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  1. {RP} The Crystal Has Shattered Part 2
  2. New Inuyasha RP
  3. {RP} Call of the Rain
  4. ~RP~ Contamination
  5. Children of the ancients [RP]
  6. {RPG} Dark Angel's Kingdom
  7. ~RP~ The Heroes
  8. {RP} Demon Slayers
  9. ~RP~Land of Dreams
  10. The Axadrin Continent {RP}
  11. ~RP~A Little Chess game...
  12. {RPG} Harry Potter
  13. this is an RP about a Vampire Clan (RP)
  14. {RPG) Vampire's Night Out
  15. {RP} Misleading Truths, Honest Lies
  16. (RP) Resi Evil: Psychic control.
  17. (RP) YuYu Hakasho
  18. {RP}:The Oldest War
  19. {RP}The Fight of the Dreaids
  20. RP The Death Cult.
  21. ~{RP}~ Half-Breeds
  22. {RPG} The Matrix
  23. <RP> Jolly Roger
  24. Band RPG
  25. Kindergarten, Spin-Off RP.
  26. The Village Ritual {RP}
  27. Silent Hill-Shadows of the Past (RP)
  28. {RP} High School - Future of Resi Evil RP
  29. ~*RP*~ The Night World: The Last Wild Power
  30. (Oh, god, not another... RP) Pyramid of Dolls
  31. {ANOTHER RP! X_X} Condemned: Criminal Facts
  32. [RP - yes, another one!] Mutation: The X Factor
  33. [RP]Fable: Legend Continues.
  34. Jewel Thief RP. *JR Spin-off*
  35. {RP} Renewal of the Moon
  36. {RP} Lords and Ladies
  37. Chaos Murders{RP}
  38. ~*RP*~Pirates of the Carribean: The Moon Maiden
  39. ~*RP*~ Snow, Fire, Luck, Water
  40. (RP, again.) Dead Rising 2: The Return
  41. {RP}SuperNatural: New Terrors
  42. Asylum [RP]
  43. Alternate Resident Evil - Spin off/Spoof RP
  44. Walk The Earth [RP]
  45. {RP}Hellboy: Return of Rasputin
  46. {RP} Hero Highschool
  47. Sailor moon {RPG}
  48. Inactive RPGs
  49. Random RPs, Partners, Groups, More
  50. {RPG}All Girls School (Boys Sneak In School)
  51. RP Canis Canem Edit
  52. <RP> The red moon
  53. Vampire and mortal RP
  54. (RP) <3 Planet of dreams<3
  55. {RP} Prey (Semi-Chronicles of Ridd.ick based)
  56. Faerie RP
  57. {RP} Stuck in the past
  58. (RP) Battle of the Bands
  59. [RPG] Captive Heart {Private RP: Wolf, Sarah and Miranda}
  60. {RP} Vacation (Private: Cheetah, Miluel, Hayley, Singergirl)
  61. Elven Battles {RPG}
  62. [RP] Murder City
  63. (RP) Time Warp
  64. Underwater World ~rpg~ The mermaid quest
  65. {RP} The Elements
  66. (RP) World's Next Top Model
  67. Summer Olympics 2008 ~rpg~
  68. Pirates: Twins Lost At Sea >RPG<
  69. Love and Charm XRPGX
  70. ~{RP}The Celeb{RP}~
  71. Bullworth Academy (RP, Private)
  72. !RP! Knocked Up [Private]
  73. ~Cochrane High~ {Private RP}
  74. Before posting a new RP, Read This First!
  75. The Only Safe Place {RP}
  76. Sword of the Lost Gods ~fantasy rp~
  77. ~*The Greek War*~ {RPG}
  78. {RP} Battle of the Bands
  79. Gothic and Galactic: Sailor Moon rp~
  80. [RP] Déjà vu
  81. High School Hell {RP}
  82. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation [RP]
  83. East Of Midnight {RP}
  84. The Gang [Private RP]
  85. The secluded Village (RP)
  86. That's so 70's [RP]
  87. Naruto: Into The Forest Of Death {RP}
  88. Vampire Planet {RP}
  89. [RP] The Order
  90. Moon Village/\::||RP||::/\
  91. School Of Assassins and Ninjas
  92. The Howl Of The Canine {RP}
  93. Kidnapped By The Cult {RP}
  94. HoC Goes Highschool! Private RP.
  95. Pirates of the Caribbean - Back to World's End [RP]
  96. Jack The Ripper: The Whitechapel Killer {RP} {Done/Dead}
  97. Half Breeds And Hard Hearts {RP}
  98. Condemned: Sonic Destruction
  99. *A Family Haunting:* **Private RPG**
  100. HP RP: Signs and Symbols: PRIVATE.
  101. Shadow Fire {RP}
  102. The Miscreant League
  103. Elven University [RP]
  104. The Night World - The End Of The World {RP} {Private RP}
  105. The Seven Sins
  106. The X Factor {RP}
  107. Social Mood {RP}
  108. Security Overdose: A High School RP
  109. The Enchantress {Private RP}
  110. Psychic: Rite of Sacrifice (HSRP Remake)
  111. Bone Tunnels: A Haunting
  112. The Scythe of Elune
  113. The Wilderness Wars {RP}
  114. Pitch Black {RP}
  115. The Blackbirders {RP}
  116. Bloodsucker [RP]
  117. Clique Wars {RP}
  118. Fight For Freedom {Private Roleplay}
  119. School Of Arts {Tutoring RP for RP newbies ONLY}
  120. Vampire Clan {RP}
  121. Vampire Clan {Reboot RP}
  122. Trouble in the Universe [RP]
  123. Ghost Hunting Academy
  124. Silent Hill: Requiem to Shephard's Glen
  125. Dream Catcher
  126. Fallout: The Backdraft
  127. Rock Band {RP}
  128. The City For Deviants {RP}
  129. Prey {RP Revamp}
  130. Undying defiance {RP}
  131. Streets Of Rage {RP}
  132. The Triwizard Tournament
  133. Sonic X - Chaos Control
  134. Mobius High - Sonic X Spin Off {RP}
  135. The Pyramid Of Dolls {Remake RP}
  136. Howl of Canine (Repost)
  137. Creatures Of The Night {Open RP}
  138. Street Fighter {RP}
  139. The Blackbirders {Reposted RP}
  140. The Gods of Suburbia {RP}
  141. Left 4 Evil (Limited Open RP)
  142. Warrior Cats
  143. Axis Powers: Hetalia {RP}
  144. Murder City {Remake RP}
  145. The Superleague *RPG*
  146. Clockwork & Cogs {a Steampunk RP}
  147. The Triwizard Tournament {Repost}
  148. X-men: Evolution RP
  149. Hellboy: The Archangels
  150. The Cult Of Assassins. {RP}
  151. Once and Future King: RP
  152. RPG Forum Rules And FAQ.
  153. {RP} My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The Mystery Of Blanktown.
  154. The Night World {RP}
  155. The Wilderness Wars {Remake RP}
  156. No Light, No Light (Private)
  157. Of Cats and Dogs - rp
  158. Class of Superheroes [NEWBIES!]
  159. The Irregulars {RP}
  160. Halfbreeds {Remake}
  161. Realm Of Jangki
  162. Vampire Clan {Reboot RP}
  163. The Program
  164. Summer Of Love {RP}
  165. High School Hell {Reboot RP}
  166. The Others: Heroes VS Villains
  167. The Witches Of Eastwood {RP}
  168. Beware, This House Is Haunted!
  169. Streets Of Rage - The New Team {RP}