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Elosine 07-26-2007 04:06 AM

Potter Puppet Pals - Funny Harry Potter Spoofs
Here are some really cool Harry Potter spoofs I found.......

The Mysterious Ticking Noise

Wizard Angst (warning:censored cussing)

Potions Class

xJESSiCA 08-15-2007 05:16 PM

I watched those when my friends were over. We were joking about those the entire night (I watched them a month ago, though.)

"Oh how contrare, Snaperdoodles. It's done a wonder on me bowels!"
-Potter Pals Albus Dumbledore

Don't know why, but that cracks me up, the way he says it like he sucked in a ton of helium...either that or he's high.

NotYourPrincess 08-15-2007 07:03 PM

They were originally flash cartoons. They were released...a feeew years ago.

Potter Puppet Pals

That's the website. I like the flash animations better.


Aihana_ 11-26-2007 12:30 AM

haha I loved these they are so funny >.<

Silent_Wolf 12-04-2007 03:54 PM

Potter Puppet Pals - Wizard Swears!
WARNING: THIS VID HAS LANGUAGE (the worst is bleeped out, in a hilarious fashion) AND GENERAL BOYISH BRATTISHNESS. XD

It's funny though.

Doctorwho_gal 12-04-2007 04:23 PM

Haha great.I hadn't seen that one.
Thanks for posting.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 12-04-2007 04:26 PM

Oh noes! Not the Elder Swear :lol:

Aihana_ 12-04-2007 09:48 PM

haha that is funny I can't belive i never seen that one!!

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 12-07-2007 06:02 PM

Potter Puppet Pals
I'm seeing a lot of repeat threads on this, so all of these videos will go here now.

Silent_Wolf 01-22-2008 03:03 PM

Bananaphone - Potter Puppet Pals


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