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Miranda_ 05-19-2007 01:32 PM

As well as these rules, please try and abide by the forum posting guide that can be found here:

1. There is to be no posting of sexually explicit material here. Please remember that we have members as young as 8 years old viewing these boards, so do NOT post anything that fits that description. All threads and posts found breaking this rule WILL BE DELETED. The Doll Palace Terms Of Service clearly state that posting material of this kind is strictly forbidden:

TDP does not allow Postings which contain: private or personal information which might identify a user, profanity or obscenities personal attacks on other individuals slanderous, defamatory, obscene, p*rnographic, threatening and harassing comments; and/or other information that TDP deems in its sole discretion to be inappropriate for this Site.

2. The Doll Palace is NOT a dating site. Neither are its forums. Any threads or posts that break this rule by trolling for dates WILL BE DELETED. Anyone who has a sig that does likewise will first be sent a PM asking them to remove it; if they don't comply, their sig will be removed by me.

3. Please don't attack members who offer advice. If you put up a topic asking for advice, you might get a few replies that you disagree with. That's fine; however, flaming the authors of said replies is not. Bottom line is, if you make a topic asking for help when all you want is for ppl to agree with you, there's no point in it whatsoever and it will be locked. Disagree with the opinion, not the person; any such attacks will be deleted and the guilty parties warned to their future conduct.

4. Please don't make specific threads offering advice. I have observed in the past that when ppl did this before, 2 things happened; either the thread degenerated into a flame war, or the original poster was a one off who never came back afterwards. This meant the forum was filled with clutter, and ppl kept bringing up the old threads, when the poster was long gone. So if you want to give advice to members, please post on their threads.

5. Hate posts/threads WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. That means any messages that are racist, homophobic or specifically targeting any person on here or group of ppl. These messages will be deleted straight away and the author will receive a warning, maybe even an infraction. Please think about what you're posting; it might only be words to you, but words can hurt and upset other ppl.

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