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Miranda_ 01-07-2010 05:58 PM

The worst fanfic ever
In trailer form. :lol:

YouTube - My Immortal Trailer

Moon_Crescent 01-07-2010 06:11 PM

Oh, my god. That really is horrible. Either she's a mary sue or she's going to be complaining about her horrible past through the entire fic 0.o

Cheshire1996 04-03-2010 11:03 PM

There's something seriously wrong with that xD

NotYourPrincess 05-29-2010 01:15 AM

LMAO! OMFG! I love this fanfic! Just BECAUSE it's horrible!

It's a fake, though. Lol. The author of it isn't really serious. Still, it's funny.

You guys should listen to the Hellfire commentaries: My Immortal - A Dramatic Reading

Miranda_ 05-29-2010 06:28 AM

I think it's trollfic, however, it's hilarious. XD The worst ever fanfic in my personal opinion is C*l*brian; that's just awful. O_o

NotYourPrincess 06-02-2010 02:30 AM

What's that? I've never heard of it.

but I love reading bad stuff sometimes. It's like candy for your brain. Rots it, but it's good. Lol.

Miranda_ 06-02-2010 07:11 AM

If you really want your brain rotted, PM me and I'll link you. Warning; it is vile.

Elanorea 06-03-2010 07:16 AM

Oh Miranda you sick disgusting person :lol:

If you want fanfic of the So Bad It's Good category (instead of So Bad It's Horrible Oh God Please Make It Stop) try Halflife: Fulllife Consequences and DOOM: Repercussions of Evil (the rest of Peter Chimaera's stuff is worth checking out as well). Some of the best trollfic ever, IMO.

Miranda_ 06-03-2010 07:32 AM

I have more; however, I will not post their titles here for fear of people googling them and making themselves mentally ill with the horror. XD

Legolas by Laura is safe to google tho; it's so badly written, it's flipping hilarious and get this, it isn't trollfic, either. :lol:

AaronShadows 06-03-2010 10:13 AM


Epic win.

Oh jeebucks, if they actually made a bloody movie, I'd kill myself to stop the agony of not being able to stop laughing for hours on end. :lol:

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