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Miranda_ 05-26-2009 07:23 AM

Boy Trouble: "Does he like me?" "How do I tell him?"
Since there are tons of people asking these questions all the time, this thread is so that there aren't tons of threads with the same questions posted over and over again. It's hard to give the same advice in about ten different threads so this will make it easier for people who need help and answers to receive them. Any threads that go along this theme will be moved here.

booni_monkey 06-05-2009 11:56 AM

Does he want to go out with me?
I like this boy named Ryan. Today was the last day of school, so I decided I'd ask him out. I thought he liked me, so I just walked up to him and said, "Ryan, I like you. Would you like to go out with me?" He looked at me, looked down, looked off into the street and said, "Ummmm, I don't know." He then looked at me and said, "Maybe next year?" I just shrugged and walked off with my friends, who were standing on the curb. They told me he liked me, but he was just shy. I honestly don't know, and I don't want to make assumptions. I'm really confused. What do you think?

x_____x 06-05-2009 08:02 PM

Ah, guys are confusing like that. I'm sure Ryan does like you; since it's rare that guys would tell your friends if they like you or not, especially knowing that there's a 101% chance of your friends telling you afterwards. I think that he just didn't see it coming.

Also, he said, "Maybe next year." That takes a lot of guts. Maybe he just needs time to think over the summer and sort his thoughts.

I'm sure everything will work out just fine; and if the slight chance of anything happening does happen, it's his loss. (=

booni_monkey 06-06-2009 11:05 AM

I think you're right. Maybe I was just too blunt and brought it up kind of quickly. It would make sense that he would need to think about it...

xx_Randomness_xx 08-03-2009 04:33 AM

should i ask him out??
recently i've started liking one of my best guy friends...
he liked me at one point but i didn't at the time.
i think he might still like me, we call eachother a lot, and i even got him to go make fun of the hannah montana movie with me. =p
but i don't know if he likes me more than a friend or not,
so does anyone have any advice?
should i go for it or whatt?
thanks loves.

EYExLINER 08-05-2009 06:33 AM

Help me quickly
hmmm, I guess he does <3
Give it a shot u wont lose him if u Did :)

angel_baby128 08-21-2009 10:01 PM

I've liked this one guy for awhile. since, um, about march or April. I think I love him...we don't talk much and we're not friends. He's nice though. He knows I like him. My friend asked him out for me. I think he said no. Nd that same friend likes him too and actually talks to him. I'm friends with his sister. I cant even say hi to him =/ He currently likes one of my other friends. It tears me up inside. Like I'm dying slowly. I know this doesnt have a lot to do with the thread topic but idk what to do. help?
XOXO thanks,
(feel free to PM me or leave a comment on my profile for advice if you want)

Miranda_ 08-22-2009 08:11 AM

That's not love. That's a crush. Real love takes time to develop, between two people who care for each other very much. You said yourself; you don't talk much and you're not friends; that is not a basis for love, or even for a relationship. If he doesn't like you, but likes one of your friends then sorry, but there isn't really anything you can do. Just explain to his sister that you'd rather she came over to your house for the moment, so you don't have to see her brother. If she asks, just say you'd prefer it this way. Give yourself time to get over your crush, and eventually you'll wonder what you ever saw in this guy.

angel_baby128 08-22-2009 01:31 PM

^ yea not much i can do about that =/

as for getting over it'll take awhile.
Thanks for the advice though Miranda, I really appreciate it.
Maybe I'll try becoming friends with him.

millieclark 11-03-2009 04:10 PM

thats happend before to me he said no but i saw it coming but i never gave up so keep going girl ;)

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