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Silver_Wolf_Kitty 01-29-2008 08:12 PM

Character Limit?
I know this sounds funny, but I think a character limit needs to be implemented for screennames. I think we used to have it, but it either has disappeared or people are getting around it somehow. Seriously, I don't like seeing people with screennames with 29 characters in it. Generally 16 is the usual limit.

Miranda_ 01-29-2008 08:15 PM

Agreed. There's just no reason to have a huge name; it stretches the screen accross and just looks stupid. (not an actual name) Like for example XxXxI_love_kittens_and_puppies_lol_xXxX. Names like that are pointless; you could register instead as Kittypups.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 01-29-2008 08:20 PM

The only reason I even noticed was because there is a user who posted on here with a screenname which stretched the board. I know I'm not innocent in the long screenname business(In fact, mine is 17 characters), but I am worried people are abusing it to an extreme now to fit every single world that describes them into one screenname. I believe 20 would be a good number to cut it off(since I break my own rule xD).

Miranda_ 01-29-2008 08:29 PM

:lol: Yours is long yes, but we don't have to scroll accross every time you post to read. XD I counted two users who had ridiculously long names on here a few minutes ago.

Coloured_Dreams 02-21-2008 04:40 PM

I've seen a few with long-winded names. One had about thirty characters in it! Mine's quite a few, but it's not like, hundred words! It's fifteen characters, which I suppose isn't bad since the word 'coloured' is quite long.
I think it's a bit pointless to have a username like x_I_heart_my_homies_so_effin_muchxXx I mean, no one will ever learn your full name really!

rjnjlolws 04-07-2008 08:44 PM

Good Idea!
I know what you're talking about, and I think a character limit is a really good idea. My screenname is 18 characters long-which is, to me, pretty long, but I guess not too many characters. I didn't really think about the length when I registered. Now that I think about it, I could have just done something simple, such as Puzzled.

Coloured_Dreams 04-09-2008 10:08 AM

I've also seen users like Abi34519265702257023 And it's like OK! You could have been xAbi or something! There's no need for all those numbers, even if the user you wanted has already been taken up. O_o I used to be QueenOxoCube

WHiTELOvEx 06-26-2008 05:10 PM

My friend has a really long screen name O_o It's

xx____xxishyummehxx____xx i mean thats gotta take a while to type O_O

PrettyGirl422 09-07-2008 08:43 PM

Yeah, I think very long screen names are pretty annoying. Here is an example.


Aihana_ 09-07-2008 09:09 PM

Some of them are ridiculously long.
You don't need to add sixteen numbers to the end of your name.
there should be a limit, mine is long itself, so I shouldn't accuse.
If I could change mine to a shorter one I would.
But I don't mind the Edward Cullen one :lol:

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