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Miranda_ 08-17-2010 09:16 AM

Clown makeup
Something that annoys me is when I see teenage girls who obviously don't have a clue how to apply makeup. -.- I learned to apply it from magazines like Just Seventeen that showed step by step makeup applying, and told you which colours would work and how to wear certain colours. Don't girl's mags have those any more? If not, then they certainly should cuz the amount of girls I've seen who have put their makeup on and look like clowns is astronomical.

Hint; if you have committed any of the crimes below, then You Are Doing It Wrong. All of them, please dunk your head in a bucket right now.

1. Orange fake tan and/or bronzer. If you must apply fake tan, then don't just ladle it all on in one go; put a thin layer on at a time and build it up gradually. Also, if you don't exfoiliate or moisturise first, you will end up being streaky. Bronzer is there to give you a healthy glow; plastering it on makes you look comical.

2. Brightly coloured eyeshadow all the way up to the eyebrow. Ugh. Just don't do it. Yes, you can wear bright eyeshadow; but just on the eyelids, please, unless you are actually trying to look like a drag queen. Yes, I'm aware that some makeup looks do have eyeshadow up to the eyebrow, but most people who do this tend to use subtle colours and blend.

3. Bright red or bright pink lipstick teamed with the above. This is the aforementioned clown makeup. If you are going big on your eyes, tone your lipstick down and vice versa.

4. Non blended cream blusher. Having a spot of pink on each cheek does not do you any favours. If you are having trouble blending your cream blusher then switch to a powder.

5. Foundation tide marks. Here's a clue; match your foundation to your skintone. Going one darker will not make your face look healthier; you will just look as tho you are wearing a mask when your foundation cuts off. To give your face a glow, use a little bronzer on certain places; where the sun catches you naturally, or some blusher on the apples of your cheeks.

6. Different colour lipliner and lipstick. Sure, if you want to look as tho you live in a trailer, have four baby daddies and are a regular on Jerry Springer, go right ahead. Otherwise, use a tranparent lipliner or match your liner to your lipstick.

7. Clashing colours. For the love of cheese, don't wear bright blue eyeshadow teamed with red lipstick! It just looks awful and trashy.

8. Wearing makeup without due care and attention. Mascara specks on cheeks, lipstick on teeth, eyeshadow specks on cheeks, smudged eyeliner, lip gloss on chin. For goodness sake, concentrate when applying your makeup; if you make any mistakes, then use a cotton bud after to sort them out.

spirit_queen 08-17-2010 07:40 PM

Agreed. Fortunately, I haven't seen too many freaks like that around here.

The only time one should ever wear heavy make-up is if one is performing on a stage that has bright spotlights, and, even then, one should have the sense not to clash the colors.

Silent_Wolf 08-17-2010 08:01 PM

^Unless that's the look you're going for.

I like crazy bold colors for my eyes, but I never put it above my eyelids. If I do use wild colors, I leave the rest of my face with subtler colors so I don't look trashy.

spirit_queen 08-17-2010 08:05 PM

It would depend on the stage show, I guess. XD

If I do bright colors, I will put some shadow up by my brow, but it's usually a light, neutral, shimmery color that brightens up my eyes and brow. And, yes, Miranda teen magazines still do make-up tips; my sister is subscribed to one. In fact, that's the only part I'll read; they often come up with some fun looks that I like to try.

LancasterPrincess 08-18-2010 12:03 AM

Idk...I wear it up to my brow no matter what? I like to use those 3-color compact shadows like these.

They have instructions on where to put what. Plus I had a Mary Kay consultation for my wedding and she instructed me to wear it to my brow as well? I don't do anything too colorful, but then again I'm not a real 'bold' person color-wise anyhow. I used a deep purple and some creams and lilac for my wedding because purple goes best with brown eyes. But depending on what I'm wearing I normally go for the smokey or bronze eyes. I have the black/grey/silver of the compact above and it also comes in a bronze/brown/cream version that I also have. So if I want to look simple I go for the purple or the bronze, but mostly I like to glam up when I put make up on (which is hardly ever) so I tend to go for the dramatic smokey eye. I get the most compliments with it...

In fact, my SIL only wears her shadow on her eyelid and it always looks incomplete to me? Not to mention I never see her get compliments on her eye makeup?

I guess it's all just personal preference?...except in the blue/red case. I once saw a 40 year old woman with some MAJOR smoking lines cake on foundation, bronzer, blush and some God-awful bright blue shadow up to the eyebrow with red lipstick...yeah, you're looking hot today mamacita! :roll:

I've seen bright colors do well on cetain people though...but not once have I ever seen clashing colors do well...ever.

As soon as I can remember to upload our most recent picture I'll show ya'll how I do my eyeshadow. I've been meaning to scan it since we got it, which was just after Mother's Day *palmface*

belladoggy 08-18-2010 12:52 AM

I mostly only put on make up when I'm performing, period.

I also wear it for formal dances and other special occasions, but certainly not on a regular basis. Why bother? I find limiting it to special occasions make it that much more special when I do wear it. Plus, since I've been in shows since I was 10, I've been doing make up for a good 7 years, at least. I'm pretty good at it, too, actually. I'm very much a minimalist, and blending is everything. i do where eyeshadow up to me eyebrow, however, eyelid to eyebrow is all subtle highlights (pearl), eyelid is my color, and right on the bottom of my lid is dark shadow, with a thin layer of eyeliner over it. And only darker/browner/less bright/more natural lipstick.

I hate seeing girls wear makeup too heavily. Again I ask, what's the point? All you do is end up looking like you lost your corner and need to find your way back.

Xx_Pixie_Dust_xX 08-18-2010 01:27 AM

I've never committed any of those, because I don't wear makeup. xD
Lovie, you can wear it up to your brow bone, but a subtle base colour like a neutral (nothing dark like gray). I've always been fond of smokey eyes though, and I am thinking on going to a local department store for a consultaion at one of their makeup counters.
The old lady sounds like my old english teacher; wild grey hair, blue eye makeup, blush, red lipstick, orange face. >.<

Miranda_ 08-18-2010 06:45 AM


Originally Posted by Xx_Pixie_Dust_Dispenser_xX (Post 920506)
Lovie, you can wear it up to your brow bone, but a subtle base colour like a neutral (nothing dark like gray).

This. I did say that in my post, you know; that people who do use it up to the brow use subtle colours and blend. That looks fine. However, plastering on electric blue eyeshadow all the way up to the brow line is not a good look.

Red lipstick is a difficult thing to wear right, but can be done. You have to team it tho with subtle smokey eyes for example, or a nude colour, or else you will look as tho you belong on a street corner. And teaming it with the aforementioned electric blue eyeshadow is not good and will make you look like a clown.

My main beef tho is with orange tan. Just, argh. -.- I know a girl who uses fake tan a lot, and she never looks orange; she knows how to apply it properly. A lot of teenage girls tho seem to think that they need to trowel it on; all that does is make you look as tho you've been Tangoed. XD

spirit_queen 08-18-2010 08:16 AM

Yeah, lulz. XD I prefer to be pale, most of the time, anyways; I wouldn't look good tan.

As far as make-up goes, I do believe I've always had a bit of an advantage, however, as my mom knows all the tricks of the trade. and, since I spent my chidhood summers performing on stage, I gradually picked them up from her.

Miranda_ 08-19-2010 03:49 PM

I prefer to be pale, too; but I believe that if someone wants to be tan, they should fake it cuz it's dangerous to tan in the sun. But if they fake it, they need to do it properly so they don't go either orange or streaky.

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