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Sianix 05-14-2010 04:17 PM

Best Friend
(I'm seventeen) For a while, I've known something about my best guy friend that he hasn't told me. But here are the facts that precede it. I have a wonderful boyfriend that I love with all my heart, and my guy friend has a girlfriend.

I knew for a while that he liked me, and possibly even loved me. But he would never tell me. This has happened before with other guys, like they become my friend just to be something more, even though I had a boyfriend. One of them even told me that I would have to choose between him and my boyfriend. I told him, of course, my boyfriend, and he never talked to me again.

But this guy, I'd hoped he was different. In the end, I was sort of wrong. He told me today that he loved me, and so I had to be the bit** and tell him that I only saw my boyfriend that way, and no one else. So he told me this:

"I'm not giving up on you as a friend! That happy occupation is still mine. And besides, I'll always be waiting! Either way, I am still blessed to have ever known you at all, and I shall be determined to look at it that way!"

I almost cried. Well, share your stories?

LancasterPrincess 05-14-2010 05:52 PM

Sounds like a 'Bella Swan & Jacob Black' moment xD

I've had something like this happen before too when I was 16, only I chose the best friend because boyfriend and I just weren't on the same path (I was more serious about the relationship, and he was more 'fun' about it.).

Anywho, I'm not with either guys right now, I'm happily married to someone that I hadn't even known at that time.

For past's sake, I wish I would have stayed with the boyfriend instead of going to the best friend. While best friend treated me right and had the same relationship goals in mind that I had, if I'd have known that I wasn't going to end up with either of them then I would have liked to have stayed steady and true to the fun boyfriend until the time that I would meet my future husband...if that makes any sense? Course, if I HAD done it the other way around I probably wouldn't have met my husband, so I guess the fates guided me down the right path anyhow. :mrgreen: If that's the case, then I wouldn't change it for the world.

Cute story though! Every Romantic's dream!

belladoggy 05-14-2010 10:18 PM

My story: I am your best guy friend in female form. The reverse of what happened to you happened/is still happening to me :/

I just appreciate that he's not running away from me. I will never make him choose between me and his girlfriend. Frankly, I'd rather she be the one to make that fatal mistake if anyone is going to make it.

Miranda_ 05-15-2010 07:45 AM

My story, but with a twist. This happened years ago, when I had temporarily split with my boyf. One of my male friends had just broken up with his girlf. We were down the pub together to drown his sorrows when suddenly, he declared his love for me. I'd not thought of him in that way at all so I had to turn him down. Also, he'd had a lot to drink and was on the rebound. We never spoke of it again.

A couple of years ago, the same friend told me that he'd held a torch for me for years; he'd only really given up on me when he'd realised that I loved my boyf and that our friendship was too precious to lose. I felt really sorry for him, but there never could be anything between us.

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