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  1. Tattoos
  2. Color of your Hair
  3. Does your boyfriend influence what you wear?
  4. What do guys like to see girls wearing?
  5. Piercings!!!!
  6. Contacts or Glasses
  7. Your favorite place to shop
  8. Perfume bathers
  9. The Fashion Show
  10. Converse or nikes?
  11. Colour Of Your Eyes
  12. Colored Contacts...
  13. Is Fashion That Important???
  14. Do looks really matter that much??
  15. What kind of perfume do you like??
  16. Do you bite your nails??
  17. General Board Rules
  18. What are you wearing? #3
  19. Beauty & Fashion: Board Information
  20. The Dos and Don'ts of Beach Style
  21. LadyGaGa Fashion
  22. What is your best facial feature?
  23. Would you hair it? lol
  24. Silly Bandz
  25. How Tall Are You?
  26. How To Get Out Of A Car Without Showing Your Knickers
  27. What color(s) do you look best in?
  28. Would You Wear It? #3
  29. Jeggings
  30. Flat Irons
  31. Trends We're Tired Of
  32. Favorite Make Up Line?
  33. Acryllic Nails
  34. Amusement Park Clothes?
  35. What shape is my face?
  36. What Kind Of Skin You Have?
  37. What to Wear it With
  38. Summer beauty disasters and how to avoid them
  39. tights
  40. QUESTIONS: Rimmel London Commercial
  41. Emmy's Red Carpet Fashion: Hit or Miss?
  42. What's your worst fashion/beauty disaster ever?
  43. What's your fall style? *Quiz*