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antimaie 12-27-2009 09:56 PM

Tips for Putting in/Taking out Contacts?
Not quite sure if this beloings in Beauty Tips, but I thought it could work. (Sorry if there is a thread like this already, I looked but could only find one on Glasses vs. Contacts.)

I recently (As in yesterday) got contacts, and I've been having trouble both putting them in, and taking them out. I spent approximatly 2 1/2 hours yesterday trying to put them in and take them out, once.

So I was wondering if anyone who wears contacts could help me with tips on how they take theirs out, or put them in, or any way to make it easier.

Missery_ 12-30-2009 06:47 PM

My friend wears contacts, i dont know how she gets them out but she puts them in by Placing the contact face down on her finger and spreads her eyelids as wide as she can she uses her other finger for a boost of wideness (is that a word?) and slowley places them in. If this advice doesn't work tell your optician. They will show you and help you.

delly1 12-31-2009 03:37 PM

I have been wearing contacts for 8 years now. I have developed a technique that works for me, but to each their own really.

Putting on Contact lens
First off make sure you have nothing on your face. this means no make up, moisterizor, acne creams etc... Also NO PERFUME BEFORE INSERTION OF CONTACT LENS IN EYES AS IT CAUSES A BURNING SENSATION. The best way to prevent this is having a shower first then put in contacts afterwards. I do this and it works for me.

Secondly, wash your hands.You dont need what ever is on your hands going into your eyes and or being lodged behind the contact lens.

Thirdly, position yourself comfortably. I prefer to stand when inserting my lens into my eye as I feel like I have control. Some people prefer to stnad. Either or is good but no matter the position make sure you have a table and or counter under you to catch the lens if you so happen to drop it. which does happen from time to time so at least if you lost it on the table you dont have to venture far.

Insertion of lens- How I do it is I usemy finger closest to the thumb. I take the lens out of the container and make sure its the right one and right side up. how u can tell if its right side up is by gently holding it on the edge of the lens to see if it folds over onto your finger. If it folds onto your finger like a bowl then you want the bowl going over your eyes notthe ouside of it because that would be main cause of it coming out so easially.

when i figured out the right side i put it on my finger cloest to my thumb and bend over (cuz i am standing up in front of my bathroom mirror) and place it in my eyes.While doing so I have my middle finger pulling the skin underneath my eye so I have nothing in my way. then i gently close my eyelid and use the same finger to rub my eyelid very gently to kinda get the lens a feel to place properly. then i open the eye and look normally and then the contact finds its place in my eye.

However if it doesnt find my place in my eye and is blurred that means one of three things. A) its backwards B) its town (descard if town as its worthless) C)you have debris in your eye.

Taking the contact lens out-
Think of the contact being an annoying little brother that pinches you. while guesswhat you get to pinch back, but not to hard. Use your thumb and index finger in a pinching motion. ( no nails) Gently pinch your contact lens away from your eye.

I hope this helped. PM if I can help you further

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