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Elanorea 02-19-2009 02:27 AM

Dolling Etiquette
These are not forum rules, but rather a set of basic etiquette guidelines that should always be followed, whether on this forum or anywhere else. Although other places may have different rules, adhering to this guide will help you avoid getting in trouble in most of the dolling community.

Basic etiquette
- Do not post hateful replies to anyone, regardless of whatever they did to you, including doll theft (which is a situation where a moderator should be contacted).
- These are just general guidelines. If a doller has additional rules regarding their work, those must be followed too.

- Always credit basemakers, preferably by posting a link to their site; posting just their site name may be acceptable in certain circumstances.
- Post the credit on the same page as the doll, and make it clear which doll(s) it refers to.
- Always read the basemaker's rules to see how much you can edit their base. Most are okay with edits, but some don't allow them, or forbid certain things.
- Always ask before using the base for a dollmaker or base edit contest. Even if the basemaker says it is allowed, asking for permission is only polite.
- Check if you're allowed to use the base; most are available to all, but some may be exclusive to forum members, contest participants, etc.
- Re-posting bases, whether with or without edits, is frowned upon by most.
- Never use dolls made on other people's bases to earn real money.
- When making bases, if you are tracing over a picture or photo to make the base, make sure that it's okay to use the image - if in any doubt, contact the creator and ask for permission.
- Avoid using bases that are traced on copyrighted artwork without permission.

- Never claim another's doll as yours.
- Never take parts from another doll to use it on yours.
- Never edit someone else's doll without their permission.
- Always credit the creator when adopting a doll. Post the credit on the same page as the doll, and make it clear which doll(s) it refers to.
- Never direct-link to adopted dolls.

- Always credit the dollmaker you made your doll in; don't claim dollmaker dolls as your own work.
- Always check if it's allowed before mix-and-matching items between different dollmakers.

- In most cases, it is not required to credit palettes, patterns or tutorials, though you may do so if you wish.

Commenting and constructive criticism
- If you do not want constructive criticism (CC), please state this in your post.
- Respect the wishes of the doller. If she says she doesn't want CC, don't criticise!
- Make your comments useful. If the artist wants CC, you should try to give some. If not, you should at least try to point out something that is good about the doll (ex. "Nice hair" or "Great shading").
- Don't get rude with CC. Remember, it is supposed to be constructive criticism, not flaming! Comments like "This doll sucks!" are not useful at all. Also, it is considered polite to always mention something positive, instead of just giving a huge list of everything that's wrong with the doll.
- Do not spam comments just to increase your post count. Spamming comments means posting exactly the same short comment in a number of threads (ex. "good doll"), or quoting a previous comment without adding anything. Comment-spam shall be treated as any other kind of spam, i.e. deleted.

Let me know if I've missed anything important, and I'll add it to the guide.

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