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  1. the invites dont work
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  12. Can somebody help? Please? X_x
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  14. ... What in the name of cheese is THIS?
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  20. Updates NEEDED to keep features for Premi's.
  21. copy-paste dolls
  22. This is about Candy Bar Dolls.....
  23. Dolls not being saved in my album
  24. About the diaries and blogs.....
  25. How to Report Problems
  26. Omg Some1 Help!!!!
  27. For some strange reason I can't enter contests!
  28. no doll :(
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  30. magic coloring thing
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  32. I can't save my dolls
  33. Can't edit props in doll maker.
  34. fake on here,
  35. Malware on trying to save
  36. Friend Request Bug
  37. Post twisting bug
  38. The 'offline' bug
  39. Problems~
  40. Why is there only one page of contests?
  41. Name Screened
  42. Help!
  43. New bug.
  44. My friend's trying to register.
  45. PM Bug - You Must Wait 349397 Seconds?
  46. Time bug theory.
  47. Can't edit posts?
  48. can't request a friends
  49. Permanent "new" comment
  50. Takes two times to log on
  51. Candybar doll will not Animate
  52. Is it just Me?
  53. Problem submitting entries into Contests: "Could not create/validate path"
  54. Possible Upload Attack?
  55. Doll Maker Help
  56. Login Issues?
  57. Dollmail redirecting to forum PM box
  58. Um...Anyone Else ?
  59. Red X of DOOOOOOOM (Or Blue Question Mark of TERROR)
  60. Wont stay logged in!
  61. Forums went down for a while today
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  64. Doll Palace Down A lot
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