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Elanorea 04-15-2006 11:26 AM

Doll Creation FAQ and rules! Updated 21.08.09. READ!
This is the FAQ for doll related questions.

1. What is this forum for?
This forum, Doll Creation, is for general talk about dolls. The Handdrawn subforum is for handdrawn dolls and pixel art. The Palace Based subforum is for animated dolls. The In Doll Makers subforum is for dolls made in TDP dollmakers. For general dollmaker talk, go to Doll Maker Games.

2. What are dolls, anyway?

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
'Dollz', 'Cartoon Dolls' or 'Pixel Dolls' are small pixellated images, generally of people. They are mainly used online as Avatars, Signatures or just displayed as artwork on personal webpages.
Dolls range in size from being a few pixels high to a few hundred pixels high. Generally, dolls are human figures (mainly female), although there have been instances of animals being named "dolls." Dolls are generally dressed, and come in a wide range of styles.

To read more, go to Wikipedia

3. How do I make dolls?
You can make dolls using a dollmaker if you don't want to/can't draw your own. There are dollmakers on this site, and contrary to what many people believe, most of it is NOT premium only and you do NOT have to pay to make dolls (some special dollmakers are premium only, but most of them are free for everyone). Also, there are dollmakers on many many other sites if you can't find what you need here, just search and you'll find plenty of different ones. You can also edit the dolls you make with a program like Paint to make them more original.

4. How do I make handdrawn dolls?
First you need a base - see this thread for a list of base sites. Of course, you can always draw one yourself if you think you're up to it. If you have a base but don't have any idea what to do next, then read some tutorials - a good list can be found in the Tutorials forum. After reading the tutorials, all you need to do is get drawing - make the clothes, hair, accessories, etc. Don't worry if your dolls are not very good, even the most talented dolls weren't perfect at first! And be sure to post your doll on this forum. We all want to see it

5. How do I make a doll site?
The first step is to make something to put on your site. Dolls, bases, maybe a dollmaker, tutorials, stuff like that. Of course, you can add more later. If you already have that, you need to find a good host. Freewebs, Bravenet and many more offer free hosting. Some of these sites also have the option to upgrade your site to a 'premium' version for money. Most hosting sites have tutorials on how to make a webpage. If you need help with HTML, go to HTML Goodies.

6. How do I post a doll on the forum?
First you need to host it on an image hosting site like ImageShack or Photobucket.
You should get a number of codes. Copy the one for forums (it should be something like this: [img ]http://pictureurl[/img ], without the spaces) and paste it into the message body when you post. Try to keep all your dolls in one thread, and do not post your dolls into someone else's thread!

7. Where do I post art other than dolls or pixel art?
We do not currently have a separate forum for other kinds of art. If it's just a few experimental pieces, you can post them in your doll thread, but if you regularly make non-doll art, you can make a separate thread for it in the main Doll Creation forum.
For writing, use the Teachers Corner subforum.

General forum rules and guidelines may be found here:
Spam, Netiquette And Basic Forum Information
FAQ, Tutorials, and More!

However, there are also some other things you should keep in mind pertaining to this forum and subforums.

Keep your dolls to one thread. It is permissible to make different threads for dollmaker/handdrawn dolls, or for animated/non-animated dolls, but you should only have one (1) active thread for each category.
If you wish to make a new thread for whatever reason, ask a mod to lock your old thread.

Gravedigging. Your doll thread is exempt from gravedigging rules, meaning that you can continue posting in your doll thread no matter how long it has been inactive. In fact, unless your thread is very old (several years) or very long, you are encouraged to bring it back instead of creating a new one.
However, note that this applies only to your own doll thread. Do not post in somebody else's doll thread if it has been inactive for more than a month.

Chatting. Doll threads are not the place to chat about unrelated topics. Discussion is fine as long as it pertains to dolling, but if you want to talk about something else, take it to PM or an appropriate thread on the forums.

See also the Dolling Etiquette thread.

If anything remains unclear about the questions answered here or you want to add something, post in this thread, so I can see it and help you. If you want to ask about something else, first look if there isn't a thread where this question has already been answered and only make a new thread if there's none. Try to specify what your problem is, don't just post: 'I need help', because then people won't know what you need help with and you'll most likely be ignored.

Thanks for reading and happy dolling!

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