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likealot 11-14-2006 03:57 PM

I love piercings.I want loads of stuff pierced.

Piercings I like: Lip,ears,eyebrow,some styles of nose piercings,tounge.

The only ones I can't stand are belly button rings.

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Oo_Psychadelica_oO 11-14-2006 05:44 PM

I love eyebrows, navel, ears, tongue, down-thur, back of the neck...yeah.

The ones I hate are like, around the eyes and on the arms and just overly done pierceings.

NotYourPrincess 11-14-2006 09:50 PM

I reeeally want a lip piercing, and an eyebrow piercings. And some more in my ears. p=

AnnieAnonymous 11-14-2006 11:27 PM

I hat all types. It's not that i don't like the way it looks, but my ears get all puffy and... yeah... i will save you the grossness.

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Silent_Wolf 11-15-2006 05:45 AM

I want to get my ears done, but Mom won't even let me because she says I'll freak out because it'll hurt. :roll:

Miranda_ 11-15-2006 07:03 AM

It doesn't hurt in the lobe, as long as you get it done at a professional place. I've got 3 holes in each lobe, 3 holes in my left upper ear and 1 in my right. No more; tongue piercings look stupid in my opinion and nose rings are common. If everyone has one, what's the point? Also, the only ppl who have belly rings round here are the fat gutted heffers who should really cover up. Nothing against big girls, just that why do you want to make yourself look horrible, rather than wearing nice clothes that flatter you? :?

Madeline_05 11-15-2006 06:06 PM

I've had my ears peirced since I was 2 weeks old. My Mom says the holes were uneven so on the same day I went back and got them done again. So I had two holes in each ear and I wasn't even 1 years old yet. But the 2nd holes closed up now. Although I am planning to get a secong or third hole when I'm older.

noirmali 11-19-2006 09:45 AM

I got my ears pierced with a needle by my mom when I was like, six.
However, the back of the earring got stuck in my lobe, so...yeah.
I was afraid to pierce my ears again until I was nine. Then I got them done for my birthday. My old piercings have closed up. Boo hoo.
I plan to get more piercings soon o.o I do not like any type of piercings on ME except for on my ear, and who likes tattoos? I want a tattoo of a heart on my shoulder =D

Honda1212 11-27-2006 11:05 AM

Currently,I have my ears peirced and that's it.Had them done when I was a baby.I want to get my lip peirced,though.

NotYourPrincess 11-27-2006 06:43 PM

Urgh. Me too, so bad. That's #1 piercing. X3 I want it done like MYV.

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