falls under her love spell,even though all listeners automatically want to be friends with her.

Bio: So far, she has put Finn, Puck, Mr. Schu, and Jesse under her spell. Rachel hated Jessi until she sang; then Rachel became her best friend/book slave, carrying everything around for her. Jessi is an exchange student from Britain; Quinn is the one she exchanged with. Sue gave her Quinn's old spot on the Mckinley High Cheerios, and Jessi convinced Jesse to leave Vocal Adrenaline for good. She has almost succeeded in turning Kurt straight, but first she plans to heal Artie's legs (she learned to master surgery while she was gong to school in Britain because her father is a highly respected brain surgeon, and he gave her private instruction when she was only 10 years old). Mercedes and Tina are grateful that Jessi put Rachel's ego in check. She plans to graduate early and start a career as a Broadway actress immediately following commencement. Because her dad is a brain surgeon, she is very wealthy, and she helped pay for new equipment in the choir room. All of the solos that would have gone to Rachel now go to Jessi.

Doll: 8/10. Profile: 8/10.

Doll Critique:
Looks as though she jumped right out of the show and into a photo frame. I also dig the strappy sandals.

Profile Critique:
Wow, I think she belongs in Canonraep House! She's taken the idea of Glee and trashed it up and down, left and right. Not only that, she's also a trained... brain surgeon?
Brain explosion from the Sue. A lot of brain explosion.

Doll Critique:
Looks just like a snapshot of a Glee character onstage. She also looks as tho she's smirking at the camera. The curtains could have been just a shade lighter, so that the doll's top stood out better.

Profile Critique:
Wow, what a total b*tch... and yet, she gets away with it and everyone loves her! This is most definitely a Sue and a half. Trained in medicine at ten years old, grabbing solos and attention from all the canon characters... I almost dread to think what will happen to her in the next round.

Miranda_ 10-10-2010 09:51 AM

Points and critique are now up!

Please remember that a) points are given out for each round and b) that the judges' decision is final. Also, no PMing either or both of the judges to complain about the critique as we have tried to be fair and to call it how we see it.

All times are GMT -4. The time now is 11:58 AM.

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